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DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: Bejeweled Buttons

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 3:00


Beautiful buttons down the back are one of the most popular accents for wedding gowns. After all, it's the back of the dress the audience is looking at throughout the ceremony! By adding crystals to a simple covered button, you create instant dramatic flair. We show you ours as a feature strip on a sheer over-the-shoulder capelet, but they'd be also be beautiful as a featured top and/or bottom button on the gown itself. And they'd be striking as matching accents on the groom's and groomsmen's vests. Or, go beyond the world of weddings; these bejeweled buttons would fly off the virtual shelf as all-occasion fashion accessories.


DIY Wedding Sparkle with Artistic Crystals: The Business of Bling

Monday, 28 May 2012 3:00

It's time to sparkle! We kick off a new series today that is different than anything we've done before here on Sew4Home. Over the past several months, we've worked with sponsor, Janome America to learn about their Artistic software brand, focusing on the Artistic Crystals system in particular. We've been very diligent students, and now have two weeks of wedding wonders planned that make use of this amazing integrated system of crystals, software, cutters and presses. But, it's more that just inspiring projects. We've designed the series with creative entrepreneurs in mind. These are projects you can make for yourself or make and sell as a home-based wedding accessories business. We call it: The Business of Bling!


Kitchen Confections in Moda's Vintage Modern: Matching Recipe Cards & Gift Tags

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 3:00

In today's world of instant Internet gratification, does anyone actually hand-write anything any more? Here at S4H, we'd like to think so. And, we'd like to think the handwritten recipe and the personalized gift tag will be two things with enough old-fashioned goodness to never completely go away. I know some of the most cherished items in my own 'save box' are a couple recipes written in my mother's beautiful cursive on dog-eared slips of paper and a simple gift tag made from wrapping paper scraps and stickers. In honor of these vintage traditions, we have two special downloads for you today as part of our Kitchen Confections series for Moda Fabrics: matching recipe cards and gift tags. Use them to create your own 'save box' memories.


Sponsor Snapshot: Toshi Takayasu, President & CEO of Janome America

Tuesday, 21 February 2012 9:00

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You see their logos every day on our site, but who are the people behind those sponsor icons? We thought it was high time our Sew4Home friends and fans got to know a little bit about the great people and companies who support us, and make it possible for us to continue to bring you projects, techniques, giveaways and more all FREE of charge! Janome America is a charter sponsor of Sew4Home, which means they have been here from the get-go. This has been an incredible advantage for us; being able to create all our projects on Janome machines makes everything faster and easier, with incredible stitch quality every time. One of my favorite Janome slogans is: "The easier the tools, the more creative you become." It's so true! When you know you don't have to worry about a machine's precision or power, sewing is frustration-free. We were fortunate to get some time to talk with the head of Janome America, Toshi Takayasu. With 20+ years at Janome, in Japan and around the globe, Toshi is very serious about the sewing industry, yet he is also a delightful man with many interesting stories. He opened up to us about the differences and similarities he has observed in the many different countries in which he's lived, the new opportunities he sees for blending sewing with the world of crafting, and a particularly wild dinner menu in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Creative People We Love: Angela Walters, Free Motion Quilter

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 9:00

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I was first introduced to Angela Walters at Spring Quilt Market last year, but not before the person I was with started pointing wildly in all directions to quilts Angela had done. Her amazing free-motion quilting work seemed to be proudly on display in every booth in the near vicinity. I was bowled over. In fact, I think my mouth literally dropped open. Then, up walked Angela. How did this cute young woman standing in front of me finish all these different quilts?! She shrugged and smiled, as if not understanding that the speed, skill and style of her free-motion work was keeping my mouth hanging open. Once I regained my composure, we stayed in touch, and I was thrilled to hear she has a book coming out soon, Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters. It was the perfect time to introduce our Sew4Home friends to her, so you can learn a little more about that signature speed, skill and style, pick up a few tips in a free-motion mini-tutorial from Angela herself and enter to win a fun Kona Cotton giveaway from Angela and her pals at Robert Kaufman (Angela does all the quilting for Kaufman's quilt samples and used their beautiful solids for many of the samples in her book).

Free Spirit Artist Trio #3: An Interview with Fabric Designer, Joel Dewberry

Tuesday, 15 November 2011 9:00

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First thing every morning, I see Joel Dewberry fabrics. I used two prints from his Deer Valley collection: Antler Damask in Gourd and Architectural in Goldenrod to make a 'hiding curtain' in my bedroom. Not only does it look marvelous, my husband and I came to immediate agreement on the fabrics - which we do not always do. In Joel's collections, there is a wonderful combination of strength and grace – intricate beauty and bold statements. We are so excited to have him as the featured designer for our third Artist Trio feature with Free Spirit Fabrics.


Moda Fabrics' Lil' Rascals Storybook Bedroom: Download The S4H Companion Book

Friday, 14 October 2011 9:00

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It's here! The final chapter in our Moda Storybook Bedroom is our one-of-a-kind Sew4Home picturebook. We wrote a little story and designed a pretty book to go along with the adorable illustrations from Lil' Rascals by Chole's Closet – the collection we used for all our Storybook Bedroom projects. The picturebook is posted here as a free download, courtesy of Moda. Reading with the children in your life is one of the very best experiences you can give them. We hope you enjoy sharing the adventures of Lil' Benny, who loses his blanket but finds some very special friends.

Versatile Mini Clip Hair Flowers

Thursday, 13 October 2011 9:00

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These tiny clips are so handy for holding hair in place. They're lightweight, inexpensive and available everywhere. On the other hand, embellished hair accessories are pricey, so why not make your own! After trying to wrap a ponytail holder without crushing the attached flower, it came to me that it would be easier to just clip the flower to the band after the band was on. Turns out, these little clips have holes next to the hinge springs and you can attach a flower to them by simply sewing it in place. Then you can attach it to your hair, an elastic ponytail band or a headband. Mix and match, wear one, two, three or more. Turn a bad hair day around by rockin' some pretty flowers.

Free Spirit Artist Trio #2: An Interview with Fabric Designer, Anna Maria Horner

Wednesday, 06 July 2011 9:00

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We gave you a hint last week, when we started our own set of Travel Tidy projects in her luscious LouLouthi fabric collection, that we had a new Free Spirit Artist Trio Series coming your way. This time we feature Anna Maria Horner, later this month she'll have a unique table linen Guest Tutorial with some of her beautiful hand embroidery, and then... another Great Giveaway prize package from the generous folks at Free Spirit. Today, we share some stories with Anna Maria; imagine the orange trees, chickens and gypsy weddings in the streets of Greece; and understand a little about how important it is for her to shape things by hand.