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Ideas We Love: PatternJam - An Innovative Way to Try Out Fabrics in Quilt Projects & More

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We are thrilled to bring you news of a very clever way to "audition" fabric for a quilt or other pattern before making a final decision to buy and cut. It's online, it's very easy and intuitive, and the process of designing is free. Emily Taylor is with us today for a guest editorial to give you an overview of the how works. "How great would it be to see fabric in a quilt pattern before investing time and money into the project?" Emily asked herself. "I knew there had to be a better way to visualize what a sewing project is going to look like before it's made."  We were so impressed with Emily's idea and the tools she developed to make creating more flexible and more fun. 

Emily Taylor in Studio

My name is Emily Taylor, and I'm the founder I'm so excited to have the opportunity to introduce myself and my new venture in the world of fabric, creativity and technology!

I've had the privilege of designing fabric for Riley Blake Designs for about six years now, and I've created over a dozen collections for them. I LOVE my job! I'm looking forward to two more collections due out this fall: Chatsworth and Zombie Love (a follow-up line to my original Zombie Apocalypse collection).

New fabric collections coming soon

Like most of you, I'm passionate about beautiful fabric, I'm driven to create, and I love this community of inspiring women of which we are a part!  My new business venture is really a convergence of those elements. is a new web-based application that enables users to interact in a creative way with beautiful designer fabric and to share it with our community.

The idea came for as I was designing quilt patterns to highlight my fabric collections. I wanted an easy tool that could help me to see what my finished quilt or other project might look like. I wanted to be able to play with the fabric before I cut into it. I wanted to create with confidence!

The process is easy. Start with a favorite pattern.

Hopscotch Top Pattern

Audition the fabrics you're interested in with the help of the PatternJam tools until you get a mix you love. Then, you can cut and create with confidence.

Hopscotch Top in PatternJam

Create with confidence!

With, now quilters and sewers everywhere can access easy tools to help us visualize what a project will look like. I'm teaming up with top designers to make their patterns available to preview and interact with; designers like, Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew, Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies, and Kate Blocher of See Kate Sew. I'm also bringing the best of modern quilt fabric to from manufacturers like Riley Blake, Art Gallery Fabrics, Free Spirit, Monaluna, Birch Fabrics, Michael Miller, Cloud 9, Andover, and more.

Summer Picnic

Can you imagine anything more fun than interacting with the best patterns (or creating your own pattern) then auditioning the most current and upcoming designer fabrics in those patterns? I get myself all worked up just thinking about it!

The screen shots below show a sample starting quilt design on the top and an in-progress evolution below with three "test fabrics" in place. Scroll through the fabric library or... if you would prefer to use your own stash of fabric in a pattern, you can upload images of your fabric to use with the creative tools in Pretty cool, huh?

PatternJam v.2 is just on the verge of launching, and I'd love to give you a sneak peek! Sign up now to be one of the first users of 

Landing page at PatternJam

I've put together a little two-minute movie that shows you how easy it is to use the tools at 

Also, I invite you to connect with me. I want to know the kind of projects you're making, and I'm always interested to know how can become a valuable tool for you. All the premium features at PatternJam are what users have requested, so if there is anything I'm missing, please let me know!

You can connect with me anytime on social media; we're active on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest 

Thanks to Sew4Home for their enthusiasm about That's what's so wonderful about the sewing and crafting community – when one of us spots a great idea, we love to share the news so everyone can benefit. 

I look forward to hearing from you and I can't wait to be inspired by your creativity!


Comments (12)

Silviana said:
Silviana's picture

This blog has a lot of friendliness and a warm welcome
Thank you a lot

Linda Fleming said:
Linda Fleming's picture

I'm just about to start a new project - fabric is ready for cutting , pattern has been purchased but I'm apprehensive about my choices - your software would definitely help me make the right decisions!

iknithappy said:
iknithappy's picture

I have read about this before somewhere but have not went yet to the website. I will definitely have to check it out now. It's brilliant!

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

Wow! THIS is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Like Betty, it's hard for me to choose fabrics and I don't like to sew just hoping that everything finish the way it goes in my mind. I have seen the video and looks so easy and user friendly! I can't wait to give it a try.

Margo Imel said:
Margo Imel's picture

Hi Emily- do you have the rocket age ad in red and blast ooff in navy ( like the picture) if so how do I contact you  to purchase?

JJJazz said:
JJJazz's picture

Love the fabric selection on the quilt in the first pic. Looks like vintage advertising in red white and blue.  Is it a Riley Blake/Emily Taylor design?

Emily Taylor said:
Emily Taylor's picture

Whoops!  There is also some Riley Blake in there~ Lost & Found 2 and Rocket Age!  I have that too, if you can't find it elsewhere.  ~Emily

Emily Taylor said:
Emily Taylor's picture

Thank you!  The fabric in those first photos is from a variety of manufacturers~ Michael Miller's Indo Ikat, and Marcus Fabrics', Sidewalk Cafe, most prominently.  I have both if you can't find another source that has it!  ~Emily Taylor, (PatternJam Founder)

Betty Meyskens said:
Betty Meyskens's picture

This looks amazing.  I have a difficult time picking out the fabrics at a store and hoping that I get the visual look that I want.  This software will definitely make the process work for me now.  Can't wait for it to come out.  I watched the video and it looks fantastic - user friendly.  I also love the idea of uploading our own I do have quite a stash collected and it would be nice to use some of it up.  Again can't wait for it be revealed.

Emily Taylor said:
Emily Taylor's picture

Thank you, Betty!   I'm grateful for your kind comments and enthusiasm!  Sign up at to be among the first to have access to PatternJam when it launches~ I look forward to seeing what you create! ~Emily Taylor (Founder of PatternJam)