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Re-imagine & Renovate: Renaissance Ribbons' Metro Bag (and Giveaway)

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Our trendy Metro Bag debuted last fall, just in time for back-to-school. Originally created with "guy-friendly" color and design, our friends at Renaissance Ribbons changed things up a bit to create a more feminine feel. What's cool is how they stayed within the same fabric and ribbon collection, proving you don't have to go far to create an original spin.

There are hundreds of Sew4Home articles and projects, and it can easy for some of the older entries to slip from memory. That's why we love the Re-imagine & Renovate series; it brings forward some of our favorite classic projects for another look.

The Metro Bag uses a heavy-gauge canvas for the exterior and a quilting/fashion cotton for the lining. And, of course, the fine woven Renaissance Ribbons are the ultimate finish.


"But where are the ribbons?" you ask. That's the secret! We created "ribbon fabric," a technique we've shown you in other Renaissance Ribbons projects, such as the Ribbon Fold-Over Wallet and the Ribbon Flap Shoulder Bag. The difference here is how we've used just one ⅝" wide ribbon, stacking it to create perfectly matching accents of varying widths: single, triple and quadruple. It's not only an amazing embellishment, it adds a patina and texture you can only get from a woven ribbon. 

Leave a comment below and let us know which Renaissance Ribbons collection you'd choose to create this bag. Browse by Designer, Style or Best Sellers. You'll have such fun looking through all the beautiful options. We have a bag o' ribbons to send to one lucky visitor.

The Renaissance Ribbons R&R team used the following fabric and ribbon combination:

Ribbon: ⅝" Olive Bombay by Parson Gray for Renaissance Ribbons

Exterior: 58" Canvas Cypress in Fog from the World Tour collection by Parson Gray for FreeSpirit Fabrics

Lining: 45" 100% cotton Wales in Earth from the World Tour collection by Parson Gray for FreeSpirit Fabrics

To Re-imagine & Renovate your own shoulder bag, go to the original tutorial:

Metro Bag with Renaissance Ribbons

The new bag was made following the exact same construction steps as the original bag. 

Looking for more information on blending, mixing and matching your fabrics? Check out these tutorials:

How to Mix & Match Designer Fabric Collections

How to Create A Fabric Palette

Making the Right Fabric Choice

How to enter to win a sample bag of Renaissance Ribbons


1) Leave a qualifying comment that meets the criteria of the giveaway. See the full description below under the heading "Qualifying Comments." 

2) Tell us how to contact you should you win. While you can leave your email address with your comment, we highly recommend you register with us and login (top of the page) before you comment; your email address is then hidden from view. You are also free to simply make a comment and choose not to be entered.

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Qualifying Comments: 

Visit Renaissance Ribbons and browse through their beautiful selection. Then, click back to S4H and leave a brief comment on this article. Tell us which ribbon(s) you'd choose to create your own R&R version of our Metro Bag.  

More details

We will draw ONE lucky winner at random from everyone who has posted a qualifying comment on this article as of midnight PT July 11, 2014. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited. 

NOTE: This Giveaway is open to our US visitors as well as our International visitors. 

We will contact our random winner by email to coordinate delivery.

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Comments (111)

Karrie Smith said:
Karrie Smith's picture

I'd definitely use some Tula Pink!!! Prince Charming, Squirrels, Owls and Octogarden are my faves

Charlene G said:
Charlene G's picture

Love the pink measuring tape ribbon. So many pretty ones to choose from.

Dustyroads said:
Dustyroads's picture

I would have to choose the Flame Stitch Turquoise Magenta Green by Kaffe Kassett because I think of the SouthWest in this pattern and they would make an excellent statement on a tote.  This has been fun!

madme said:
madme's picture

I really like the 1.5" ribbons like the lavender linen ones..purple on natural...so pretty.

Lisa Johnson said:
Lisa Johnson's picture

I love all of them but Any Tula Pink or Anna Maria Ribbons would be just wonderful.  Comlisajohnson(at)gmail(dot)com thank you

6grandkids said:
6grandkids's picture



Iryna Boehland said:
Iryna Boehland's picture

Oh, thank you for this website with beautifull ribbons! My absolute favorite are linen trims with lavenders! So beautiful

Even thouhg I am not a child, I still like ribbons with child in mind - with polka dots, hearts, and owls! 

birynav09 (at) yahoo

gibbylet said:
gibbylet's picture

Ooh, I didn't know all these existed!!! The pink ocean ponies on red by Tula makes me very happy inside.  Thank you for the giveaway!

Cynthia Crosley said:
Cynthia Crosley's picture

As a beach-bum-mermaid in another life, I would have to choose the 1.5" blue shells by Tula Pink. The colors remind me of the beautiful coastal waters I love to admire!

Donna B said:
Donna B's picture

 My choice would be Teal/Pistachio Circles & Waves. Just love the colors.

Donna Bear said:
Donna Bear's picture

My choice would be Teal/Pistachio Circles & Waves.  I love the colors.

shirley tener said:
shirley tener's picture

Tula Pink would be my choice.. I love this bag, I am going to make me one.... 

