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Happy Fourth of July from Sew4Home

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When my son was a toddler and celebrating one of his first Fourth of July fireworks experiences, he was – as most kids are – mesmerized by the sparklers. So much so that as fast as a speeding bullet (a speed only bullets and toddlers can attain), his chubby little hand darted out and grabbed for the glowing stick before I could pull it away. A shriek pierced the night and the sparkler fell to the ground, still sputtering. I felt like the worst mother on the planet as I examined the barbecue grill marks across his fingers and palm. 

The happy ending to the story is that we made it inside where a bag of frozen peas to clutch and a toasted marshmallow to eat calmed his cries. He made it to adulthood without a permanent scar... well, at least not one on his hand, and he still loves sparklers. 

From all of us at Sew4Home, we wish you a happy, festive, and SAFE Fourth of July. 


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