It’s the little things that can make a big difference! You might not give your sewing Pins a second thought, simply reaching for them in your pincushion or pin tray where they’re clustered together without much rhyme or reason. But these little bits of steel and plastic have a big job. They’re responsible for holding everything together, marking important starting and stopping points, indicating insertion points, and more. In a recent Sew Sampler Box from our friends at Fat quarter Shop, we discovered the Magic PinsSampler Pack, a FQS Exclusive. It’s our new favorite “Pin Pal.”

Magic Pins™ by Taylor Seville feature a unique comfort grip and come in a variety of styles to suit various sewing tasks. Each pin style sports a different bright color of heat resistant plastic so you can always spot exactly which one you need.

The larger, brightly colored, Comfort Grip™ Handles also mean you can also more easily spot them when you drop them on the floor! My toes thank you, Magic Pins™!

There are seven different Magic Pins™ and the exclusive FQS 19-piece Magic PinsSampler pack includes four of the most popular options: blue Quilting Pins (6 included), purple Fork Pins (1 included), green Patchwork Pins (6 included), and pink Extra-Long Pins (6 included).

The blue Quilting Pins are 1¾” in length. The Sampler Pack includes the regular thickness of 0.6mm. You can also get full sets in 0.5mm Fine and 0.4mm Extra Fine. They are ideal for multiple layers of fabric, fabrics with loose weaves, faux fur, plush velvet, and bulky fabrics.

The purple Fork Pins are one of our favorites. They have a slight bend that makes them super easy to insert. The two 0.5mm tines are perfectly spaced to bridge seams while holding two layers together, producing a perfect Seam line match.

Green Patchwork Pins are shorter in length at 1-7/16” and so easier to handle during the repetitive pinning of Patchwork. They are available in both fine and extra fine. The FQS Sample Pack contains the Fine option.

The pink Extra-Long Pins are just that: extra long at 2¼”, as well as being sturdy and sharp. Designed to hold multiple layers of fabric, they are perfect for pin basting quilt layers. Available in regular and fine, the FQS Sampler Pack contains the Regular option.

The Magic PinsSampler Pack is a great way to experience the difference a good pin can make in the sewing process. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll fall in love with those Comfort Grip™ Handles – especially after hours of work. It’s almost like having a mini, built-in Thimble.

They come in a cute little case, but we immediately transferred them to our favorite magnetic pin tray. But, if you decide to move forward with an individual pin style, these are available in packs of 50 and 100, which does make the handy, snap-tight cast a great way to store.

The Magic PinsSampler Pack is available now at Fat quarter Shop $12.98. FQS also carries all the individual styles. The 50-piece packs are $9.98 each and the 100-piece packs are $16.98 – with the exception of the Fork Pins, which are only available as a 30-pack for $11.98.

Winning at pinning!

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3 years ago

That is one of the greatest sewing aids that will be so much easier to grasp (as our fingers get more stiff with age) and find (if they are dropped on the floor). Great Idea! I’m going to have to go and buy some soon. Thanks for the info.

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