Michele N. said:
Michele N.'s picture

I would pick the 7/8" Black Paperweight by Kaffe Fassett because it reminds me of my visit to the Murano Glass Factory in Venice, Italy!

Anne Bartholet said:
Anne Bartholet's picture

I would choose Kaffe's collection. My second choice is best sellers.

Allison C said:
Allison C's picture

I would use some AMH postage due ribbons and some coordinating solid colors 

Diamante said:
Diamante's picture

Very cute and useful bag!  I enjoyed my visit to Renaissance Ribbons -- great inspiration!!  I would choose The 5/8"-Teal/Orange Circles & Waves for my Metro bag.  I love the colors and the design.  And as always -- gotta say it: fabulous site; always look forward to my Sew4Home browsing!!

mandip said:
mandip's picture

Ooh - I like many of the ribbons, but the Hapi line by Amy Butler is REALLY fantastic! I also like the gingko ribbon. 

superstitches said:
superstitches's picture

Wow! They have a great selection of ribbons. I love the ones with the floral designs on them and would have very hard time deciding on which one to use.

kepowell said:
kepowell's picture

WOW! It's almost impossible to decide among so many beautiful ribbons!  I think that I would love to use the 7/8" Turquoise Purple Target (Kaffe Fassett) or 5/8" Teal/ Pistachio Circles & Waves. I love the colors and circular patterns.  I'm not sure what fabric I would pair that with yet, but I'd love to make a bag in some sort of blue/ green that would work well with one of these ribbons.

bbethanns said:
bbethanns's picture

I want t.o make this bag for my "tomboy" granddaughter.  she is going to middle school this fall and hates all the girly backpacks I've found.

Sue A said:
Sue A's picture

Sooo many beautiful ones to choose from!   Loved the Philip Jacobs peonies,.

Donna Wq said:
Donna Wq's picture

I think I would use Blue Wales - Parson Gray.  Just love this bag.

Joanna Daneman said:
Joanna Daneman's picture

This is such a useful but attractive bag. I have some Amy Butler fabric and ribbons--I'd love to cover some canvas and make a bag for summer outings with the dogs (swimming, etc) and this bag would be great. 

myzbarb said:
myzbarb's picture

I think the Circle & Waves would make great fabric!  I like both the teal/pistachio and the red/black, so I guess it will depend on the canvas color/pattern that I choose.

Tonie Peterson said:
Tonie Peterson's picture

Laura Foster Nicholson purple dots or flowers on blue... or or or .... oh I could make one featuring many of the ribbons as they are "funderful"!!!!  I really do need to try a run at a metro bag!  Way to go on a wonderful project.

cflowersbunch@yahoo.com said:
cflowersbunch@yahoo.com's picture

I would use the wonderful new ribbons by Sue Spargo. I would combine the houses (my favorite for now!) with the flowers and the polka dots. This would make for a very "HAPPY" bag and we all know "HAPPY" is a good thing!

(Sorry for the repeat but I forgot to login so that you could notify me when I win!!! )

I am Catherine F. in the previous comment!

Catherine F. said:
Catherine F.'s picture

I would use the wonderful new ribbons by Sue Spargo. I would combine the houses (my favorite right now) with some of the fun flowers and polka dots. My bag would be a very "HAPPY" bag and we all know that HAPPY is a good thing!!

Renea Y said:
Renea Y's picture

Quilting with red, grey and white - there are sew many cute ribbons sew it is really hard to pick just one.  Thanks for the giveaway.

stmarie said:
stmarie's picture

I'd combine Amy Butler's Blue & White Camel Blanket (Hapi) with her Yellow/Pink/Blue Mosiac for an accent.

Dustspaniel said:
Dustspaniel's picture

I am sold on this bag because of the way the handle is attached.  It should make the bag hug the body nicely.  And the ribbons!  So many beautiful, creative choices.  I think my first bag would be white denim, with Anna Maria Horner's Teal Arrow Feathers combined with her Fuchsia/Turquoise Moths.  And I would embroider horses on at least one side of the bag, on my NEW Janome 15000!  Thank you for the great bag, and the introduction to Renaissance Ribbons, AND of couse, the giveaway!

kalee5080 said:
kalee5080's picture

What a very difficult choice...they are all very beautiful!  I think I would choose the blue/green peacock ribbons.  So pretty and my favorite colors.  Perfect for a new bag.

Lori Michel said:
Lori Michel's picture

Hello, I talked with my granddaughter, who just loves this bag, and she would like it made with the brown and aqua floral designs....She and I will make one as this the bag she wants to use when she attends 6th grade at a new school this fall....Thank you for the giveaway....

lydianna said:
lydianna's picture

Since this metro bag pattern uses ribbon fabric you create with 11 yards of 5/8" ribbon, I would use Amy Butler's 5/8" Blue on Brown Belle Sari Petal ribbon with one of her fabulous fabrics to make my bag.  It would be quite smashing.

SONJA HANSEN's picture

What a difference ribbon can make, and especially these from Renaissance!  The choice is almost impossible, but I am enchanted with the linen Lavenders.  I would love to try those on some linen in my stash.