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Valentines: Woolie Rag Quilt

Monday, 11 January 2010 9:00

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Wrap up your Valentine in this incredibly snugly rag quilt with its special ‘secret admirer heart' appliquéd onto the bottom row. 'What's a Rag Quilt?' I was hoping you'd ask! A rag quilt is sewn together so the seams show on the outside. After washing and drying, the seams gently fray or 'rag,' producing a soft and cuddly look and feel. Ours is made from ten different kinds of Woolies Flannel in a collection of patterns and tones we thought were very ‘guy-like' and so qualified as an official boyfriend/hubby/dad/son/uncle/grandpa Valentine's Day project. Truth be told ... all the gals we showed it to we're ready to snap it up and take a little nap so I think it's a perfect 'everybody' project.


Valentines: Heart Sachets

Monday, 04 January 2010 9:00

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Good things come in small packages, and they are especially good if the package is oh-so pretty and smells wonderful to boot. Our Valentines Heart Sachets are a little bits of elegance you can make to give away as indulgent gifts. They can hang on a closet rod, hook on a doorknob, slip into the lingerie drawer or simply show off on top of the dresser or vanity. Doesn't that sound sweet? Better make a couple extra to keep for yourself.