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Lucky 7 Father's Day Gift Ideas

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Time to give Dear ol' Dad his due! Father's Day is this Sunday, but there's still time to make him something special. Whether it's your own father, the father of your children, or the man who mentored you like a father; dads come in all shapes and sizes but they all love getting something handmade from the heart. We pulled a lucky seven group of S4H projects that are fast and easy to create but still have the perfect finished flair. And although they may not carry the same appeal as that set of wobbly ceramic coasters you made in fourth grade, they are great gift ideas. 

Sporty String Backpack with Vertical Zip Pockets

A lightweight, string style backpack is the perfect storage solution for Dad's outdoor activities. It's compact and easy to carry but can really hold a lot. We used water-resistant nylon inside and out, which means this pack would be good for a day trip to the river or just a bike trip across town. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to install the spiffy-looking zippered pockets.

Go to the Backpack tutorial. 

Nautical Ahoy! Applique Pillow

Make a bold statement with a bold pillow. Word pillows are fun to make and look fabulous as a decorator accent. Use our nautical theme and Ahoy! template or come up with your own unique word or phrase. We recommend wool felt for the lettering for the easiest and smoothest edge to the appliqué’s curves - there's no raveling, so no need to finish the cut edges (yay!).

Go the the Ahoy! Pillow tutorial.

Pro Chef Half Apron

Celebrate Dad’s kitchen skills (or encourage the discovery of said skills). The style of this half apron is similar to the aprons you'd see at your favorite bistro: longer, with a slim fit and thin wraparound ties secured in the front with a half hitch knot. We added stunning ribbon accents as well as a monogram on the pocket, because pro chefs do love their notoriety.

Go to the Apron tutorial. 

Microwavable Rice Heating Pads

After under a minute in the microwave, Dad can get up to an hour of safe, warm heat these handy heating pads. They're great for muscle aches or when he feels a chill and doesn’t want to turn up the thermostat. You can also freeze them for a pleasant cooling effect or add a drop of essential oil for a little aromatherapy. We have instructions for two sizes: small for the neck and larger for the lap/back. 

Go to the Heating Pad tutorial. 

Relaxing Therapeutic Neck Pillows

Want even more relaxation power for Dad? Pair one or more of the rice heating pads above with this classic neck pillow. These little bow-tie shaped pillows are super for proppin' up his noggin as Dad watches TV or reads in bed, as well as for supporting his neck while sleeping. This is one of our earliest original designs and remains a perennial fan favorite. 

Go to the Neck Pillow tutorial. 

Extra-Large Wash and Dry Clean Laundry Bins

These jumbo fabric baskets will help Dad keep his closet tidy and remind him which items should go into the wash and which are headed to the dry cleaner. Ultra-firm fusible stabilizer allows the bins to stand up on their own yet still remain flexible enough to hold plenty and tote easily. It also means Dad can practice his mad basketball skills, shooting in socks from across the room.

Go to the Laundry Bins tutorial.

Jumbo Knit Lounge Pillow & Matching Blanket

Is your dad an old softee? Then he deserves the world's most amazingly soft napping pillow. We used a preppy color palette with bold horizontal and diagonal stripes that remind us of classic yachting flags. Whip up a coordinating blanket so he can catch a delicious catnap in his favorite chair or outside in the hammock to finish off a sunny Father’s Day.

Go to the Lounge Pillow tutorial or the Knit Blanket tutorial


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