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Versatile Mini Clip Hair Flowers

Thursday, 13 October 2011 9:00

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These tiny clips are so handy for holding hair in place. They're lightweight, inexpensive and available everywhere. On the other hand, embellished hair accessories are pricey, so why not make your own! After trying to wrap a ponytail holder without crushing the attached flower, it came to me that it would be easier to just clip the flower to the band after the band was on. Turns out, these little clips have holes next to the hinge springs and you can attach a flower to them by simply sewing it in place. Then you can attach it to your hair, an elastic ponytail band or a headband. Mix and match, wear one, two, three or more. Turn a bad hair day around by rockin' some pretty flowers.

Free Spirit Artist Trio #2: An Interview with Fabric Designer, Anna Maria Horner

Wednesday, 06 July 2011 9:00

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We gave you a hint last week, when we started our own set of Travel Tidy projects in her luscious LouLouthi fabric collection, that we had a new Free Spirit Artist Trio Series coming your way. This time we feature Anna Maria Horner, later this month she'll have a unique table linen Guest Tutorial with some of her beautiful hand embroidery, and then... another Great Giveaway prize package from the generous folks at Free Spirit. Today, we share some stories with Anna Maria; imagine the orange trees, chickens and gypsy weddings in the streets of Greece; and understand a little about how important it is for her to shape things by hand.

Free Spirit Artist Trio: An Interview with Fabric Designer, Jenean Morrison

Tuesday, 05 April 2011 9:00

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There are people I meet who are sweet. Others who I'd describe as nice. And those I put in the creative column. But, every so often, I stumble upon someone who is sweet and nice and creative. Meet, Jenean Morrison: terribly talented and terrifically personable, she has been a joy to work with since our first conversation. We'd admired her previous collections for Free Spirit Fabrics: Moondance, Picnic Parade and California Dreamin', and so were thrilled when Free Spirit suggested Jenean and her new Silent Cinema collection as the focus of our first Artist Trio Series with them. Today, you'll get to meet Jenean and find out a little bit about the brains behind the beauty. Later this week, she has a Guest Tutorial for you. Then, later this month, our friends at Free Spirit will sponsor a Great Giveaway with some Silent Cinema fabric plus a mystery Free Spirit Grab Bag.

Creative People We Love: The Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 9:00

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We recently met a force of nature. This woman creates on so many fronts, I secretly suspect she has an extra set of arms, one of which has a glue gun surgically implanted. Color, life and laughter sparkle from her pores. I'm talking about Kathy Cano-Murillo, better known as The Crafty Chica.

An Interview with Fabric Designers Pillow & Maxfield

Tuesday, 15 February 2011 9:00

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As I write this, I'm surrounded by the latest fabric collection from designers, Pillow & Maxfield: the gorgeous Gypsy Bandana for Michael Miller Fabrics. Pause with me as I siiiiiiiiiigh deeply, because, once again... we love it all. We decided we simply HAD to get to know the brains behind this beautiful fabric, Val Pillow and Anne Maxfield. Luckily for us, there was an immediate bond. Turns out we love them and they love Sew4Home! After exchanging our love, we got down to business and asked Val and Anne some insightful questions about where they came from, where their designs come from, and what gift wrap has to do with it all.

Sewing with Kids Underfoot

Wednesday, 26 January 2011 9:00

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When you have small children at home, your most common question isn't, "How do I make that?" – It's, "How do I make that with a two-year-old and a four-year-old running loose in the house?" (If you have children that age, you should probably stop reading this for a moment and go see what they're up to.) Sewing with little kids underfoot can be a challenge. But if you think ahead and do a little creative planning, you won't have to put away your sewing machine until they're in college. We've collected our best ideas and found some handy expert online resources for fun activities.

Creative People We Love: Izzy & Ivy Designs

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 9:00

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In our third installment of this series, we are happy to introduce you to "The Three Fabri-teers"... that's my name for the trio of very creative women behind Izzy & Ivy Designs. Based in Utah, Shasta Parry, Jana Nielson and Lauralee Billingsley produce a series of absolutely adorable patterns for little girls. Ruffles and flounces, buttons and bows... they make me wish I could still get away with wearing a puffy skirt with four tiers of colorful ruffles... without being mistaken for a giant pastry. The princess skirt on me, maybe not, but one of Izzy & Ivy's signature saucy bags and purses it totally up my alley. These are happy patterns; I think it's because they're designed by such happy and upbeat people. With sixteen children between them, what I see as happiness could simply be lack of sleep, but I think it's really a genuine love of working with their hands to create something fantastic. Shasta, Jana and Lauralee exude an infectious optimism.

An Interview with Fabric & Pattern Designers Bonnie & Camille

Wednesday, 01 December 2010 9:00

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"A fifth generation quilter." When I first heard this description of Camille Roskelly, I imagined a tiny little lady in a pillbox hat and gloves... like that precious grandma in the Tweety Bird® cartoons. Stereotype, right? Sorry about that. And, I've surely been taken to task, especially after meeting the young (26), lovely (how does she keep her hair so perfect?), and pregnant (baby boy number three) Camille at The Creative Connection conference in Minneapolis this past September. I was lucky enough to take one of her classes to create a sweet set of hot pads in the gorgeous Bliss fabric collection by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. Not a pillbox hat in sight. Then, I learned the 'Bonnie' of Bonnie & Camille was her mother, Bonnie Olaveson. Also youthful and lovely, and the very proud grandma to nine (Camille's new bundle will make it an even ten). So much familial talent and beauty! I just had to find out more about this trendy yet traditional team.

Thanksgiving Elegance: How To Create Cornucopia Napkins

Wednesday, 10 November 2010 9:00

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While the cornucopia dates back to Greek Mythology, its graceful shape and overflowing harvest is now most commonly associated with Thanksgiving. A cornucopia looks especially festive on the Thanksgiving table, but takes up more room than most Thanksgiving dinners allow – especially with Aunt Grace's enormous Tropicana Orange Jello mold. You can get a similar horn-of-plenty essence with a simple yet elegant napkin fold. Fill your napkin cornucopia with fresh flowers or greens, a small gift, candy, nuts and fruits or pretty much anything that strikes your fancy and suits your guests.