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More Moda Fabric to Love, Printable Gift Tags, and a Special Great Giveaway

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We’ve had so much fun this week with fresh projects in new Moda fabric. Today, to wrap everything up, we have three additional collections that we didn’t use this time around but can’t wait to dig into for future inspiration. There's also have a set of cute custom gift tags you can download and print for Mother’s Day (and more). Plus, FIVE lucky Sew4Home visitors (one for each day of Moda Moms Week) are going to be winners in our Moda Take The Cake Great Giveaway.

Make sure you didn’t miss any of this week’s pretty projects

Bloomin’ Throw featuring Bespoke Blooms

Perfectly positioned half square triangles simulate a flower opening up to the sun.

Quilted Jelly Roll Jumbo Carryall featuring Valley

A “skyline” of vibrant jelly rolls strips is set against a soft quilted background. 

Elegant Patchwork Pillow Trio featuring Ville Fleurie

Beautifully blended fat quarters create a coordinated square, rectangle, and bolster.

Diamond Girl Apron featuring Little Miss Sunshine

A sweet and sunny treat with a unique combination of sleek angles and soft gathers.

Want even more Moda fabric to love?

If you’re searching for other new designs and colors to add to your stash, be on the lookout for these three Moda collections arriving in June and July. 

Sew & Sew by Chloe's Closet - arriving in June

This vintage beauty contains vintage sewing themes plus sassy florals all in a retro-modern, soda-pop inspired color scheme. (Spoiler Alert: one of the Take The Cake layer cakes for the Great Giveaway is from this collection!)

Haiku from the Moda Fabrics Design Team - arriving in July

Haiku is poetry of the most elemental beauty. This new collection echoes that quiet elegance and grace with designs that are simple yet sophisticated in a rich color palette inspired by traditional Japanese fabrics. 

Sweet Baby Flannels by Abi Hall - arriving in July 

Boucy bunnies, busy storks, and lots of itty bitty baby motifs. These cuddly flannels have the corner on cute and would be perfect for dozens of different nursery projects. The timeless pastels are enlivened with pops of brights.

Download our cute, custom gift tags

Let Mom know you’ve created something extra special just for her. Click on the image below to download our free Moda Moms Gift Tags. If possible, print on a heavy-weight paper or if your printer can't handle different types of paper, print on standard printer paper, glue to a heavy backing, then trim to size.

How to win a Moda Layer Cake in our Take The Cake Great Giveaway


1) Leave a qualifying comment that meets the criteria of the giveaway: Tell us what it is about Moda Fabrics that “Takes the Cake.” Which Moda designers do you look to again and again for inspiration? Do you have a success story where Moda Fabric turned a challenge into an opportunity? What is it about Moda collections that makes you swoon: quality, variety, color?

2) Tell us how to contact you should you win. While you can leave your email address with your comment, we highly recommend you register with us and login (top of the page) before you comment; your email address is then hidden from view. You are also free to simply make a comment and choose not to be entered.

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NOTE: This Giveaway is open to our US visitors as well as our International visitors. 

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Comments (293)

Whitneyite said:
Whitneyite's picture

I am new to Moda so am not familar with all of the designers.  I love the bright, happy, cassic colors and designs!  A time for me when Moda turned a challenge into an opportunity was when I wanted to make a cute, coordinating pillow case in a smaller size; my Moda jelly roll was just the right size and style!

asimplehomestd said:
asimplehomestd's picture

I love Moda because they have fabrics that look vintage - but are brightly colored and often have a modern twist.

Sandra H. said:
Sandra H.'s picture

I have always loved Moda fabric because it has such vibrant colors and is different. My favorite designer is Sandy Gervais and I really like her panels since I use them in my crafts and flea market displays. Her prints are great for projects in the home. I have always bought Moda first!   

powersjl said:
powersjl's picture

I love Moda. When I first started sewing I thought that their fabrics were over-priced. I then started to realize that there is a serious quality difference. Plus, I am in love with Bonnie & Camille as well as Sweetwater fabrc lines. Moda has a great choice for everyone's taste.

button2 said:
button2's picture

I love Moda ,the quality ,  colors , and designers are top notch. 

Lori Smanski said:
Lori Smanski's picture

Moda takes the cake because of its wonderful feel, its great consisteny and ease of working with it.

quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

Christine.weld said:
Christine.weld's picture

I love how creative the Moda ones are. Such beautiful designs! I love so many of the designers, especially American Jane!

Lori M. said:
Lori M.'s picture

I love Moda fabrics....Ros Gregg is one designer that I have recently found and love her prints........

