We get asked a lot about our “favorite things.” Many of you are interested in what we choose and use on our projects, and we’re always happy to share. The most common questions are about sewing machines – probably because a machine is likely to be the most expensive item in your sewing space. However, it’s also likely to be the most confusing thing to shop for since there are so many options. If you’re a S4H regular, you know we’re a Janome Exclusive Studio. Recently, we noticed two things about Janome that you might have missed: they updated their slogan, and they got a very cool award. Both occurrences caught our attention because they underscore why we’ve always been so grateful to sew with what we feel is the best brand in the industry. Read on to find out why. 

An updated slogan that captures the key to frustration-free sewing: Reliability by Design

We’re probably a little sewing-obsessed to have even noticed the new Janome slogan: Reliability by Design, but – yeah – we are and we did. A company’s slogan is a window into their internal focus and motivation, so to see the emphasis on reliability had us smiling ear to ear.

A machine can have all the bells and whistles in the world, but if it isn’t reliable – none of that matters. You want and need a machine that performs day in and day out, forming one perfect stitch after another without you even thinking about it. That’s what we mean by “frustration-free” sewing. You are so confident in your machine’s performance, that worry disappears and all you need to concentrate on is creativity.

Of course, Janome machines certainly have bells and whistles… some of the most innovative in the industry, and we love how they are always bringing us new solutions to sewing and embroidery challenges. But if we could only have one feature, it would be reliability. The trust that when you turn on the switch, your machine is ready to go, ready to guide you on your next sewing adventure. Does that sound over the top? Think about the last time your machine let you down. What would you have given then for Reliability by Design?

Kudos to you, Janome for highlighting what we’ve always loved about your machines. And thank you for continuing to build the best sewing partners we could ask for.

A very cool award that lets you know you’re in good company: the 2020 Women’s Choice Award®

Janome America has been recognized as top in its category for exceptional customer recommendation ratings, earning the brand the coveted 2020 Women’s Choice Award®.  In a national survey conducted by the Women’s Choice Award, Janome’s female customers expressed an extremely high recommendation rating, with over 85% of women (that’s 9 out of 10) saying they would recommend the brand to their friends and family.

They certainly get our vote! We’re particularly excited about the new Memory Craft 550E embroidery-only machine and the exciting new Continental M7 Professional.

Our first project with the MC550E was a set of Embroidered Peace Pillows, featuring the peace symbol and the word PEACE emblazoned with floral flair on a pair of decorator pillows.  These colorful custom embroidery designs were created to take advantage of the 7.9″ x 14” embroidery field on the MC550E – the largest embroidery area Janome has ever included on an embroidery-only machine! The designs are available as free downloads.

We have a number of projects in mind for the Continental M7 that will showcase… you guessed it… the most reliable power, precision, and performance. We kicked off with a striking Bucket Duffle in upholstery fabric with canvas accents.

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LindaC in AZ
LindaC in AZ
7 months ago

I like my Janome machine, but

I like my Janome machine, but I can’t get accustomed to the markings on the coverplate. I am in the US and like my 5/8″ seam allowance markings. The Janome coverplate has cm and inches together and I just have trouble following along. I have had my machine a long time and prefer to use a vintage machine because of that coverplate. If I could purchase a coverplate with only inches, I would be a happy camper. Is there anyplace I can get one?

7 months ago

I bought a different brand of

I bought a different brand of sewing machine because there was dealer closer to where I live (I did keep my old Janome machines). For some reason nothing I was sewing was working easily. I thought I had lost the ability to do anything. Then I decided even though there wasn’t a Janome dealer nearby I wanted to go back to Janome. For some reason, weird as it may seem my sewing super powers returned! I am now back in the zone, and loving it.

7 months ago

I agree!  I have both a 6600

I agree!  I have both a 6600 and an 8900.  But my hat is off to the dealers! Let’s face it, even reliable machines break down, need new parts or just need that annual tune up!  I am very blessed to have a great dealer with awesome customer service.  He keeps my machines running reliablely year after year. 

7 months ago

I completely agree.  I’ve had

I completely agree.  I’ve had Janome machines for many years, and they have been wonderful!  I’ve had others as well, and while they are good machines, they don’t hold a candle to my Janome.  I currently have a 15000, and it’s like an old friend.  We do a lot of fun things together!

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