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“Up against the wall.” “We’re stuck on you.” “If these walls could talk.”  The introductory lines came fast and furiously for this article about the new designer wallpaper from Hawthorne Supply Co.. But what it finally came down to was: Wow. Just. Wow. We’ve always loved wallpaper – just not putting up wallpaper. In fact, the closest I’ve ever come to physically harming another person was during the installation of wallpaper in my son’s nursery. So when we saw the news this past November about the Peel and Stick Wallpaper from Hawthorne Supply Co., we were thrilled. Read on for all the details and direct links for shopping and buying. Because it’s from the creative minds at Hawthorne Supply Co., you know it will be easy to browse, of the highest quality, and pretty, pretty, pretty! 

First and foremost, this wallpaper has a special adhesive that leaves behind no sticky residue. That means you can reposition and reapply it over and over. It also means it’s perfect for both homeowners and renters since it’s easy-peasy to remove. You could even add it to a dorm room!

The wallpaper is non-toxic, printed with latex inks on a woven, 100% polyester opaque fabric. There’s no paste, no water, no mixing, no mess… there’s also probably no swearing or physical harm likely. It is very, VERY easy to apply. There are really only six steps! Because you are working with large-ish sheets (the rolls are 24” wide), it helps to work with a friend so one person is un-rolling and the other person is smoothing as you work your way down the wall from top to bottom. The rolls only need about ¾” of overlap so there’s very little waste as you move across the wall. Check out their fun installation video on YouTube.

For the best results, use the wallpaper on smooth, indoor surfaces. As with any type of peel and stick product, it is not meant to stick to textured surfaces, extremely porous surfaces like brick or cement, or surfaces painted with eggshell paint. There’s a full list of helpful FAQs at the Hawthorne Supply Co. site to answer your questions about estimating how much to order, supplies needed for installation, re-application details, and more.

One the things we’ve always loved about Hawthorne Supply Co. is how logical and flexible it is to browse their site. Because they are creative people themselves, they know how creative people like to shop. You can view the wallpaper choices by Theme, Color or Designer or see everything at once.

If you’re a regular Hawthorne Supply Co. shopper, you know they are industry leaders when it comes to in-house digital printing on a wide variety of substrates. So, they were well positioned to be the first to the market with this innovative wallpaper product. 

We found it especially cool that you can purchase as little as a foot, which means you can test a variety looks you love right in your own space! It’s just like you can do when buying those little cans of paint to test various colors. That’s really never been possible before in the world of wallpaper. Yay, Hawthorne Supply Co. and Charlie and Lindsay for this option!

There’s already a wide range of gorgeous designs from which to choose from the Hawthorne Supply Co. in-house creatives as well as designers Indy Bloom, Margaret Jean, Margie and the Moon, MontgomeryFest, and Shopcabin. In several cases, if a design was originally released for fabric substrates, its size has been increased for the best, bold look in the larger wallpaper format.

We received a wide range of sample swatches to review here at the studios and can’t say enough about the excellent definition of the images and the richness of the color. If you’ve ever been disappointed by the clarity of a digital product, have no fear with this wallpaper. There is no pixelation. Nothing was “off register.” The color is even and true.

Although we didn’t test an entire wall (yet!) the small tests we did lived up to the “it’s so easy” promise described above. Instructions are included with each roll, and as mentioned above, the steps are straight forward. Clean, peel, stick, smooth, repeat. Goodness, that’s as easy as the instructions on the shampoo bottle. 

How adorable would it be to paper an accent wall in a nursery with A Walk in the Woods, Whale Hello There, or Zoo Garden? Most of the designs are available in more than one colorway.

We fell hard for the florals. Like a bouquet, each one seems more beautiful than the next. A few of our favorites were: Asters in Bloom in Turqoise by Margie and the Moon, Mae Floral in Garden by Indy Bloom, and September Blooms in Emerald by Shopcabin.

The variety of design styles caters to nearly every aesthetic. For example, if you’re looking to add the perfect woodland wall to a study or family room, you can go with the bold realism of Howl at the Moon by Shopcabin or the graphic color blast of Into the Woods by Hawthorne Supply Co. – we’re showing it in Petal; it’s also available in five additional colors.

Our thanks to our friends at Hawthorne Supply Co. for letting us explore their wonderful new wallpaper. We’ll say it again: Wow. Just. Wow.

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