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Lil Softee Pal: Chocolate Bunny

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This plush little Chocolate Bunny is a long-lasting alternative to his candy kin. With all the jelly bean eggs, Peeps and other sugar-coma-inducing treats in the average Easter basket, a sugar-free huggable rabbit certainly has its place. Plus, no more dilemma over whether to eat the ears or tail first! These Lil Softees are quick and easy to make, and Minky Double-Sided Cuddle Fleece is so forgiving, even a beginner can turn out a bunny that will hop into the basket looking like star.

Fabric.com offers a great selection of Minky Cuddle Fleece in a variety of colors.

Sewing Tools You Need

Fabric and Other Supplies

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  • yard of 54"+ Minky Double-Sided Cuddle Fabric in Chocolate. This is enough to make three bunnies.
  • Scrap of printed cotton quilting weight fabric for ears
  • All-purpose polyester sewing thread in brown
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing needle
  • Fiberfill: we used Fairfield Soft Touch® Poly-fil Supreme
  • Chopstick or similar to push Poly-fil into position
  • Embroidery floss
    NOTE: We used off white for both the nose and mouth. You may also prefer to embroider the eyes for children too young for button eyes.
  • Embroidery needle
  • Buttons for eyes (optional and not appropriate for toddlers or younger)
  • 1 yard of ½" ribbon for bow at neck
  • A couple yards of yarn for tail: we used a soft blue-green

    Getting Started

    1. Download and print both of the 8½" x 11" pattern sheets using standard weight paper: Bunny Body Template and Bunny Ears Template
      IMPORTANT: You must print these PDF files at 100%. DO NOT SCALE to fit the page.
    2. Cut TWO 8½" x 11" pieces of the Minky for the body. If you look at the Minky, you will see that one side is slightly fluffier than the other and should be considered the right side. Treat Minky like any napped fabric and place all patterns in one direction.
    3. Press your printed fabric scraps prior to use. Minky should NOT be pressed.

      At Your Sewing Machine

      NOTE: Minky is a bit slippery. We found it easier to sew the Minky right through the pattern paper using the seam line as a stitching guide. When you finish sewing, gently tear the paper away from the seam. If you prefer not to do it this way, you can cut out the Bunny Body pattern adding ¼" seam allowance all around.

      Make Bunny Tail

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      1. Wrap yarn around your fingers as shown photo 1. Cut a piece of yarn to tie in the center and slip between ring and middle fingers.
      2. Cinch up the tie tightly to form the bow tie shape shown in photo 2.
      3. Slip your scissors into the loops formed on either side and clip as shown in photo 3.
      4. Fluff and trim to form the bunny tail shown in photo 4.

      Make Bunny Ears

      1. Cut out the two ear pattern pieces. Place one piece of Minky and one piece of cotton fabric, each slightly larger than the ear pattern piece, right sides together. Pin the pattern piece to the layers. I pinned on the cotton side so I could to fussy cut my ear patterns over an appropriate motif on the fabric. Repeat for the second ear.
      2. Sew along the outer edge of each ear on the stitch line as shown. Leave the base of each ear open.Click to Enlarge
      3. Trim along cut line. Gently tear away the paper. 
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      4. Turn the ears right side out. Finger press to flatten (remember... do not iron Minky).

      Make Bunny Body

      NOTE: The Bunny Body identical in construction to the Kitty Body in Lil Softee Pal: Cotton Candy Kitty. For additional photos, check this link.

      1. Place the Bunny Body printout atop the wrong side of one of the 8½" x 11" pieces of Minky. Anchor with a few straight pins.
      2. Use pins to mark the location of ears. 
        NOTE: The ears go beneath the Minky, NOT between the pattern and the Minky. Click to Enlarge
      3. Use the pins to find the corners of the ears and pin the ears in position underneath the Minky.
      4. Lay the piece of Minky with the ears pinned in place rights side together with the remaining 8½" x 11" piece of Minky. You now have a little sandwich with the ears between the two layers of right-side-together Minky.
      5. Pin the sandwich all around.
      6. Stitch along the dashed seam line (again - right through the paper), beginning at the marked dot on arm. Backstitch to start, then continue along dashed seam line all around to the second marked dot. Stop at this dot and backstitch, leaving the space between the dots open for turning and stuffing.

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      7. Gently tear away paper pattern and trim the Minky to approximately ¼" from the seam line.
      8. Turn bunny right side out. Push out arms and legs with a chopstick or similar.
      9. Use the chopstick (or similar) to push Poly-fil into all parts of the Bunny Body until pleasingly plump.
      10. Slip stitch opening closed.
      11. Hand stitch the tail to the back side of the Bunny Body about where shown.

      Click to Enlarge

      Make Bunny Face

      1. Sew button eyes to face. Depending on where you put them and the size and style of the buttons, you can achieve a variety of facial expressions. I sewed from one eye across to the other and snugged it just a little to slightly indent the eyes.
      2. A simple X makes an easy nose and mouth. Again, this is an area to be as expressive as you'd like with your embroidery floss.


        Project concept and sample creation: Alicia Thommas


        Comments (25)

        Snt said:
        Snt's picture

        I might have missed this in the directions, but do the ears get stuffed or are they just floppy?

        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

        @Snt - We did not stuff the ears on our sample bunny. The fleece gave the cotton quite a bit of stability so we didn't feel a need for stuffing. However, if you feel your bunny's ears are too limp, you could cerainly add a little stuffing before pinning them in place.

        britney said:
        britney's picture

        this is an anazing pattern  so easy to follow  i cannot wait to make as many as i can before Easter.  thank you for posting

        Sadie Molina said:
        Sadie Molina's picture

        This is the easiest pattern I have found so far. I have been trying for a while to sew a bunny with no luck. I have made four so far they are so easy.

        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
        Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture
        @ Céline - you could try Google Translate. I\'m sure it won\'t be perfect but perhaps good enough.

        viviane.vanpoucke@sfr.fr said:
        viviane.vanpoucke@sfr.fr's picture

        heather welberry said:
        heather welberry's picture
        smilies/cheesy.gif I have made several thing's from your site and love the step by step instructions. Plan on making this one tomorrow !! Thank you for the site.
        круто said:
        круто's picture
        очень симпатичный зайка,вдохновили на пошив этого крохи.Спасибо!!!
        Michele Dawson said:
        Michele Dawson's picture
        This is so cute. I think even I can do it. I'm a sewing newbie.
        Michele Dawson said:
        Michele Dawson's picture
        this is so awesome. I think even I can do it. A newbie to the sewing world.
        Kristy - Hopeful Threads said:
        Kristy - Hopeful Threads's picture
        Love this little guy! Hope to give him a try today! Thanks!
        Stuffed Giraffe said:
        Stuffed Giraffe's picture
        Can't wait to make these for the Grands! Thanks for the info!!smilies/cheesy.gif
        cheryl burks said:
        cheryl burks's picture
        That is so cute,need to get busy on making this one also,I just got material yesterday for kitty,now I need to get more for this cute bunny!