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Top 20 Projects of 2018

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As we launch into another year of Sew4Home projects, it’s time to take quick look back at a few of the most popular from 2018. It’s always a little amazing to see how many we’ve done, and it’s a challenge to narrow the list of favorites. This year, we decided to put them into chronological order so it’s a true trip down memory lane. We bet there are a few you might have missed along the way, which means we’re already adding to your 2019 must-make lists. Did we miss any of your favorites? Are there some ideas you’re dying for us to explore this year? Leave us a comment below; we always love to hear from you, and our You Asked 4 It list is one of the first places we turn when considering new ideas. 

Easy Corduroy Slouchy Shoulder Bag

This super soft and slouchy shoulder bag is fast and easy but with a very stylish finish. The cool strap-and-tassel closure is a look we spotted on some of the season’s trendiest designer bags. 

Go to the Shoulder Bag project.

The VersaWrap: A Stretchy Band for Head, Neck, Hair & Face

Keep it around your neck as a lightweight scarf, pull it up over your nose and mouth to protect your face, pull it over your head like a beanie, or scrunch it down into a headband. It lives up to its versatile name.

Go to the VersaWrap project.

Wear ’n’ Wipe Kitchen Towel Scarf

It combines the wearable feature of an apron with the wipe-able feature of a towel! Loop it around your neck while you work (it buttons to secure). The ends are absorbent towels. 

Go to the Wear 'n' Wipe project.

Compact Messenger Bag with Inset Zipper

A great messenger brief in a slightly smaller size: 15" wide x 10" high with a 2" base. There’s an inset zipper top, a front zippered pocket, and lots of excellent pocket options for storage.

Go to the Compact Messenger project.

Fabulous Fabric Wallet: Double Bill Pockets, Six Card Pockets & Zippered Coin Pocket

We offer a downloadable pattern set with all the pieces you need so you can be confident everything will come together for a perfect fit. With seven pockets total there’s a place for everything.

Go to the Fabric Wallet project.

Tortilla or Flatbread Warmer with Circular Quilting

Just slip in a tortilla or flatbread, close the flap, and zap. And of course, because this reusable warmer is meant for the microwave, all natural cotton was used for the fabric, batting, and thread.

Go to the Tortilla Warmer project.

Super Sturdy Summer Tote: Dritz Rivets & More

It features cool reverse box corners plus tough double-cap rivets for strength at all the stress points. Whether traveling near and far, this tote is designed to stand up to all your adventures.

Go to the Sturdy Summer Tote project.

Lightweight Long Scarf with Boho Fringe

You’ll start with voile or batiste, add a perfectly centered seam to give enough length to wrap it like a lightweight shawl, then create a line of tiny, twisted floss cords along both ends. Gorgeous.

Go to the Boho Fringed Scarf project.

Clear View Vinyl Tote for Events and More: Dritz Metal Hardware & Plastic Snaps

Many venues no longer allow closed totes and bags to be brought in; they require everything to be see-through. Our tote is fully finished inside and out with a removable pocket and base insert that allow it to be either semi or completely transparent.

Go to the Clear Vinyl Tote project.

Bandana Style Baby Drool Bibs in 3 Sizes

Baby drool is kinda adorable, especially when they blow bubbles, but it’s also messy and causes frequent changes of clothing. Our bandana style bibs keep your babe clean and dry… and cutie pie. 

Go to the Bandana Style Bib project.

Box Style Tote with Yarn Wrapped Handles & Accents

We used a variegated cotton yarn to create custom wrapped handles on this classic box tote. Then we kept our fabric muted so the featured technique shines. Dimension, color, and style all in one. 

Go to the Tote with Yarn Wrapped Handles project.

Sweet, Soft, Stuffable Bunnies: Shannon Fabrics Cuddle & Luxe Cuddle

Meet Lolly, Chester, and Flora. The same pattern creates all three, with their individual personalities based on the plush fabric used, the cotton print accents for ears and paws, and their custom accessories. 

Go to the Cuddle Bunnies project.

Patchwork Pillow Trio in Tula Pink's De La Luna

When you’re working with fabric as amazingly detailed as De La Luna by Tula Pink, the fussy cutting options are endless. We created a trio of patchwork pillows that bring the Halloween spirit of this collection to life. 

Go to the De La Luna Pillows project.

Ukulele Pillow

Cute toss pillows in interesting shapes are a great way to interject a bit of playful zest into your décor. This pillow tutorial certainly qualifies as an interesting shape, and we include a free downloadable pattern.

Go to the Ukulele Pillow project.

Compact Quilted Duffle with Handles & Adjustable Strap: Dritz Hardware

Need a smaller bag that can work for kids or anyone who wants a space-saving, on-the-go option? This adorable duffle has a soft, quilted exterior that gently expands and molds to best fit its contents.

Go to the Compact Quilted Duffle project.

Decorative Stitch Designer Pillow with Embroidery Accents & Tassels: Janome Sewing Machines

We’d spotted a number of very expensive pillows that featured dense panels of decorative stitching with embroidery accents and tassels. We knew we could pull together all these trends into one fabulous DIY pillow.

Go to the Decorative Stitch Designer Pillow project.

Fabric Storage Boxes with Faux Leather Handles: Dritz Home Décor

Stash it. Store it. Hide it away! These fabric boxes are a generous 13” square, which means they can organize a lot. We added cool Faux Leather Handles to make them extra easy to use.

Go to the Fabric Storage Boxes project.

Flannel and Sherpa Fleece Lovie featuring Penned Pals Flannel

A “lovie” is a cuddle-up-with-me blanket that is prefect anytime a little soft security is needed. We created a simple patchwork version in the adorable flannels from the Anne Kelle’s Penned Pals collection.

Go to the Flannel and Sherpa Fleece Lovie project.

“Jelly Beans” – Rice-Filled Microwavable Hand Warmers

Our mini warming pads feature a great-to-grip jelly bean shape. Heat in a microwave for 20-30 seconds to deliver up to 30 minutes of soothing heat. Perfect for pockets! You’ll love the clever thumb loop.

Go to the Jelly Beans project.

Faux Fur Bucket Bag with Cinched Top and Adjustable Strap: Shannon Fabrics

When was the last time you wanted to give your handbag a hug? This bag is a great combination of structure and softness in the perfect smaller size. Its easygoing style can be dressed up or down.

Go to the Faux Fur Bucket Bag project.


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Truffles said:
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Enjoy your site. Your great, easy to follow tutorials enable me to make many of your projects .

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Truffles - Thank you so much. We're thrilled to know we're helping you along the way on your sewing adventure. We hope you continue to come back often... and bring all your friends 

pamyjo2001 said:
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Thank you for putting this list together - I had missed a couple of them.  Love this site and your projects.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@pamyjo2001 - Thank you so much! Glad you caught a couple beauties you'd missed earlier. The list is filling up fast already, huh?!?

nurse56 said:
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 Thanks so much for all you do and for the wonderful tutorials in 2018. Yours are the best ones out there. Love Sew4home!!

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Nurse56 - Thank you for such a kind compliment. We're lucky to have you as such a loyal follower.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Mewpurrs - Thank you! We're ready to roll for 2019... glad to know you'll be along for the ride!