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Metallic Embrace® Great Giveaway: Shannon Fabrics

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What’s soft and sparkly, lightweight and luminous, beautiful and billowy? Metallic Embrace® Double Gauze from Shannon Fabrics! From wearables to home décor, Embrace® Double Gauze is a wonderful fabric with which to work. Did you see yesterday’s Ruffled Metallic Double Gauze Curtain Panel? It’s an easy project to makeover any window in your home. We really enjoyed working with the Metallic Embrace®, and … now it’s your turn. Our friends at Shannon Fabrics sent us FOUR 4-yard cuts of some of their most popular Metallic Embrace® motifs. Four lucky Sew4Home visitors will be “embracing” their creativity. 

With metallic accents, too much can overwhelm the fabric – too little and you can’t really see the glittering effect. All the Embrace® Metallics have just the right touches of sparkle. And you’ll find a wide variety of designs and colors to best suit your custom decorating scheme, from whimsical pastels to bold boho motifs to simple geometrics.

For this Great Giveaway, we have 4-yard cuts of the following beauties: Believe in Colbalt and Gold, Mandela in Belize and Silver, Flutter in Colbert and Silver, and Dottie in Saltwater and Gold.

You can find Embrace® and Metallic Embrace® at fine in-store and online retailers everywhere, including Fat Quarter Shop.

Regular gauze is known for its sheer open weave. In fact, the process that creates gauze is even called "gauze weave" (or "leno weave"). This weaving process twists two warp yarns around the weft yarn in a figure eight pattern, resulting in a strong yet sheer fabric. Double gauze is just that, two layers of gauze. Teeny tiny stitch tacks, so teeny and tiny as to be invisible from the right side of the fabric, hold the layers together.

Our thanks to our friends at Shannon for providing all the Embrace® Metallic Double Gauze for this Great Giveaway.

How to Enter to Win ONE of FOUR 4 yard cuts of Metallic Embrace®

We’re in love with Embrace® double gauze and are looking forward to more projects in the coming months, but we’d like to know what you’re interesting in seeing. Our Sew4Home followers are super clever DIYers with unique and interesting ideas. We bet you have some wonderful Embrace® project suggestions.

Leave us a short comment below telling us what you’d make with Embrace® Double Gauze – either standard cotton or metallic. Challenge yourself to “think out of the box” about items that might not traditionally be done with gauze.

As is the standard these days on most sites working hard to protect themselves (and you) against spam, you do need to log in or register in order to leave a comment. Rest assured that we do not sell or share our names. 

We’ll randomly draw four winners from all the valid comments, each of whom will win a generous four-yard cut! Who gets which one? That’s random as well, and makes it all the more fun to dream about.

Enter now through midnight PT April 24, 2018. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

NOTE: This Giveaway is open to our US visitors as well as our International visitors.



Comments (244)

Irishgonzo said:
Irishgonzo's picture

Seeing the colors on each of these inspire me to make a kimono for my 3 year old  for her birthday in June!!!

asimplehomestd said:
asimplehomestd's picture

I think these would make a cute summery skirt for my daughter.

RustyL said:
RustyL's picture

Hi, What a wonderful giveaway, thank you!  I would make a bathing suit cover-up and a casual night time shawl.  These fabrics are beautiful and I'm sure I would come up with other uses if I am lucky enough to win.

tenajl said:
tenajl's picture

I would make a skirt for a dressing table my husband is making for our granddaughter.

daleyg said:
daleyg's picture

After years of shying away from garment sewing, I'm just getting back into it.  With a 4 yard piece, I could make a cools summer top with a matching one for my granddaughter who just turned 9 and wants to learn to sew.  What a fun project that would be 

Jennifer.Payan said:
Jennifer.Payan's picture

Gorgeous fabrics!!! I would make a curtain for my kitchen.

JeanneM59 said:

A summer blouse or top, a sundress for my granddaughter and maybe an infinity scarf.  Thank you.  This fabric is gorgeous.  

sheila parrish said:
sheila parrish's picture

Thank you for the chance to win 4 yards of the beautiful Shannon double gauze fabric. I think with it being lightweight & breezy it would make awesome dresses. I would love to make my two teenager granddaughters dresses. The oldest one I would make her a hi-low wrap dress & put a bow at the side or back or neither (her choice). I would also put a ruffle on the bodice.The younger one I would also make her a hi-low dress & put a bow at her choice of location. They don't mind wearing things I make them made out of the same fabric, they just don't want them just alike.

SitzSewing said:
SitzSewing's picture

I would make myself a sundress to lounge around in. Love these fabrics and the colors are so pretty.

kellbell said:
kellbell's picture

A pair of loose flow pants for swim suit cover up, or a beach top cover up; but in double layer. Make the fabrics 2 different ones, yet accent each other. Which means you could make them reversible or not. Pockets could be welt, or even just slit ( simple slit pockets bagged seem to be popular right now) so stay between the 2 layers. If you didn't make them reversible then you would get this nice peak of accenting fabric anytime you saw the under side.  With flowey beach wear you tend to see the underside quite a bit.

