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Kid's Birthday Party: Printable Invite & Thank You

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Kick off the birthday festivities by printing your own birthday invitations and thank you cards using our free PDF files. Download, print, trim, fill in the details and pop them in the mail.

You can print as many cards as you like for personal use. For best results, print on heavy 8½" x 11" white paper or card stock. Invitations and thank you cards fit standard A2 envelopes, which are available at most stores where envelopes are sold. If you print on card stock, they can be mailed as postcards. Using a metal ruler and Xacto knife, trim the printed sheets on the crop marks -- those are the tiny black marks in each corner and at each side at the middle. Use these marks to align your metal ruler before cutting with an Xacto knife.

These are PDF files. You will need  Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free program.

Invitation Cards

Click image below to download Birthday Party Invitation.

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Thank You Cards

Click image below to download Thank You Card.

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It's a wonderful lesson to have kids send a thank you card to the children who attended the party. They are fun to receive and a genuine way to show appreciation.

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