Broken zipper = broken heart! When a zipper doesn’t zip, not only does its name no longer have any meaning… it is a major frustration because it means something either won’t close or won’t open. The most common element to fail is the zipper slider; the good news is, this can also be the easier part to replace. The Fix-A-Zipper™ replacement slider kits from Dritz® provide a simple, no-sew solution. Before you toss out your favorite bag or attempt to close up your fleece jacket with a row of chip clips, check out how quick and easy it is to do-it-yourself with Dritz®.

There are three styles of Fix-A-Zippper™ replacement slider kits. Each kit is designed to fit a standard 5mm zipper (also known as a Size 5), with the style options accommodating molded plastic, metal, and nylon coil zippers. All three of the sliders themselves are metal and look like a standard slider. On our test, the Dritz® replacement slider was actually better looking than the original!

  1. Your first step is to determine which kit you need for your zipper repair. Our test zipper was a nylon coil style. As you can see in the photos above, it’s pretty easy to tell one style from another.
  2. Next, make sure the width of the zipper is correct by placing the closed zipper next to the actual size illustration on the back of the package.
  3. In some cases, the original slider may have already fallen off the zipper, but usually, whatever is left of the slider will be stuck in place. Use a pair a pliers and a screwdriver to pry open and remove the old slider. Cutting pliers can also be handy.
  4. Open up the kit package and remove the new slider and the flat slider pry tool.
  5. Flip the pull tab up toward the top of the slider.
  6. Insert the forked end of the tool into middle of slider. Push it in until it stops.
  7. The tool acts like a lever to pop open the slider.
  8. We found it easiest to apply downward pressure on the pull tab and the tool at the same time to open the slider.
  9. Our sample test was done on a separating zipper. For this type of zipper, place one side of the opened slider over the zipper just above the bottom “retainer box.” That is your new word for the day: the little square stop at the bottom of a separating zipper is called a retainer box!
  10. Press the jaws of the slider firmly together to close the slider over the zipper teeth.
  11. Insert the opposite side of the zipper – the “pin” (oh my goodness, another new word) into the slider.
  12. And ziiiiiiip it up.
  13. For a non-separating zipper, 1) place the slider over the closed teeth and press the jaws of slider firmly together.
  14. If the zipper’s teeth are completely open, 2) place the slider over one side of the teeth. Then insert the other side of the teeth into the slider, then close firmly. Be sure the teeth are completely inside of the slider before closing. Move the slider down to close zipper.

We found a good selection Dritz® Fix-A-Zipper™ Replacement Kits at Joann Fabrics.

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