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Let’s Stay Connected: Your Feedback is Very Important in the New Social Media Environment

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Social media outlets are constantly evolving, which means what you see in your various feeds is also changing. You may have read reports from early January detailing Facebook’s new ranking system that will boost person-to-person engagement while throttling the visibility of pages, such as our own Sew4Home page. Even if you’ve chosen to follow a favorite business or publisher, that doesn’t mean their posts will regularly show up in your feed. We know this sounds rather “techy" and convoluted, but we also know Facebook is just the leading edge of similar shifts within other social media platforms. Our goal is to do our best to stay connected with our amazing S4H fans and followers. Read on to find our top three suggestions for keeping in touch

Liking: Good – Sharing: Better – Commenting: Best

Interaction is King (and Queen)! One of the keys to being seen is how you, as a follower, react to a post. Liking is easy and does contribute to the overall ranking. Liking and then Sharing a post to your own circle of friends is a step up that lets the platform know the content is interesting enough for you to pass along. Liking and Sharing and Commenting is the trifecta of high-quality engagement.

We understand everyone’s time is at a premium, but if you have businesses and publishers that have become some of your favorite resources (we certainly hope Sew4Home meets this criteria), when you can take a few minutes every now and then to Like, Share, and/or Comment on posts, it will help boost rankings and make it more likely you’ll see what they (we) have to say.

There are still some tools in place for you, as a visitor/viewer, to try to control your feed. The options under the News Feed tab on Facebook will allow users to prioritize the pages (and friends) whose posts they are most interested in. On the flip side, there is an option to quietly “snooze” a Facebook friend, which will cause their posts to disappear from your feed for 30 days.

What’s most interesting to YOU?

At the core of Facebook’s algorithm change is what CEO Mark Zuckerberg calls a push to make time spent on the platform “healthier, more meaningful, and less passive.” All good things, right? We agree that less aimless surfing and scrolling is better for everyone. For Sew4Home to best fit into this new landscape, we want to make sure we’re structuring our posts in a way that makes them the most interesting to you.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what would make a post most beneficial. Would you prefer more images, fewer images, videos over stills? Does it help when we feature which specific technique(s) you’ll learn from a project? Do you like finding out about unique products we find interesting, helpful or innovative? Which social media platform do you like best?

The better we can tailor our messages to what you’re interested in, the more it makes sense for you to like, share, and comment.

The emphasis is on authenticity

Many smaller businesses and publishers, such as Sew4Home, were crushed to see this latest move to banish our content from your feeds. We personally saw a number of discussions amongst members in our sewing and quilting communities who were ready to simply walk away entirely from social media. To them we say, “Don’t do it… don’t give in; we’re too good at what we do!”

The trend in social media is to put an emphasis on authenticity. As we mentioned above, we agree the goals underlaying this trend are good ones: cutting back mindless videos, blocking “engagement-bait” posts that goad people into voting, tagging or sharing, less passivity – more activity.

For our close-knit sewing, quilting, and crafting communities, this is extremely important. WE ARE ALREADY AUTHENTIC. We are passionate about spreading the word about what we love. We want to share our knowledge and creativity. Our content is worth seeing. So, don’t walk away. Take a stand and continue to share your authentic self. Find and support those individuals and businesses you admire and show your love. Together we can continue to make an impact.

Thank you for being a part of the Sew4Home community. We value each and every one of you!


Comments (55)

Cindy Carlson said:
Cindy Carlson's picture

i am an avid seamstress and LOVE all your patterns/ techniques. Yes, I am a FB user. I think a “picture” captures the eye instantly and the interest peeks from there. Your directions have always been spot-on. I think having the photos as well as written directions makes for the opportunity for beginners to intermediate to advanced makers “continue” on the project of choice at their own speed. 

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Cindy - Thanks for weighing in ... we so appreciate your support!

