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Sergers. For some, the word alone can send them screaming into the darkest corners of their sewing rooms. “The threading… not the threading… make it stop!” Well, perhaps that’s a wee bit dramatic, but the fear of threading the loopers on a serger, “Sergiothreadaphobia” as it is known in medical circles, keeps many a sewer from adding this powerful tool to their compliment of machines. If you’re a regular Sew4Home follower, you know we are an all-Janome studio, and so we are thrilled to tell you about their newest serger: the Airthread 2000D Professional – Serging Simplified. Available now at Authorized Janome Dealers in the US and Canada. 

One-Push Air Threading System

The most tedious aspect of threading a serger is feeding through the upper and lower loopers. With the AirThread 2000D that tedium is eliminated. All you need to do is insert the thread into the specially designed ports and push the lever. A whoosh of air sends the thread exactly where it needs to go. So simple!

Threading the upper tension discs is just as easy (and error free) thanks to improved slide-and-go thread guides.

Easy Lay-in Threading


The AirThread 2000D has an 8-piece Feed Dog System. All eight are strategically placed to gently grab and move your fabric under the presser foot. This allows you to serge everything from slippery knits to tough canvas with confidence.

8-Piece Feed Dog System

There’s a built-in, one-step converter to change from 3-thread to 2-thread applications. Really…. it’s just one step! Place your finger under the converter and flip it into position. Did we mention how simple this serger is to use?!

Built-in One-step Converter

While we’re on the topic of built-in wonders, we were particularly excited to see the AirThread 2000D has a built-in needle threader; a Janome first! One unit provides easy threading of both the right position and the left position needles.

Built-in Needle Threader

Getting your serger stitches just right means being able to adjust several factors. Janome added some very cool features to the AirThread 2000D to make this uncomplicated. The Stitch Length Adjustment and Differential Feed Adjustment have been integrated into one dual-function knob… so smart! Fine adjustments, like cutting width, as well as access to the upper knife release and the stitch finger lever for rolled hemming are now consolidated on the right side of the large sewing bed for quick access. You can also adjust foot pressure with one dial so the machine can accommodate a variety of fabric thicknesses as well as several optional presser feet.

Stitch Length Adjustment and Differential Feed Adjustment

Fine Adjustments

Bed Size

Foot Pressure

One thing we appreciate in every Janome model is the quality of the construction, which is at the heart of why their machines are consistently stronger, quieter, and more durable. The AirThread 2000D is no exception; the upper and lower shafts have been redesigned to include ball bearings for increased durability and sound suppression, making it even quieter and smoother at high speeds.

We hear from sewing teachers all the time who hold classes where students bring their own machines. They tell us how they can always spot the Janome machines in the room because they make the least noise and have little to no vibration.

Speed, Strength, Stability

Click through to the Janome site for a great comparison chart of the new AirThread2000D to the Janome 1200D, Harmony 7933, and the CoverPro 1000CPX.

Our thanks to our friends at Janome for letting us give you a peek at the possibilities. If you’ve been thinking about a serger, we invite you to take the new AirThread 2000D for a spin at your local authorized Janome dealer.  There are several functions you have to see and try for yourself to understand just how much simpler your serging can be.

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