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Re-imagine & Renovate: Renaissance Ribbons' Pinafore Style Sewing Machine Cover

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Our R&R series (Re-imagine & Renovate) is a favorite here at Sew4Home. You get to see how new fabric and trim transforms a classic project. Go from floral and frilly to sleek and modern, from traditional to whimsical. Or, simply experiment with a new color palette. Today, we start a mini-series under the R&R banner. Our friends at Renaissance Ribbons are getting into the act as "guest renovators," making their own versions of the projects we've done for them over the past few years. The original Pinafore Style Sewing Machine Cover was designed as the free-spirited cousin of our previous fitted covers. This cover drapes over your machine and sports handy pockets to keep a few tools, patterns and notions at the ready.

We used Tula Pink ribbons and burgundy twill for our sample, which was a pretty and playful look. The Renaissance Ribbons Guest Renovators choose Amy Butler ribbons against a soft faux suede for an elegant spin on the design.


They also changed up the design slightly, opting to leave off the back pocket. In addition, they increased the amount of ribbon coverage across the remaining front pocket, and reduced the pocket divisions from three to two. And, our original "frame effect" on the pockets, achieved with a combination of horizontal and vertical ribbons, was changed to a bold horizontal-only design with all the ribbons stitched edge-to-edge. We always encourage visitors to experiment with little changes to make a project your own. 

To get the new look, we've listed their selected ribbon and fabric options below. The original instructions give specifics on how to measure your sewing machine as well as the formulas for how to figure your ribbon cuts. Our suggested ribbon yardage includes enough to precisely fussy cut your design. If you choose ribbons of different widths, your final look may vary. You should measure each of your ribbons to insure the height and width.

2 yards of 2" Gray on Blue Brocade by Amy Butler from Renaissance Ribbons

3½ yards of ⅞" Yellow/Pink/Blue Mosaic by Amy Butler from Renaissance Ribbons

1½ yards of ⅝" Blue on Gray Sari Petal by Amy Butler from Renaissance Ribbons

¾ yard of 58" Vintage Suede in Silver from Fabric.com (CT-746)

To Re-imagine & Renovate your own sewing cover, go to the original tutorial:

Pinafore Style Sewing Machine Cover with Renaissance Ribbons

Looking for more information on blending, mixing and matching your fabrics? Check out these tutorials:

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Comments (8)

Eric said:
Eric's picture

Add a section of non slip material inside the back, maybe 6 or 8 inches high and the width of the cover, and you can set your machine on it with the pockets haning over the edge of your table and have a dual purpose cover/notion/scrap buddy.

Eric said:
Eric's picture

Of course you'd have to make the side straps button or velcro on as well.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Eric - sounds like an interesting option. If you decide to give it a go, share your results with us via email and/or on Instagram.

June Billings said:
June Billings's picture

Was just looking at my broken sewing machine cover, what a great solution!!

So much more beautiful than white plastic.

Patricia Rennie said:
Patricia Rennie's picture

Fabulous! I must stock up on these gorgeous ribbons. Thankyou all at Sew4Home for your great projects.This has to be the next one.

Susan Gardner said:
Susan Gardner's picture

When I looked at the version with the gray looking fabric I thought it was that silver ironing board cover type fabric and thought that would really be handy. Maybe that could be used.

Rosemary Bolton said:
Rosemary Bolton's picture

I love this idea.

All of you at Sew4Home are so creative and thank you for sharing.

I know I do not comment every time, but I do read your page!!

These are fun projects that I can do to make something with out a huge time frame.

I am taking care of my 90 and 91 year old mom and dad now since mom had her stroke last year.

Everything is really s-l-o-w around here but I love my 'rents and love keeping them busy and happy and healthy.

Sometimes I make a mistake and then I take the "unsewing" to doctor appointments -- like last week :-D

Thank you Janome and Sew4Home. You are the best, seriously.

I just obtained my neighbor's mom's old Singer 301 and have been cleaning it up. I need to make a cute cover for it, and this is perfect!

cohenma said:
cohenma's picture

This is beautiful!  I can't wait to make it and maybe I will take the pattern to my Spring Retreat for all the ladies to make, that would be 33 of us!