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

I am a long-time reader/member and maker of many of S4H's projects, but I am not and will not ever be a Facebook user.  Between teens committing suicide due to FB bullying, to the use of that medium by terrorists, their grossly unfair news algorithms, and the lewd suggestions sent to me when I did try to get a page a long time ago, there's just no way I'll use that site at all.  Now we learn that a foreign country tried to influence our presidential election through FB!  It's too large for their management to control, monitor, or manage effectively.  I have never visited your FB page and never will because of these these things.  It is more anti-social media than social; a huge negative, not positive.  I always read your weekly emails and go to your website; please never stop those!  

ELB from Northern Michigan said:
ELB from Northern Michigan's picture

Like so many others already said, I am not on facebook.  I look forward to the Monday sew4home e-mail every week and enjoy the daily blog/post at your site.  I recommend your site often for new and practiced sewers. Love the clear photos, great directions and links to techniques used. Even though I really enjoy your site, check it often and have made many projects that you've listed I've never commented before, but thought it was important to let you know I hope you keep those e-mails coming. Thanks

Molly Pitts said:
Molly Pitts's picture

I abandoned Facebook like the plague when they started messing with the algorithem a couple of years ago.  In the past 6 months they are doing the same to Instagram which I LOVED for keeping up with sewing and quilting inspiration.  Now I'll see duplicate posts, not in any type of date order which is crappy when I see a post for a fabric sale or give away.  I'm going to give Ello more of a shot.  They are arts based, a lot of sewists are there now and you can see the posts in real time.  Yay!

Nan Fegely said:
Nan Fegely's picture

I am yet another person who refuses to use Facebook or other social media outlets for all the same reasons listed in the other comments.  I love your emails and newsletter and look at it every day for projects and inspiration.  I have recommended it to my friends and to strangers I meet while standing in line buying fabric!  Please do not go the sole route of social media.  I like the way in which your introductions and instructions are written - like having a good friend get me excited about sewing and  talks me through the process. Thank you so much for having such a good, valuable, and inspirational website!

Mad Marg said:
Mad Marg's picture

I flatly refuse to join FB and Twitter.  I read your blog every morning when eating breakfast.  I download your excellent PDF instructions and patterns for the projects I like.  Please don't discard your emails or blog.  I am very anti social media like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat etc. due to those people in society who think they can troll and criticise what other people do or like.  The founders of this media have opened a very nasty Pandora's Box which it appears cannot be closed.  I love S4H and have many of my sewing friends following you on a daily basis.  Please don't change.

CS said:
CS's picture

I use social media as a secondary reference only when it comes to sewing projects.  I am extremely satisfied with your website, your emails, and being on your email list. I have completed more of your projects after reading your weekly email than I ever have from social media.  I understand that social media is not going away and I hope you/we/me can continue our current format.  Why fix what isn't broken?  And on a final note, thank you for all the inspiration, guidance and support you give so tirelessly!!!

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

I come here daily while eating breakfast. I do see your Facebook posts and can save them there which is nice. Would love to see a rerun featured on the weekend. 

Jeanp said:
Jeanp's picture

I don't use FB for sewing. What you are doing now is just right. The emails and the website.

Would you prefer more images, fewer images, videos over stills? I rarely use videos for sewing. A link to a video would be helpful for new techniques or new products, or confusing instructions.

Does it help when we feature which specific technique(s) you’ll learn from a project? Yes

Do you like finding out about unique products we find interesting, helpful or innovative? Absoulutely

Which social media platform do you like best? Email + your website work best for your projects and articles

Patti from Puyallup said:
Patti from Puyallup's picture

I too am in my 70's and prefer the emails.  I do visit FB frequently tho but just for social things. Having the ability to see the ideas and how to's in an email is much better than having to wade through FB's difficult style.  I look forward to your emails first thing and save many of your ideas in a special directory set up just for you.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work in providing us with a great service.