Annette Stewart said:
Annette Stewart's picture

I would love to win the Moda Fabric Give-a-way.  I love all of the designs available.  They are whimsical and love the colors.  Always love the Jelly Roll and Birthday Cakes, I would love to make a quilt out of them if I win.  Thank You for the opportunity

Susan W said:
Susan W's picture

Moda "Takes the Cake" with me! Did you ever get a piece of cake with wonderful creamy, "just right, not too sweet" icing? When you bite into the cake, it was so delicious, so ooy, gooy good that the first thought you had was "Is there more?"  That's what Moda fabric is like for me. So good I always want more!  The fabric quality is what drew me to Moda first. Some fabrics just aren't right - too flimsy, too poor in color or design.  I enjoy my fabric and like "biting into the best". Just like when I bite into that perfect cake- I want some more, please! 

Lori D said:
Lori D's picture

I just love this site and would love to win the Moda Fabric Give-a-way.  I love all of the designs above.  They are whimsical and love the colors.  I'm new to the "Jelly Roll" and "Birthday Cakes" :)  would love to make a quilt out of them if I win.  Thank You for the opportunity

Betty Harden said:
Betty Harden's picture

I look forward to Bonnie and Camille and  Brenda Riddle, as well as the 30s and Reproduction fabrics.  Moda is my go to fabric, for I know I can find what I am seeking.  They never disappoint me.  Thanks for the opportunity to win.

mwilliams said:
mwilliams's picture

Moda takes the cake by consistanly offering me quality fabric in beautiful colors. I can always find Moda fabric that blends with my stash. I follow colors more than designers, sorry about that all of you designers. I just know what I like and I can count on Moda.

deecee23 said:
deecee23's picture

Moda offers so many different styles  of beautiful fabric.  It's perfect for any project.  I especially love the vintage style fabrics!

deecee23 said:
deecee23's picture

Moda offers so many different options!  I love them all, but especially the vintage style fabrics!

SugarJo said:
SugarJo's picture

What "takes the cake" with Moda is some of their designers' line use colors so you can mix and combine fabrics from previous collections with current collections.  Love that and the quality of the fabric.

VickiJD said:
VickiJD's picture

What takes the cake about Moda fabrics, is that they are easily discernible. Their designs stand out from the others. One touch and you don't even need to look at the label, you just know it's Moda. 

CometGirl said:
CometGirl's picture

I love the variety and color combinations.  So many great collections!

Heleny25 said:
Heleny25's picture

I love the quality of Moda fabrics and the disigners too. Sometimes I want to keep them!!. 

linlal said:
linlal's picture

What takes the cake is the consistent quality and the great designs. It doesn't matter what project I have in mind, there's always a perfect fabric.

chelle0118 said:
chelle0118's picture

Moda takes the cake with their variety (classic, retro, and modern--all inspiring) and quality. There are tons of great designers, like Bonnie and Camille, Kate Spain, Three Sisters, Corey Yoder, Pat Sloan, Deb Strain... I love them all. I love the quality of the fabrics!! Happy Mother's Day, all!

JamieS said:
JamieS's picture

Moda takes the cake with their variety (classic, retro, and modern--all inspiring) and quality. I love Joanna Figueroa and the designer behind Zen Chic to name a couple. Thanks for asking! Happy Mother's Day, all!

Susan Paxton said:
Susan Paxton's picture

Moda's quality takes the cake!!!  I have used several designers but love Kate Spain and Bonnie & Camille designs.  I wish my local quilt shop carried more Moda but to compensate I shop online for them.  Thanks for your great blog and website.  I have used quilte a few of your patterns.

Sorcha said:
Sorcha's picture

I met Joanna Figueroa when she was a featured quilter at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, CA and since then, I have been enjoying her designs on fabric and patterns.  Anne Sutton is another Moda designer that I have met and I follow her designs and whimsical patterns.  The fabric from Moda is always high quality and I enjoy working with the prints. Thank you for the chance in the giveaway.  I've enjoyed reading your blog.

Karen Seitz said:
Karen Seitz's picture

It's easy to tell Moda fabrics make me so happy when you look at my stash.  Most of it is sorted by Moda designer!  Minick and Simpson, Bonnie and Camille, Fig Tree, Kate Spain, Aneela Hoey, French General, 3 Sisters, and Primitive Gatherings have their individual stacks in my cupboard.  Other favorites are sprinkled throughout my cabinet.  Moda flannels are on the bottom shelf.  Bella Solids are in the center near the top.  A separate cabinet with glass doors hold all my fat quarter bundles, fat eighth bundles, layer cakes, charms, mini charms, honey buns, and jelly rolls.  Precuts are my favorite way to "collect" designers and fabric lines.  I just put 6 more charm packs in there this morning (along with some new Bella Solids in the other cabinet).  I am currently working on 5 BOMs and QALS and am using Moda fabrics exclusively.  #showmetheModa!!

Terryrn3 said:
Terryrn3's picture

Moda fabrics scream quality. I love 3 Sisters and Deb Strain. Pre cuts are the best!

