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Outdoor Living with Fabric.com Coming Next Week

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We're getting ready to roll into the first long weekend of the Outdoor Living season: Memorial Day! Make sure you carve out some time on Monday for the start of our week of fun-in-the-sun projects with Fabric.com. Today we have a sneak peek at the five great projects you can make to use around the house as well as when you're out and about under blue skies and sunshine. As always, we had a blast selecting from Fabric.com's amazing inventory. We're using everything from rip stop nylon to bright green Mongolian faux fur to tough denim and more. Let's go play outside!

Rather than focus on just a single Outdoor Living space, we worked with Fabric.com to come up with a series of projects that are useful for all kinds of summer activities. 

On Monday the 26th, we have an innovative Playhouse Tent/Lounge Cabana. We'll show you how to create a PVC frame covered in outdoor fabric. It's large enough to act as a kid's playhouse as well as a shady tent for two adults to kick back for a little light summer reading. It comes apart and rolls up for storage in just a few quick steps

In honor of the great outdoor concerts happening this time of year, Tuesday the 27th will include a set of Water Resistant Lawn Cushions with a Carry Duffle. This set of four round cushions has rip stop nylon on one side and playful polyester prints on the other side. Toss them on the lawn to keep your pants dry and your bum comfy.

For planting flowers, weeding the vegetable garden or even just washing the car on the next sunny day, Wednesday the 28th has a Split Skirt Denim Garden Apron with a unique design that allows you to more easily move through your summer chores. Squat, bend, sit or stand without stretching or binding. 

Thursday the 29th features an Outdoor Pillow Trio to instantly perk up your patio. The focal pillow uses faux fur. Faux fur?! Yep, we chose a great shaggy fur that looks like a pillow made of fresh green grass. It's paired with a classic piped square and a tufted bolster both in vibrant outdoor fabrics.

Rounding out Outdoor Living Week on Friday the 30th is a great Pocketful Zippered Picnic Tote. We've had several requests for picnic carryalls and think you'll love this one. It's lightly insulated with plenty of interior pockets in easy-care PUL, an inset zipper on top for a secure closure, and a bold exterior print that makes it pretty enough use every day.

Chill Out

While you're waiting for all the fun to begin, kick back this weekend with a cool drink. We've included recipes below for Classic Lemonade along with three additional ways to twist it up with fun summer flavors. Our thanks to a variety of online sources, including MyRecipes.com for the background information. 

Classic Lemonade

  • 6 cups water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (takes about 12 lemons)

In a saucepan over medium-high heat, combine water and sugar and bring to a simmer. Cook, stirring until the sugar dissolves, about 2 minutes. Refrigerate until cold. 

Combine the chilled sugar water and lemon juice in a pitcher and stir well. Pour into tall, ice-filled glasses to serve.


Simply substitute lime juice for the lemon juice in the recipe above. For an even more interesting twist, MyRecipes.com suggested making a sweet-and-salty limeade by stirring in a pinch of salt to each glass just before serving. This version is especially popular in hot climates because a little salt makes the drink even more refreshing – the sodium helps balance the body's electrolytes, similar to a sports drink.

Watermelon Lemonade

Puree seedless watermelon and freeze the puree in ice cube trays. Make the Classic Lemonade above, substituting the watermelon cubes for ice cubes when serving. It infuses the drink with a sweet melon flavor.

Cucumber & Herb Lemonade

Before you make the Classic Lemonade above, muddle the sugar with mint, thyme and basil. Then, follow the Classic recipe, using the infused cup of sugar instead of the regular sugar. Garnish each glass with thin slices of cucumber and mint leaves.



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