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Mother's Day with Fabric.com: Farmer's Market Laminated Tote

Friday, 12 April 2013 1:00

Once the crocuses and daffodils poke through winter's chill, it's official. Spring has her new sandals on, her toenails painted, and she's headin' our way. With Spring comes the opening of local Farmer's Markets. For the final project in our Mother's Day week with Fabric.com, we have a sturdy tote specially designed to hold all that farm fresh bounty. It features cotton laminate inside and out and is strengthened with a Therm O Web® interfacing that can take moisture without distorting. A gathered front pouch holds extra green bags for your produce purchases. The finished bag is approximately 16" tall, 15" wide and 6" deep, giving you plenty of room for everything from bouquets of spring tulips to sweet clover honey to farm fresh eggs. Long ribbon ties let you adjust the top closure to best fit your heavenly haul.


Mother's Day with Fabric.com: Two Chiffon Scarves - Serged & Sequined

Thursday, 11 April 2013 1:00

A great scarf can elevate an outfit from drab to dynamic in an instant. However, really nice scarves don't come cheap at the department store or boutique. Here's a little fashion secret: scarves are SUPER easy to make, and this week's Mother's Day sponsor, Fabric.com has an amazing selection of perfect chiffons for under $4.00 a yard! We have two designs today for you to try. If you have a serger, cut on the bias and create a ripply "lettuce edge" all around. For your sewing machine, go long and lovely with a rolled hem and hand sewn sequins all around.


Mother's Day with Fabric.com: Notepad Folder To Go

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 1:00

My mother was the ultimate note taker. She recorded everything from gifts she'd received (in order to write a thank you note later) to the gas mileage on car trips (to make sure we were getting the most for our money). In today's plugged-in-turned-on-digital world, writing something down may seem old school. But jotting a note by hand is often still the fastest, easiest way to capture a thought or remember an important to-do. Plus, if you have a beautiful handmade fabric folder to keep your pad, pen and a few extras; low-tech becomes a very lovely option. 


Mother's Day with Fabric.com: Pleated Pillowcases

Tuesday, 09 April 2013 1:00

What does every mother want for Mother's Day? A nap. In the rush-around-worlds of most moms, sleep often falls by the wayside. Make those precious few hours of shut-eye as beautiful as possible with our amazing pleated pillowcase pair, the second great idea in our Mother's Day week with Fabric.com. Originally, we planned to make two identical cases, but then Alicia said, "Why not mix it up a little?" Why not indeed - it certainly makes things more fun and lets Mom put her fave out in front, depending on how she feels: an elegant damask day or a frivolous polka dot day... or both. Most days are both!


Mother's Day with Fabric.com: Retro Half Apron with Matching Hot Pads

Monday, 08 April 2013 1:00

Mom's special day is coming up on May 12th this year. Now's the perfect time to get started on a wonderful handmade, heartfelt gift for her! Fabric.com is our sponsor for a wonderful week of Mother's Day project ideas. We have five days of pretty, practical, just plain cute-as-pie ideas for all kinds of moms, mothers-in-laws, grandmas, and any other special ladies in your life who may have wiped your tears, cooked up your mac 'n' cheese and believed you could do anything - even when you didn't. To start things off, we have an adorable half apron with a set of matching hot pads in Kiss The Cook from Robert Kaufman. As you can tell by the cool props in the photos, we're collectors of vintage kitchen goodies and absolutely fell in love with the retro vibe of this fun fabric collection.