Wendy Emerson

Bias tape is a great and much-used accent for all types of home dec projects. But how many of us have braved the hours of tedious folding to create a good amount of it, or burned our fingers trying to iron the perfect crease? Well, snuff out those burnt fingers, because there is a great

WOF is an abbreviation for Width of Fabric. This means that you would cut pieces of fabric as long as the width of the fabric, or the width…

Have you ever hit your side mirror driving your car into the garage? If so, you're for-sure going to want a needle threader. It is the way for anyone without eagle vision to thread a needle. Many sewing projects require a bit of hand sewing to finish up a job. Not every machine can sew on
At Sew4Home, we do everything possible using a sewing machine. It's so much faster. However, there are times when hand sewing is necessary. Instead of searching the junk drawer for that needle you thought you saw awhile ago when hunting for the tape, stock up on these five basic types of hand-sewing needles. Hand sewing

Nap refers to the short raised fibers on the surface of certain fabrics such as corduroy, velvet and velour. Fabric with a nap looks different from different angles,…

General Inquiries & Feedback To contact Sew4Home for general inquiries and feedback, please send an email to Please note: S4H does not sell products. If you’re interesting in…

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