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Woven Ribbon & Monogram Sheet Set

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Click to Read MoreTake an off-the-shelf sheet set, stitch a series of vertical buttonholes along the top of the sheet and the open edge of the pillowcase(s), then weave designer ribbon through the buttonholes. Easy yet elegant.

If you have a machine that can do embroidery, you can add the ultimate custom touch: a bold monogram in the center of both edges. The dark brown accents against pale blue sheets is one of the season's hottest color trends.

Click to EnlargeSewing Tools You Need

Fabric and Other Supplies

  • Pillowcase and matching flat sheet in color to coordinate with the bedroom
  • Polyester embroidery thread colors to match pillowcase and sheet
  • For optional monogram: polyester embroidery thread colors to coordinate with pillowcase and sheet
  • Tear-away stabilizer
  • For optional monogram: water soluble mesh stabilizer
  • Ribbon:
    • 1¼ yards 5/8" satin ribbon for each standard pillow case
    • 4 yards 5/8" satin ribbon for twin flat sheet
    • 5 yards 5/8" satin ribbon for full flat sheet
    • 5¼ yards 5/8" satin ribbon for queen flat sheet
    • 6¼ yards 5/8" satin ribbon for king flat sheet

Click to EnlargeGetting Started

Press the linens before you start sewing. The directions are written using the pillowcases as examples. Repeat the same directions to create matching flat sheets.

At your Embroidery Machine (Optional)

  1. Find the center front of the pillowcase and draw a cross-hair in the middle of the hem.
  2. Set up the machine for professional style embroidery. Navigate to the embroidery machine's built in monogramming and enter in the style and letters desired.
  3. Line up the cross-hairs with the center of the hoop and place the pillowcase and stabilizer in the hoop.
  4. Embroider the Monogram. When the embroidery is complete, remove the pillowcase from the hoop and cut the stabilizer close to the stitching. Any remaining stabilizer will wash out the first time the pillow case is laundered.

    Marking Buttonhole Placement

    Without Monogram:

    1. With a water soluble fabric marker draw a parallel line 1¼" in from the hem across the front of the pillow case. Draw a second line 1¼" in from the hem stitching line.
    2. Fold the pillow case in half to find center. Lightly press to create a crease.
    3. Open pillow case. Using a water soluble fabric marker, draw a line at the crease were the marks from step one are located.
    4. Line up the 1" mark on your ruler with the center marks. Draw another line at the top and bottom.
    5. Continue marking lines, 1" apart on both sides of center. You should have 8 to 9 marks at both the top and bottom on each side of center.

    With Mongram:

    1. Mark lines same as above starting ¼" away from the monogram.

    Stitching the Buttonholes

    1. Place polyester embroidery thread in the needle and bobbin.
    2. Attach the Buttonhole foot.
    3. Cut a strip of tear away stabilizer 5" x 22". Place the stabilizer on the wrong side of the pillow case hem. The buttonholes are only sewn on one side of the pillow case. When stitching, make sure you do not stitch the other side of the pillow case.
    4. Stitch a 5/8" buttonhole at each marked line.
    5. Remember, not all sewing machines create a buttonhole the same way. Refer to your machine's instruction book for specific steps.

    Finishing the Buttonholes


    1. Carefully cut the buttonholes open.
    2. Weave the ribbon in and out, starting and ending at the side seams.
    3. Fold under the ribbon ends approximately ¼" and sew in place to secure.
    4. To prevent the ribbon from twisting during laundering, sew a straight stitch along the outside edge of each buttonhole.
    5. Carefully remove the stabilizer and press the hem.

    Other machines suitable for this project include the Brother PE-700, the Pfaff creative 2124 and the Singer Futura CE-250.



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    Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
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    Hi niener --
    so glad you like the project. Let us know how they turn out for you. We always love to see picture.
    niener said:
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    WOW, these are GORGEOUS! Thank you for such wonderful instructions. I will have to try these.