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General Inquiries & Feedback

To contact Sew4Home for general inquiries and feedback, please send an email to

Please note:

  • S4H does not sell products. If you're interesting in purchasing something you've seen on the site, please contact the company via the links provided in our tutorials.
  • We try very hard to connect you to a source for the items we use in our tutorials. When creating tutorials, we use fabrics and tools that are currently available. However, like fashionable apparel, popular fabrics come and go. At some point, even the most gorgeous fabrics are no longer in stores. While we think S4H projects are just as relevant as a black sheath dress, you'll simply need to put on your creative hat and choose from another wonderful fabric collection if you can't find what we used. Hint: if you really REALLY love a fabric and think you can come back anytime to buy it... think twice and get it while can.


Sew4Home offers a flexible range of advertising options; please email for rates and availability.

Be Part of the Sew4Home Team

We're looking for talented people for freelance project work who have an eye for current style trends as well as experience designing sewing projects and creating tutorials with step-by-step instructions. 

Description of Work

Sew4Home (S4H) provides fabric and notions and the basic concept for the projects; for example, the assignment might be to design an apron using a specified fabric collection that incorporates a a technique such as a dart or pleat. The process would include the initial discussion of the project specifications, followed by submission of a design concept sketch for approval with general assembly notes and fabric cut requirements. The project is completed with instructions and accompanying photography. The final construction, step-by-step instructions and photography may be completed by the designer or may be completed by a Sew4Home seamstress as appropriate, depending on the project's budget, timeline and complexity.


  • Good design skills combined with strong sewing experience and a basic understanding of fabric substrates.
  • Ability to take a good instructional photos. Instruction images only - beauty images are photographed at the Sew4Home studio.
  • Computer skills for communication, file transfer and the ability to create basic concepts in a drawing program such as Illustrator or Photoshop.
  • Ability to meet all agreed-upon deadlines. 


Build your reputation; S4H names all contributors to tutorials and articles. S4H is in the top 2% of all US websites and receives nearly one million pageviews per month. 

We're looking for people who are a good fit with the S4H team in order to build long-term relationships.


Please follow these application steps so we don't miss your submission:

  1. Include your name, address, phone and an email address where we can contact you.
  2. Include a resume that summarizes your qualifications and experience, details how you work and mentions any special strengths and skills, talents or interests. Please to not attach a resume; simply paste the summary into the body of the email. 
  3. Provide a link to examples of your work. This could be to your blog or website, or to Flickr or Pinterest images. Please do not send any attachments with your email.
  4. Send the application email to with the word APPLICATION in the subject line.

Terms of Use

The explanations and instructions in this website are published in good faith and have been reviewed for accuracy, however, no warranty, either expressed or implied, is made nor are successful results guaranteed. Since the nature and quality of the materials used and the workmanship of the individual creator are unknown, the finished products bear no warranty as to their safety or ability to perform any function adequately.

Copyright Terms and Making Items to Sell

All projects, patterns, photos, etc. on Sew4Home are copyrighted, so the instructions themselves and any associated patterns or pictures can not be reproduced or reprinted in any way.

This also means our tutorials cannot be re-printed as a handout for use within a class. It would be similar to copying pages out of a book to share with an entire group.

You can make small quantities for sale if you make the items yourself. They cannot be manufactured by others or sold through a third party. We simply ask that on the tag and/ or somewhere within the display or packaging and/or within the sales description online, credit is given for the item being created from a copyrighted design/pattern/tutorial

We also allow people to pick up a photo or two from our articles to use along with credit and a link back to our site. We appreciate this outreach.

Pattern and Project Alteration Requests

We're sorry, but we are unable to create revisions to our patterns or projects for size or usage variations. It's a challenge to change dimensions long-distance, especially without access to the item and/or person for whom the project is being adjusted. We would feel awful if we gave you inaccurate advice that caused your finished project to turn out less than successful. Our standard recommendation is to measure your item and/or person and compare those measurements to our original dimensions. Do the math to make adjustments and scale the original dimensions up or down. Then use these new measurements to make a prototype out of a muslin or another inexpensive fabric you have on hand. This is often the exact way we determine our own patterns and instructions. It is not only a good way to re-engineer a project, making a prototype is also a great practice run through the steps of construction.

Why Aren't Great Giveaways Open to All Countries?

Unfortunately, we have to limit our giveaways to USA postal addresses. We know this is a disappointment to some of our loyal visitors outside of the USA. However, to open our giveaways internationally, we would have to understand complex contest laws for every country in the world. The legal fees to do that are far beyond our means. So instead, we focus on providing the best free sewing tutorials, tips and inspiration we can.