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Rather than a napkin ring, add a little seasonal splash to your napkins with a few simple folds and some inexpensive trimmings that will fill your table with good cheer. These six festive napkins are all fast and easy to assemble.

If you want to all-out and fold a napkin into an elegant and classic Bishop’s Hat or Bird of Paradise, choose a fairly stiff white linen. These folds can be complicated, but there are many online resources such as that offer clear instructions.

However, with much less effort and equally lovely results, you can fashion any one of our simple folds. You’ll probably guess how to do them just by looking at the photos. No need to follow these concepts exactly. Instead, pick up the style in your own holiday décor by using coordinating ribbons, raffia, ornaments, and real and/or artificial foliage.

The Point

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Step 1: Fold in half diagonally. Step 2: Fold in thirds along the fold. Step 3: Fold sides to the center. Flip over. Step 4: Pinch a pleat and tie with a ribbon a couple inches from the end.

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If you want a longer look, follow the same instructions but on the first fold, don’t bring the top point all the way to the opposite point; leave a 1″ to 2″ gap.

The Roll

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Rolled napkins are great for a buffet table. They stack nicely. You can even roll flatware inside. Simply fold your napkin in half and roll. In this case we tied it with a scrap of fabric trimmed with pinking shears.

The Cone

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Step 1: Fold in half diagonally. Step 2: Bring each outer point up to the center point. Step 3: Fold the left side in about a third, pivoting on the center. Step 4: Fold the right side over by a third, pivoting on the center, to form a cone. Insert some greenery, a flower or small gift. Tie a bow to around the finished cone to hold everything in place.

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The Bow

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This is a fun look if you’ll have children at the table, and it uses a simple traditional fold. Fold your napkin in quarters and in half again; tuck in a candy cane and tie snugly with baker’s twine to form a bow shaped napkin and to secure the candy. You could also add bit of greenery.

The Pocket

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Lay your napkin right side up on a table. Fold in half lengthwise by bringing the bottom edge up to the top. Keep right sides of the napkin together. Take the top layer and fold back down to the center fold. You’ll see the beginning of your pocket. Keeping the ‘pocket’ on the outside, fold in half lengthwise, and in half again. Flip over and there’s your pocket. Lay the napkin on your dinner plate and tuck in a flower, a small gift, or an ornament.

The Knot

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Fold napkin in half to form a triangle with the fold at the top. Roll from the bottom point to the top; not too tightly. Tie a single loose knot. Tuck in a bit of greenery or leave plain. Elegant and very simple.

Hints and Tips

Napkins come in various sizes and fabrics, both of which impact the result of your folding. A general rule: the fancier your dinner plates, the simpler your napkins. For best results, press your napkins well before beginning to fold.

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