   In the same theme a pair of loose beach cover shorts done with the 2 layers as well. Perhaps with small pompom edging along the bottom.

  Or a gypsy blouse done the same way, this would also teach pleats in clothing go people.

LinS76 said:
LinS76's picture

I love flowy fabric! I would definitely make a beach cover-up...or a long skirt...or a tablecloth with coordinating napkins or....how will I ever decide?!?

doreenlinehan said:
doreenlinehan's picture

I would make some panels for my windows with the gold dots.

LaRae said:
LaRae's picture

I would use them for some machine embroidery table centerpieces that I have the designs for.  The metalics would look really great!

kepowell said:
kepowell's picture

I think I would make a skirt or dress for my daughter or possibly myself.

coldhands said:
coldhands's picture

I’d love to make a cool flowy tank for wearing out on the town in the hot summer. Gorgeous!

Epesse said:
Epesse's picture

I will make some lovely harem pants to wear on top of a bikini, perfect for the beach. The navy blue with golden flowers.... or a blouse with long sleeves and a deep v neck, perfect at a night lounge by the sea, contrasting with your tanned skin in summer...   Love, love, loveeee! <3

carrrie said:
carrrie's picture

I think it would make a lovely matching A-cut summer dress for my daughter and I

J James said:
J James's picture

This would make a beautiful summer flowing tunic,all are beautiful but love the turquoise and gold dots.

Helen6869 said:
Helen6869's picture

These are so gorgeous. I know they are comfortable and cool also so I would love to make a beautiful tunic for the summer for myself! Thanks for the chance! 

CAS51 said:
CAS51's picture

This fabric would be so fun to to make a cardigan or topper with.  :-)

VickiJD said:
VickiJD's picture

I think that I would make a summer top with spaghetti straps. Maybe a nice matching scarf, as well..

Dustspaniel said:
Dustspaniel's picture

A summer tunic/dress, and a pair of wide leg trousers for me!

Sewtired said:
Sewtired's picture

This would make a lovely dance outfit.  We could be floating on air together.

cyberedge said:
cyberedge's picture

I would make a travel (infinity-style) scarf that would be lightweight enough to be cool, yet one that would keep the chill off in an airplane.  The best part would be that the travel scarf would be very stylish!

MissTi said:
MissTi's picture

I am dying to make a fabulous beach cover-up out of the saltwater with gold dots fabric!  I would love to find a way to make a matching beach tote.  Those fabrics would also make a very chic beach shade.  I remember what you did with the playhouse and pvc pipe.  Something like that would be fantastic with this great sparkly gauzy fabric flowing down, giving some shade, but keeping it bright and light and airy!

You can tell I live at the beach!  If there was a way, I'd like to use it to make a beach bag... maybe with a nice, study lining that would really be the bag part, with this on the outside as a decorative accent.  Maybe with a line or two of vertical gathering in the middle of the outside?  It could make for an incognito pocket, hidden in those gathers, to hide the phone and car keys in while swimming.

iknithappy said:
iknithappy's picture

I’ll make a swimsuit cover up and matching towel/draw-string bag combo.

vakessen said:
vakessen's picture

4 yards would be more than enough for a summery maxi dress for my daughter - and if I cut very carefully, maybe a top for me.

gmsbadger said:

This would be so beautiful as a curtain in my dining room window - sunshine coming through...

Not an out of the box idea - but beautiful none the less! 

kksdelights@yahoo.com said:
kksdelights@yahoo.com's picture

I want a pretty, billowy sun dress to start the summer!

SLWoerner said:
SLWoerner's picture

I recently lost 90 lbs and am in desperate need of a new wardrobe and this would make a fabulous start in my journey. There are so many items of clothing I could make with these fabrics that is unless I decide to use it for home decor. That being said, I think clothing is a necessity!!

Nimu said:
Nimu's picture

i would make decorating pillow covers for either couch or bed. they are beautiful for curtains swags!

westcraft said:
westcraft's picture

I have been teaching myself to sew. I would like to make some lounge pants and summer shirt from this material - the cotton seems sweet. Just love it. Lounging in style. Thanks

KnittyWhit said:
KnittyWhit's picture

I would make a project specific to my house.  I have a window above my front door, up where a second story would be. I would use this to make a window scarf that extends all the way from the window to the floor on either side of the door. It would be so dramatic and beautiful in this fabric!

Melissa Books said:
Melissa Books's picture

I actually have a skirt in mind for this kind of fabric. Might also be a great lightweight kimono for the summer nights.