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Welcome 2017 with a Smile on Your Face and a Seam Ripper in Your Hand

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How many times have you said it, possibly shouted it? “I can’t do that!” “I’m not good enough.” “This does not look like the picture!” We’re all guilty of the critical eye, especially when it comes to our own work. But here’s the real story: anytime you make something with your own two hands, it’s a success! Passion and creativity do not live in the same space as perfection and criticism. In fact, they’re not even friends. As you make your list of resolutions, we’d like to suggest our Top Five Things to Remember for 2017 (and beyond). You may want to write them on a post-it note to stick to your forehead. 

1. All is well - I own a seam ripper. 

2. I am doing this because I love it; take a breath.

3. The people I share my work with are amazed by the knowledge that I created it; they see only love.

4. I started and I finished, along the way, I had some fun. 

5. This isn’t exactly what I’d expected – it’s better!

Happy New Year from your friends at Sew4Home.


Comments (13)

Pamela McDonald said:
Pamela McDonald's picture

Hehe, I Love that saying.  A smile and a seam ripper, boy that is so true ;)

Michele W said:
Michele W's picture

Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials.  I have learned to love my seam ripper over the years.  Happy New Year!!

Sheryle said:
Sheryle's picture

Happy New Year and thank you! Your tutorials make my day. I look forward to seeing what you have created. Can't wait to see what's ahead.

Emma Iball said:
Emma Iball's picture

I think three and four are my favourites.  I see the little hiccups but no one else does!

i love creating new projects from your tutorials and my family and friends adore their gifts.  Thank you so much Sew4Home and happy new Year.

G.LaVonne said:
G.LaVonne's picture

Thank You for all this fun. AWESOME tutorials. With seam ripper in hand I say...

Happy New Year.

Thank you and lets stitch on..so many projects on my list for my new house. Thank you.

Jane Coombs said:
Jane Coombs's picture

Liz, these sewing affirmations are spot on and with a word substitution here and there they apply to life. I love theLove which comes across from Sew4Home with every project. You nurture creativity.

Number 4 reminds me of George Burns who lived to be 99. When asked about any year his go-to answer was, it was a great year I started it and I finished it. LOL

2016 sure was a topsy turvy year but Sew4Home was stalwart. Happy 2017. Thanks. 

Mary Snyder said:
Mary Snyder's picture

Thank you for all the many wonderful projects and tutorials this past year.  I'm still trying to catch up with a few.  The Lord has been gracious to us, may he do so to the Sew4Home family.  Happy New Year

Kim Santre said:
Kim Santre's picture

I always look forward to seeing what is in store for us come Monday morning!! I wait daily to see what next to make!! Can't wait for 2017!!  Oh ps my seam ripper says oh no not again!!!!  lol

bairdmtn said:
bairdmtn's picture

Thank you for being here to inspire us, Sew 4 Home!!  I have really enjoyed making several of your projects this year!!! Looking forward to seeing all your projects for 2017!!

Judy D said:
Judy D's picture

Thanks so much for the fabulous tutorials and inspiration in 2016!  Happy New Year to one and all!

Paula H said:
Paula H's picture

I printed out this list and stuck it to my wall in my sewing area right next to my 'Press to the Dark Side' sign!  Happy New Year everyone!

DebS said:
DebS's picture

I have learned to love number 1. A seam ripper is a sewers best friend! Looking forward to a new year with Sew4Home. Thank you all for the lovely projects this year!