Lori on Little Traverse Bay said:
Lori on Little Traverse Bay's picture

I do not use Facebook. I go to your webpage directly every day. I didn't realize you had Twitter or Instagram until just now. I check in on a few Twitter accounts I'm interested in, but don't have one myself. I'm considering an Instagram account, but haven't taken the plunge yet. I spend time on Ravelry, an online community for knitters and crocheters. I wish there was something similar for the quilting and sewing communities. I love what you do here at Sew4Home! Keep it up, please!

Molly Pitts said:
Molly Pitts's picture

Hi Lori, there is a an app for quilters and sewers (sewists) and it's called Ello.  A bunch of folks jumped over there from Instagram about a year ago.

Gunilla F said:
Gunilla F's picture

I'm not on social medias, but I love your e-mails. I really hope you won't stop sending them. Looking forward to them every week.

BRile said:
BRile's picture

Never do Facebook other social media.  Enjoy your emails and find them interesting and informative.  Have tried your pattern several times.  Often use your color schemes for inspiration.   Thanks for all the hard work you put into your emails

Ruby95 said:
Ruby95's picture

I use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest , but I am getting tired of the changes of what I get to see on my page! That is why I love the your newsletters that still give me what I signed up for the subject of sewing and how to's. I am not a writer or talker, but sometimes I do need to speak whats on my mind. I know the Social Media is important, but the changes are pushing me away.

Annette O said:
Annette O's picture

I don't use Social Media. I LOVE your site and recommend you to others. Look forward to your emails.

Linda H said:
Linda H's picture

I think your newsletters and site are perfect as they are. I do depend on Facebook for your newsletters!  Please keep up the good work!!!

mssewsavvy said:
mssewsavvy's picture

Well, I am on Facebook and I really enjoy seeing you on my Newsfeed. I appreciate the new projects and still pictures work best for me so please no videos. I have my settings to not play unless I tell it to. Your pictures lead me to click on your web page to see if I may have missed something else. I work a full time job on computers and all of the social media outlets are important in getting your company/products to a bigger market are important for a small biz  which places me on the cpu even more so I would like to make the most of my time on the computer as possible so I can hurry and get back to creating. The newsletter is nice that I have a sneak peek of what is coming in the week so I can schedule for it and not miss it. I spend more time on your website though BUT seeing your FB page on my Newsfeed is what gets me to it. It is like the ignition that starts it all

Dorothy Seiwell said:
Dorothy Seiwell's picture

I'm another follower who doesn't go to Facebook to get posts from my favorite sites. I try to keep up with your Web Site and have really enjoyed the projects and lessons there. I started sewing after I retired from teaching and have made quilts and craft items, especially bags and table mats/runners. They are usually donated to various charity and service groups here in my home town. Keep up the good work, the information is wonderful.

Kathleen Ann said:
Kathleen Ann's picture

I don't have FB or any other social media. I rely on email notification of your posts. I also have a feed reader for other blogs I follow, which I have to remember to check on my own; and then bloglovin too, which notifies me via email that some blogs I follow have posted something. I don't care for social media; it's a time suck as far as I'm concerned. I love your site just the way it is. Short videos are good for tricky techniques, but I prefer stills. I have some of your projects saved in pdf format and will print them when ready to make them, so stills are better for me as opposed to videos because when I sew, I am far from my computer and have no other viewing devices. I'm sorry all this is happening and hope it doesn't change the way you operate on this site. It ain't broke . . . don't fix it :)

PetraAb said:
PetraAb's picture

I enjoy receiving your twice weekly emails.  My goal for FB is to check it even less.  Without your emails I probably wouldn't go to your website.  So please keep your emails coming :-)

Kathy from Texas said:
Kathy from Texas's picture

I wasn't aware of the Sew-4-home facebook page since I seldom use facebook. I do read and enjoy your newsletters and frequently visit your website. In my opinion, it is the best source for project inspiration and easy to follow instructions. Keep up your excellent work!

