This tone-on-tone floor cushion falls into the Pouf category but without the super-soft structure that’s traditional. Instead, it features a form-fitting upholstery style cover with clean, modern lines. Time to put your feet up.

We’ve all seen foam pool noodles. We invited them inside with our exclusive Land Noodles™. Thin, soft, and flexible; they’re made with rolled batting wrapped in cozy luxury fleece. For sleeping, lounging, and epic pillow fights.

Our super soft body pillow offers 4½ feet of huggability. It’s a must-have for crashing on the family room floor, relaxing (I mean studying), and it can provide sleep support for pregnant moms or full body support for napping dads.

Do you know someone who's an ol' softee? Perhaps they deserve the world's most amazingly soft napping pillow. From the bed to the couch to the floor, this big, cushy pillow is the perfect way for anyone to rest their weary bones after a busy day. We used a super soft sweatshirt knit fabric in
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