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It’s Time to Start Something NEW

Saturday, 22 February 2020 1:00

Change + Renew + Reinvent. Welcome to a new beginning! Our Sew4Home website is rolling over next month to a completely new look and feel. All the great content you know and love will still be there but in an updated format that’s friendlier to navigate, with improved ways to find classic projects, trending topics, seasonal gift ideas, and – of course – our latest and greatest tutorials. 

Expand Your Sewing Vocabulary: Test Your Skills + Impress Your Friends

Friday, 21 February 2020 1:00

Any endeavor that turns into a passion comes with its own set of terms, phrases, abbreviations, and secret handshakes. Well, maybe they don’t all have a secret handshake… maybe just a decoder ring. Sewing is no different, and although we do try to make sure we define the more unusual words we sometimes toss around, we can forget now and then. So, we pulled together our Top Twenty Terms that come into play on a regular basis. We’ve alphabetized them into a mini glossary. If you’re a pro, buzz through and see how many you know without peeking. If you’re just getting started, these are great vocabulary builders and awesome to throw into the conversation to startle any non-sewing friends who might be eavesdropping. “I was simply unable move forward without dropping my feed dogs.”  

Button Top Apron with Wraparound Pockets

Thursday, 20 February 2020 1:00

When we moved to the country a few years ago, one of the first differences we noticed was the birds. In the city, there wasn't much in the way of bird diversity. You have pigeons, starlings and crows - not much else. But outside of tow, we're surrounded by a variety of feathered friends singing, swooping and scattering as we drive down the narrow country lanes. This inspired us to create our sweet Spring apron to celebrate the beauty of soaring birds against the clarity of a sparkling blue sky.

Extra Cushy Large Square Pouf

Wednesday, 19 February 2020 1:00

A pouf is the ottoman's casual cousin. Where an ottoman is all about traditional structure and tautness, a pouf is laid back and soft around the edges. Kind of like a sleek business suit versus your favorite pair of comfy sweats. We pushed the slouchy style even farther, taking a cue from poufs we spotted at West Elm and Pottery Barn that were almost more like a square bean bag (not to mention being insanely expensive!). That type of filler didn't seem very functional to us, and we think you'll like our foam and batting solution, which allows the pouf to take on both sitting and footrest duties as well as being able to hold a tray as a substitute table. 

How to Make Covered Buttons using a Button Kit

Tuesday, 18 February 2020 1:00

I love buttons. Always have. In fact, although I don't recall much about the two-year-old phase of my life, I do remember my white sweater with the little duckie buttons. I can close my eyes and see his chubby yellow body and orange feet. I can even remember the feel of the raised, painted surface under my sticky little fingers. I still love looking at all the available options there are in buttons, from vintage shell to vibrant molded plastic (much more elaborate than my old-school duckies). That said, sometimes the best look for a project is a fabric-covered button. Covered buttons are cool; there's just no two ways about it. They add the special touch that says, "Stand back... I'm a home décor professional." Making them with a kit is easy and inexpensive.

Striped Outdoor Pillow with Lace-Up Closure

Monday, 17 February 2020 1:00

We’ve had a few glimpses of the sun lately and it has us excited to start planning spring and summer sewing projects. This fast and easy pillow is perfect for the outdoor fabrics beginning to make their appearance in stores and online. Our cute criss-cross lacing along the front closure has a fun nautical spin. 

Valentine’s Day Great Giveaway

Friday, 14 February 2020 1:00

We pick YOU to be our Valentine, and we’ve put together a sweet bundle of fabric and notions to say, “Thanks for being the best sewing and craft friends, fans, and followers on the Internet!” The red, pink, and gold color theme of our Giveaway bundle celebrates Valentine’s Day, but it’s a lovely color palette for any time of the year. It’s easy to enter to win. 

Ruched Bolster Pillow with Pony Tail Ends in 3 Sizes

Thursday, 13 February 2020 1:00

Here at S4H, we believe one of the best ways to be happier is to surround yourself with home décor that makes you smile. Why are you smiling? Because you made it yourself! This colorful mini bolster is a great start to your happiness project. It looks quite fancy with its ruched center panel, piping accents, and pony tail ends, but it's easier than you might think... and easy makes us all happy!

Pinafore Style Sewing Machine Cover

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 1:00


A sewing machine's job is to keep your machine protected from sun exposure and dust when it's not in use... wait a minute... not in use... how could that be?!?! A cover can also keep away prying little fingers if you have curious toddlers about. We've done a number of sewing machine cover projects, all of which have been classic fitted designs. This option is more open, like a pinafore for your sewing machine. It drapes over your machine and sports handy pockets on both sides to keep a few tools, patterns, and notions at the ready.

How to Box Corners Webinar + Bag Kit: Still Available

Tuesday, 11 February 2020 1:00

We just found out from our friends at Sulky that our Webinar and Bag Kits are still available, but just for a limited time! We originally did the Webinar live this past Fall as part of their Sewing Online with Sulky series. The live event was recorded and archived and is still available! Once registered, you can watch it on-demand, for free, whenever it's convenient for you. At the end of the Webinar you can order the exclusive Sling Bag kit, however, we understand inventory of the kit is running low.


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