June Perreault said:
June Perreault's picture

I do not use facebook. I love your site the way it is and have shared it with many people.

dagmar.eu said:
dagmar.eu's picture

I don't use Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so rely on your newsletter and I also read the daily postings in a feed reader. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into this site and have over the years used countless of your patterns so whenever I encounter somebody who doesn't know the site I send the link to sew4home.com

Whenever I have made up one of your patterns I try to remember to post a comment on the site but I am afraid I've got to admit I often forget which is very bad of me. Will try to do better in future.

I am very happy with the amount of pictures to text so I am very happy with your site as it is.

CeeDee said:
CeeDee's picture

With apologies as I love your site and appreciate the many how tos as well as patterns - the latter are always so easy to download and follow as markings are so clear, and any comments or questions are responded to very quickly. But.... I am literally phobic about privacy and social media - do not have a cell phone and depend on your newsletters. I do pass on your site to my sewing friends.

With appreciation of your support for sewers especially as I am a 'foreigner' in a country that does not offer anything similar.

Wendy said:
Wendy 's picture

   I don’t use Facebook at all. I do enjoy Pinterest, Bloglovin, and YouTube. I continue to like receiving your newsletter via my email. 

   I love finding out about new products you folks at Sew4home find helpful and interesting. You are so very good and passionate about what you do! I so enjoy the projects and techniques you share. Thanks!

Mary c said:
Mary c's picture

I am not a facebook user - i love s4h -i check out the site every single day! I have a few things booked marked and i have made several things from your site..i have told the girls at my fiber guild about your site and how nice it is.  Its a great place to be just reading and relaxing and checking out all the great projects ♡♡♡♡ thankyou s4h


blue jay said:
blue jay's picture

your site is the by far the best of the best.... I am not a facebook user as there is not my style.

I want to learn and appreciate content; not have to wade thru thousands of beautiful, pretty, or snarky comments.  Keep up the great work..  

Angela said:
Angela 's picture

I don't use Facebook all the time... only when I'm forced to "like" a site to enter a contest.  Most of my friends don't use it either.  Perhaps it's because we're from the "dinosaur" age, but I don't think it's safe to share all that personal information. I go to your website to read your daily posts... if I'm interested if the project, I download the pages and print them off so that I have them when I'm ready to work it. 

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

I don't use any of the social networking. 

I like the newsletter in my email.  Thank you.

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

I don't use Facebook.  When you like something you get spammed and your name gets associated with unknown products.  I like getting your newsletter in my email and it is guaranteed to be read. Facebook, not.

Kerry said:
Kerry's picture

I do use Facebook, and your article explains a lot.  I couldn't figure out why my family posts weren't coming up, but craft sites were.  Of course when I see the craft ones I go "Oh pretty" and have to Like them, so I guess I'll have to stop doing that quite so much except for the ones that I really like.  I must admit that I don't follow you on Facebook, I'm very happy to receive your emails each week, and have referred your site to quite a few of my friends.  Keep up the good work!

Kathy Wilkins said:
Kathy Wilkins's picture

I only use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. I receive your newsletter each week and reference back to your webpage when I have a project in mind or a sewing question. I enjoy your website very much and when I worked at a fabric store I would refer other people to your website for their sewing questions.

BarbaraP said:
BarbaraP's picture

I do not use Facebook or any other social media.  I receive your newsletter and visit your website quite often.  I appreciate your detailed photographic projects and always learn from them.  Thank you.

Jodie Hickman said:
Jodie Hickman's picture

i also get your newsletter.  One thing I would like to see are pictures and the specific technique I might learn from making the project.

Maureen Mate said:
Maureen Mate's picture

I get your newsletter which makes it easy to see what is coming up that week and to link to your website. 

Terry D said:
Terry D 's picture

Facebook never!  Instagram is easy to follow links nicely to other content.  