Louise♡ said:
Louise♡'s picture

I love the quality of Moda products and, for me, the creme de la creme Moda designer is Brenda Riddle. Her fabric designs are as soft and gentle as a cream sponge and as pretty as a cupcake.

Mary Cohen said:
Mary Cohen's picture

I love all the fabulous designes and bold colors that Moda work to develop each and every year.  Also the quality of their fabric is top notch bar none!!!

Jen B said:
Jen B's picture

I love the huge variety of styles and pre-cuts they produce.

jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

PLMalin said:
PLMalin's picture

I just Moda Fabrics! No matter what design or project I am doing I know that Moda has just what I need. The quality is tops and I can find something that screams "Take me! Take me!" everytime! I find that using Moda gives me the crispness I need when I need it, and it is great for multiple uses.

Linda J said:
Linda J's picture

Takes the Cake?  Bonnie and Camille--I have loved all their product lines!

lalaluu said:
lalaluu's picture

Moda fabrics were the first that "jumped" out at me when I first started quilting.  I love the bright colors of Kate Spain and April Rosenthal, the muted colors and stormy gray in Sweetwater's lines, and the modern whimsy of Zen Chic.  Since Moda introduces new designers each season, there's always more to discover and love.  So Moda fabrics "take the cake" in providing fun and exciting fabrics for every quilter!

Lewcrese Shields said:
Lewcrese Shields's picture

Moda is my all time fave!!!  I love Jan Patek, Lisa Bongean, Barbara Brackman, Edyta Sitar and Lynne Hagmeier.  I even find myself leaning towards other lines out of my comfort zone.  Reproduction fabrics are my first choice, small prints, large florals, you need some of all of it.  I am really looking forward to Jo Morton's first line with Moda!!  Thanks for all of the great designers and the quality of fabric!!

AleXtina6154 said:
AleXtina6154's picture

I've recently gotten back into sewing so don't have personal experience with Moda fabrics. However several of the Facebook groups I've joined (including Sew4Home) rave about your quality, consistency, and how easy it is to pull a project together. And your variety is outstanding. I took a look at the Moda website and I've already got some projects floating through my head using designs from Me & My Sister, Kate Spain, and the Batiks, which are totally amazing!!! And the best part? My local sewing shop carries your fabrics. I'd say a win-win for me!!

Sarah J. said:
Sarah J.'s picture

I love the feel of Moda fabrics- lovely even for dresses for my little girl!  The range of collections is amazing- repro, vintage, modern, child themed, etc.  Thank you!  crjandsbj(at)gmail(dot)com said:'s picture

I love the feel of Moda fabric and I am so loving the Haiku line.  Love that it is Japanese inspired. Beautiful

Janet T said:
Janet T's picture

Moda, in my opinion, is the best quality fabric out there.  Their quality and design are far better than other fabrics on the market.  Whenever I see a fabric that really catches my eye, I look at the manufacturer.  Of course!  It's Moda!!  I don't look for a specific designer, just look at design and color for my specific project.  I am working on a current project that the design and color could not be more perfect for.

momofmag said:
momofmag's picture

 I like Moda's quality and selection for any project whether clothing or home dec.  I also like finding my favorite designers on Moda's site.  Right now I love the Sew Sew collection from Chloe's Closet.  And Bee creative from Deb Strain.

mrsbeireis said:
mrsbeireis's picture

Bright and cheerful make my sewing addiction heaven! Yeah! Moda!

cvdnurse said:
cvdnurse's picture

I love the fact that I can get small pieces of an entire collection, make a well coordinated project, and consistently have great quality. 


Trina Aultman said:
Trina Aultman's picture

Moda Takes the Cake as they provide consistand quality, combined with great color collections.

SEWNYA said:
SEWNYA's picture

I love the fresh look of collections and the quality of the fabrics.  I can always depend on Moda.  Right now I am in the middle of a huge home reno, but am "collecting" to make bags for Christmas.

Maggie78 said:
Maggie78's picture

Moda fabrics are amazing! I love the quality, designs, and colors, not to mention the variety. The look and feel of finished projects is exceptional. Too difficult to pick a favorite designer! Thanks for this great giveaway! :)

Doris McCarty said:
Doris McCarty 's picture

I'm all about color. Moda fabrics always meet my color needs.


ktdidhurry9 said:
ktdidhurry9's picture

I love the QUALITY of MODA fabrics and the vast variety of pattern choices. There you go...the two best qualities that make me swoon! No matter my whim for a project you always have a fabric line that meets my needs. Pre-cuts are my favorites as it takes much of the work out of the project and I feel confident my squares will be square, which isn't always the case when I cut them myself :) MODA fabric - ABSOLUTELY “Takes the Cake.”

I live in Iowa and each year we have a shop hop with fabric made to fit our state. The MODA Layer Cakes and Charm Packs have always helped me pull this together to meet the challenge of making a memorable keepsake.