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When you are first learning to sew, everything is flat and straight. Easy peasy. As your skills evolve, you add in curves and corners, layers of different fabric and stabilizer options, and finally – you’re ready to enter another dimension. Don’t be afraid, it’s not the Twilight Zone® – we’re simply Sewing in 3D.

Ready to jump in and start working on your own nesting basket set just like the ones pictured here? Simply click to start.

But, if you have a moment or two, we’d like to invite you to spend some time going “behind the seams” – to learn a bit more about the variety of fabric collections we chose to create our four basket sets as well as to browse through some additional S4H step-by-step tutorials that can give you more important, foundational skills to help with your 3D sewing as well as many other projects you’ll encounter in your sewing journey, especially those with thicker layers and unique shapes.

Here at S4H, we believe the quality of the design and the detail of the instructions are key to keeping you motivated as you learn new skills. It’s also what gives you the confidence to try something new and finish it with “I made this!” success.

Below are TEN of our favorite step-by-step tutorials that offer foundational basics for sewing in 3D as well as several techniques you can use on a variety of more advanced projects.

How to Insert a Flat Circle Into a Tube

How to Inert a Rectangular Base into a Tube

Bias Binding: The Basics + Beyond

Machine Sewn Seam Finishes: A Four Part Series

Sewing Smooth Curves

How to Sew Thick Layers

How to Use The Speedy Stitcher Sewing Awl

French Mattress Edge Cushions

How to Install Metal Rivets

How to Match a Pocket to a Background Panel

What fabric did we choose and why for our Round Nesting Baskets? The Designer Snapshots below give you a quick summary of each of the four collections we worked with to create our basket samples. We wanted to make sure each set had its own unique look and feel as a way to show you how with a simple change of fabric, one project can take on a multitude of personalities.

Nana Mae 6 by Henry Glass & Co., Inc

1930s reproduction fabrics are patterned after the cotton feed sacks sold during the Great Depression. For families trying to survive hard times, they used the feed sacks for new clothes as well as curtains and linens for the home. The prints in the Nana Mae 6 collection replicated this same sweet, petite, and nostalgic style – perfect for our nursery themed nesting basket set. The soft pastels and tossed motifs are easy and fun to mix and match, and we loved the tiny animal prints.

Alternative Age by Urban Essence Designs for The Blank Quilting Corp.

Alternative Age was a rich and varied collection in a steampunk style. This genre is often called “retro-futuristic” because it combines actual elements of a Victorian era dependent on steam power, like intricate gears and tools; with fantastical motifs, such as mechanized hot-air balloons and magical top hats. Alternative Age exquisitely captures the look with fabrics featuring everything from turbo-charged antique bicycles to ornate skeleton keys to an amazing collection of imaginative lighter-than-airships. It’s all rendered in a perfect palette of rust, copper, and parchment reminiscent of industrial metals and vintage newspapers.

August 2022 by the Kaffe Fassett Collective for FreeSpirit Fabrics

There were originally 65 SKUs in August 2022 from the Kaffe Fassett Collective. 65 — from brilliant designers: Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably, and Philip Jacobs. It was like roaming a vast botanical garden while gazing through a kaleidoscope. There are blooms, paisleys, stripes of all kinds, even a unique stained-glass plaid. We picked five prints (yes, it was hard to choose) in rich jewel tones. Our sample set made a very striking set of kitchen organizers.

Sunshine Garden by Diane Eichler for Studio E Fabrics

A wonderful sense of whimsy and super cute little critters made Sunshine Garden such a happy collection. Designer, Diane Eichler has over 15 years of experience developing character art and graphic prints. Her design choices for Sunshine Garden feature plenty of crisp white overlaid with bright crayon colors. We enjoyed how the light colors in this collection really highlighted the texture created by the straight line quilting on our nesting basket set. 

Here’s the direct link again for our Round Nesting Baskets with Handles.

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