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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts: Make Them in an Afternoon

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I believe one of the top jobs of any mom is helping her kids avoid “the last minute.” Remember those gentle reminders to start things early, which gradually turned less gentle, the closer the deadline loomed? She tried to warn us, but did we listen? Usually not; probably because the panicked screaming coming out of our mouths the night before the Science Fair was drowning out her suggestions. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, but there’s still time to make something special. We’ve collected five Sew4Home classic projects you can easily finish in an afternoon, using fabric you likely have on hand. You can tell her you’ve been planning for weeks… and she’ll pretend to believe you.

Fabric Bowl Covers

If your mom is all about “going green,” help her lighten up on the plastic wrap and aluminum foil with these pretty fabric bowl covers. They're dandy when you're dining outside. Slip them over an open bowl to keep dirt and buggies from invading the contents. It's like a little bowl bonnet.

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Dresser Top Coin Catcher

Mom can keep her dresser, or any other surface, more organized when she has a pretty fabric mini basket. The construction will remind you of wrapping a present. It's just a simple rectangle you fold up and stitch, wrapping the corners around the side and securing them with a woven ribbon.

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Patchwork Strip Belt 

Our darling patchwork belt is a dream project for small random scraps or leftover charm squares. It’s a great way to add a zing of color to a plain summer sheath. Or make one in solid tones to accent a print top. It’s so fast and easy, you can make Mom several for all her favorite outfits. 

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Appliquéd Bath Towels

Start with a store-bought towel, then add Mom’s initial in a colorful fabric. We offer a PDF download that includes the full alphabet font we used. Pre-wash both the towel and the appliqué fabric then follow our fabric-fusing steps for a pretty finish that can stand up to frequent laundering.

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Cooling Neck Wraps

Does Mom need to chill out? Make her a set of cooling neck wraps with water absorbing crystals. They’re perfect for hiking, cooling down after sports activities, or just lounging in the summer sun. We've also seen runners use them as head bands, and power-nappers love them as eye pillows.

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Comments (6)

Audrey C. Vaughan said:
Audrey C. Vaughan's picture

Your Mother's Day projects are all great gifts to give Mom, because they are all quick and easy. I just love and appreciate Sew4Home and have sewn many of your sewing projects that exceeded my expectations. Please keep up the good work as I look forward to more great sewing projects from you guys. Happy Mother's Day.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Audrey - thanks for your kind comments! The five projects we collected here are some fan favorites that we know any mom would love. Happy Mother's Day to you as well.

Coastal Sewist said:
Coastal Sewist's picture

All fun projects - thanks! Since we both go to and host many outdoor potlucks, I'm going to make the bowl cover with one variation: A vinyl insert stitched to the top to accommodate a 3"x5" card to list ingredients & name. Since I actually enjoy the process of hand-washing (very relaxing!) I think this will work out ok (removing the card first of course!). We'll see    Thanks again, I love Sew4Home!

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Coastal Sewist - Thanks for such a nice note... and for sharing your unique take on the project. Have fun!