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Sweet Dreams: Baby & Toddler Week

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As we gear up for new tutorials, it seemed like a great time to bundle up some of our most-loved projects for the cutie pie babies and toddlers in your lives. Today, we look at ways to create Sweet Dreams for the little ones. Putting together a beautiful nursery is always fun, and we have five favorites to make it both creative and cozy. Try our fabric suggestions or pick new combos to fit your color scheme. 

Sparkly Baby Quilt

Create an intricate-looking pinwheel effect with just 12 cleverly rotated blocks made up of basic half square triangles. 

Go to the full baby quilt tutorial.

Fleece Fitted Crib Sheet

Soft and pretty. Cuddly fleece will help your little one drift off to dreamland in warm and cozy comfort. 

Go to the full crib sheet tutorial. 

Scalloped Rag Quilt

If you can sew a straight line, you can make this quilt. It's a great way to inject a splash of bright color into the nursery.

Go to the full rag quilt tutorial. 

Crib Bumpers with Jumbo Piping

Looking for bumper patterns and instructions? Ours just happen to be the easiest... and the cutest. 

Go to the full bumpers tutorial.

Pleated Crib Skirt

Our crib skirt has a crisp, box-pleated style rather than traditional ruffles, making it perfect for the modern nursery. 

Go to the full crib skirt tutorial.


Comments (10)

Molly Hayden said:
Molly Hayden's picture

I love these patterns! I used bumpers 30 years ago with my baby who slept on his stomach, and with his brother five years later, in a crib with drop-down sides. They both managed to reach 6' 3". When grandbabies start coming I'll have fun making these wonderful nursery items for them too! Thank you for providing such great inspiration and ideas for me to choose from.

K Laurance said:
K Laurance's picture

I made a bumper for my grandson using the Sew4Home tute (Bumper with Jumbo Piping).  I also did some research and found a foam (already referenced on Sew4Home's tute) that is breathable and won't fold over.  My daughter just took it out because now the grandbaby is standing on it - LOL!  Let's just acknowledge that we ARE able to use common sense and that we have no right to judge others.  My grandson would "travel" up the crib and bump his little head repeatedly without a bumper - he also got his leg stuck repeatedly.  For us, a bumper made sense.  Thanks for providing the tute, Sew4Home and Liz!!

Rosemary Bolton said:
Rosemary Bolton's picture

Happy Monday every one!

I am going to be a GRAMMA in June. I am so excited.

I will make every one of these projects. Thank you Sew4Home.

Everything you share, I know you put a lot of thought into the project.

As with everything else in life, you are the one that mades the decision to do something or not to.

Please do not demand "banning" things that you do not like.

I love the colors you chose for all of these projects.

Thank  you again, Lisa.

I am caring for my 92 year old parents now. It is a new life for me. I have twins. They do not need bumpers :-D but

I do love the projects for baby. I can work on them with my mom. She is excited to be a great gramma.

Love always

amillssews said:
amillssews's picture

I love everything in thei collection, including the bumbers....but...

I think the reason they changed the guidelines is that there's no reason for them to be in there. They don't ADD to safety, and even if there's only been a few deaths related to using bumpers, why would you take the chance? I know they're adorable.

I found this article helpful. It does mention not using pillow type stuffing. They need to be firm. But the recommendation is to not use them all. http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/18/health/no-bumpers-cribs-sids-parenting/ind...

Patty Marsden said:
Patty Marsden's picture

Yes! Liz is correct! And so are the other readers who agreed with using bumpers! check out the steps, fabrics etc. used in these tutorials and you will realize that all safety concerns have been put into place. A big thank you to Liz and her staff for considering and then taking care of their readers. Keep up the excellent work, Sew4Home staff! 

Sarah McKinney said:
Sarah McKinney's picture

What ever you make for a baby make sure that it can be breathed through,  Years ago had friend that's grandmother made her a blanket to use when it rained.  She put plastic in the middle with the batting.  

Michelle T. Ross said:
Michelle T. Ross's picture

The american academy of pediatrics is the same entity that recommened piggybacking innoculations and then preserving them with mercury.  Thirty years ago you couldn't lay your baby on it's back because they could choke on spit-up, now you can't let them sleep on their stomachs because they will suffocate.  Good Lord has everyone forgotten how to use common sense.  If your baby is a creeper, bumpers might be something you have to think about, ask yourself how often do you check on the baby only to find them scrunched up in a corner, or rolled over and wedged in between the rails and the mattress?  When they are old enough to move about in the crib, pulling up and the like, then you might want to remove the bumpers.  The bumbers here are tailored and tight, lovely.  If you are worried check the numbers of infant deaths due to bumpers...this histeria is based on companies being sued and losing big money.  Follow the money.

Midge said:
Midge's picture

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued guidelines advising NOT TO USE BUMPERS in cribs. There is no evidence they prevent injuries and there is risk of suffocation or entrapment. Do not take chances with your babies! You should remove the bumper tutorials on this site permanently.

mcelromi1 said:
mcelromi1's picture

As stated: It's a PERSONAL CHOICE. I 've used them with each of my children and grandchildren with no problem whatsoever and will continue to do so with future grand or great grandchildren. I happen to like the look of them. I happen to love this tutorial. Thanks.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

Choosing to add bumpers to your crib linens is a personal decision. There have been safety concerns circulating for years regarding "fluffy" pillows of any kind in cribs. We made sure our bumpers followed the best-practices guidelines for construction, length and number of ties used to secure the bumpers, and the use of flat and dense padding rather than puffy batting.