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Quick Tip: Lint Roller Tricks

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Click to Read MoreThe ubiquitous lint roller. Like most people, I keep one in my closet to remove lint and pet fur from clothing, and one in the laundry room for those times I forget to take that Kleenex out of my pocket. Now, I've discovered the lint roller's sticky magic works wonders in my sewing area.

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  • Seam ripping leaves hundreds of tiny bits of thread that really cling to the fabric. Run the lint roller over the ripped seam a couple times and, presto, they're gone.
  • Drop your pins? Use your lint roller to pick them up quickly. You're less likely to stick your finger or find them with your foot.
  • When you don't have time to vacuum, use your lint roller to pick up threads off your sewing table and the floor around where you sew.
  • After finishing a project, go over it with your lint roller to give it a clean finished look. It picks up all the lint and loose threads that accumulate.
  • Then, roller yourself off so you don't bring sewing area lint and threads into other rooms.




Comments (4)

LindaD said:
LindaD's picture
Another handy tip I use is to use the lint roller when you finish any embroidery project. It is wonderful for picking up those tiny pieces of thread that are cut. I think we all have had to take some seems out or either when we cut some threads on the back of the project.
just saying said:
just saying's picture
When I sew I roll out a couple pieces of the tacky paper and place it under the edge of my machine then when I sew and clip thread the tacky paper will catch the pieces I drop so clean up is a snap and you don’t have strings all over you, the floor, or sewing table.
vala42 said:
vala42's picture
what a fab idea, i had never thought to use a lint roller to pick up pins, having stepped on more than a few in my time. brings a whole new meaning to pins and needles for us needlewomen.