Hand Stitching

Beautiful, relaxing, portable, and fun for all ages; cross stitch is one of the oldest documented forms of needlework in existence, dating back to the middle ages. We’d love to claim S4H can guide you through each and every part the sewing experience, but sometimes, the best way to lead is to know when to

Whatever the task, a bit of hand stitching usually comes in… well, “handy.” We’ve outlined the tools needed along with seven of the most common stitches. Simple drawings and steps show how to do each one.

We love sewing by machine! It's fast, it's easy, and when you have great machines like the Janome models in our S4H studios, it's almost effortless. But it doesn't mean you can't whip out the hand needle and thread now and then. A few well-placed hand-stitched accents add a unique decorative touch. Today's lovely lumbar
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