Wendy H. said:
Wendy H.'s picture

I'd noticed you on instagram (followed you right away lol) and have you as a top view (see first) on Facebook. I joined up here online 26 months ago now, and I always make a point to link up to S4H on any posts with something I've created from here. (I also am on the mailing list as well, lol). Big plus for me is how I can send both beginners AND expert level friends who sew to S4H. You're my #1 go-to site for patterns and inspiration and I just adore the creativity that can always be found here. I hope you'll be putting out another book too, LOVED your first one! 

Please keep up the terrific work ladies xx

DD said:
DD's picture

thanks for making us aware of these changes. I do use all social media and will now make a point to comment! btw, LOVE your site. It's the best of its kind. Yes, you are too good to be relegated to social media obscurity.

Helen Hougland said:
Helen Hougland's picture

I'm one more that checks Sew4Home every day at your website.  Facebook is annoying to me; yes, I have an account so I can check the occasional info about grandkids and one group related to sewing but that's it.  I really enjoy the website and much prefer seeing and learning all it has to offer.

Theresa Turner said:
Theresa Turner's picture

I don't use facebook, twitter or instragram.  I come to your website on a daily basis.  It literally is my first stop after I log in.  I look forward to each days new adventure or re-adventure as the case may be.  Your website is truly a motivation for inspiration and ability to achieve accomplishment.  Thank you.   

Jane Coombs said:
Jane Coombs's picture

I like your weekend posts on FB. Usually they are not specifically related to Sew4Home but to the larger maker creative process. I suspect you mine them from the feeds you get. I call it Facebook U. Keep it up and thanks for posting.

lmoallemi said:
lmoallemi's picture

The only method I use to follow Sew4Home is by going to your web page each morning.  I love your projects and the easy to follow instructions.  Will continue going to your web site as long as it is available.

BGB said:
BGB's picture

I agree with what it seems like most people are saying here.  I had Facebook, but I deleted my account years ago.  It just doesn't appeal to me at all.  I think Twitter is a waste of my time and I don't use it either.  I do have Instagram and it is the only social media that appeals to me personally, but I am not enjoying the changes that are being made there either now that Facebook owns it.  I am contemplating deleting my account there as well, but I have made that decision yet.

I come to your website every single day.  It's how I start my morning (don't tell my boss!)  I love your site and have made so many things using your tutorials, which are among the best I have ever come across.  There are many other things that are on my want-to-do list and hopefully, I will get to them one day.  

Kaye W. said:
Kaye W. 's picture

As a retired “senior”, I use Facebook to stay connected to family and friends, and I rarely if ever connect to products or watch videos. I am not a daily Facebook , Instagram, or Twitter user, but I do have accounts on these social media platforms. I look forward to checking my inbox on Mondays to see what Sew4Home is going to share during the week, and it is likely I check your website daily. In a world of so many choices, I come back to Sew4Home regularly because of the variety of content, explicit instructions and photos, and introduction of new products and beautiful fabrics in a practical way. When I sew, I use your projects ninety percent (or more) of the time. I’m certain you are always looking for ways to improve and attract new followers, but in my opinion, you’ve reached a level of presentation far above others

Kaye W. said:
Kaye W. 's picture

Oh—and the only addition I find myself wanting is one final photo of the finished project at the end of the sewing project! I always scroll back to the top to see it again! 

wekebu said:
wekebu's picture

I visit FB only when my 35-year old son makes a post.  However, I visit this site every morning. FB isn't popular with the 20+ crowd, seems on the begining of the end.

Elaine from PA said:
Elaine from PA's picture

I am not on Facebook or any other social media.  I visit your site daily.  I've learned more sewing tips here than anywhere else.  I enjoy sewing the projects....they turn out well because of all the detailed instructions and pictures you provide.  Thank you so much.

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

I avoid Facebook except for a few sewing groups where it is the only way to participate such as paid BOMs. And even with those, I am drifting toward Instagram. I realize I am in a minority, but I don't care. They wield too much power, and as we have seen they literally harm our country. I found your site the old school way, through word of mouth, and I visit you here on your site. That won't change! Keep up the good work.