Accurate pressing is one of the most important parts of the construction process. Having a tool that holds precise, narrow folds and clean angles is critical. And, if that tool allows you to do that without your fingers getting dangerously close to the iron, it’s a must-have in our book! One of our favorite pressing tools, the Clover Hot Hemmer has a new friend: the Hot Ruler. This 2½” x 10” ruler is part of the Press Perfect collection by Joan Hawley for Clover, and is made of the same super thin, heat resistant nylon fiberboard with a special non-slip surface.

The accurate markings are printed right along the edge on all four sides of the hot Ruler. These markings are broken into ⅛” units along both ends and one 10” side, with the other 10” side spaced at ¼” units.

The measurements go all the way across the Hot Ruler both horizontally and vertically so you can fold from any direction.

Use the Ruler with either a dry or a steam iron. In either instance, the surface gets just barely warm to the touch. And, the non-slip surface makes it so much easier to hold precise narrow folds, especially on slippery or delicate fabrics.

Of course, there have been hem gauges for years, but they are usually metal or plastic. Ironing over a metal hem gauge can make it too hot to touch and it can actually get hot enough to damage delicate fabric. Plastic is often simply not able to handle ironing without melting or warping, which means you constantly have to measure and then move the gauge out of the way, hoping you can keep your fold accurate. The Hot Ruler eliminates both of those concerns.

Many of the measurements on the Hot Ruler are similar to the Hot Hemmer, but the long shape of the Hot Ruler makes it excellent for longer or deeper hemming, such as for curtains.

The Hot Ruler is also narrower all the way from the top to the bottom, allowing you to get into smaller spaces when needed.

We love that it has the 45˚ measuring angle, which is perfect for making mitered corners. Fold in the corner then fold along one side…

… then along the other side to match along the 45˚ angle for a perfect point.

The Hot Ruler is usually available at retail for about $17.00. This may seem expensive for a small ruler, but when you use it nearly every time you press, it’s really pennies per project.

Plus, the precision it adds to your finished project is invaluable. You know that old adage, Practice Makes Perfect? We’d like to offer a new one: Pressing Makes Perfect! A crisp, clean edge can make all the difference when you want to create a professional finish.

For more information on the Hot Ruler’s cousin, the Hot Hemmer, click to read our full review to show how we’ve used the Hot Hemmer for everything from double-fold hems, to purse feet placement, to rounded pocket corners.

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6 years ago

Hello!! Anyone know where to

Hello!! Anyone know where to find this at Australia?

This is so awesomoe! Need that!

6 years ago

so much better than poster

so much better than poster board 

6 years ago

Another great tool I must

Another great tool I must have.  I really want to make new curtains and I can see how this ruler will make the process much easier.  Thank you Clover for always knowing what we need and making sure we have it when we need it.  Between Clover and Dritz I can always find the tools I need for any sewing project I have.

6 years ago

I’m glad they came out with a

I’m glad they came out with a longer hot ruler. The Hot Hemmer is just a bit too small for most projects.

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