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Great Giveaway: Weekend Wonders Returns with Fabric.com

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The original Fabric.com Weekend Wonders series was a fan favorite. Now, Weekend Wonders Returns has blown those records right out of the water. We're so glad you've enjoyed the series. To celebrate, Fabric.com has provided TWO $125 Shopping Spree gift certificates for TWO lucky Sew4Home visitors. And, we think you're going to like the way you get to enter. Here at Sew4Home, we're always looking for what's going to be the most interesting and beneficial projects for our visitors, and the same goes for our sponsors. They want to help bring you what you most want to learn about and make. Therefore, to enter to win one these two amazing shopping spree gift certificates, all you need to do is leave a short comment on today's article, telling us what you'd like to see for the next group of Fabric.com projects. Read back through our recent projects, and browse the pages of Fabric.com. Tell us what kind of project and which types of fabric you'd like us to feature. Are you yearning for luxury substrates, unique textures, mixing prints, or... ? Let us know what piques your interest. It's a true win-win situation. 

Our thanks to Fabric.com for sponsoring Weekend Wonders Returns and providing such a generous Great Giveaway. It's because of our sponsors that we can continue to bring you all this inspiration! When you support them, you support us - and we all benefit.

Take a look back through the entire series:

Colorful, Zippered Pencil Cases

Stylish Monogrammed Weekend Tote

Water Bottle Sling

Extra Large Tissue Box Cover

Monogrammed Weekender Key Ring Pouch

Ribbon & Faux Suede Wrist Loop Key Fobs

Rip Stop Grocery Bags

Roomy Zippered Weekend Pouch with Darts

Coupon Clipper Wallet

How to enter to win


1) Leave a qualifying comment that meets the criteria of the giveaway.

See the full description below under the heading "Qualifying Comments." 

2) Tell us how to contact you should you win.

While you can leave your email address with your comment, we highly recommend you register with us and login (top of the page) before you comment; your email address is then hidden from view. You are also free to simply make a comment and choose not to be entered.

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Other issue? Our support email is info@sew4home.com.

Qualifying Comments: Tell us what you'd like to see for the next group of Fabric.com projects.

To enter, take a few minutes to look back through the Series. Tell us what kind of project and which types of fabric you'd like us to feature next. Give us your thoughts below in a short comment. We'll draw two lucky $125 Shopping Spree gift certificate winners.

More details

We will draw two people at random from everyone who posted a qualifying comment on this article as of midnight PT October 25, 2013. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

We will contact our random winners by email to coordinate delivery.

Make it easier for us to notify you should you be one of our lucky winners. Simply register with us and login before you comment. Your email address is then hidden from view.

This prize drawing is open to all our Sew4Home visitors - both US and outside the US.

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Comments (354)

Buffalo Belle said:
Buffalo Belle's picture

LOVE Fabric.com!!! With a new baby girl (and lots of other babies in the family!), I'm looking for new winter ideas of babies.

6tinymonkies said:
6tinymonkies's picture

I would love to see some unique storage bags or cases for Christmas decorations. Michael Miller Christmas Pretty Bird in Red or some from the Michael Miller Christmas Tonal and twill tape as accents.

contact through email :)

sewtrue said:
sewtrue's picture

The weekender collection would be nice gifts for Christmas. Who wouldn't appreciate a zippered pouch? I'd make them in red such as the Michael Miller Christmas Large Whimsy Doozie Santa Red.

It's festive but doesn't shout "holiday" and I'd make the center stripe in red with a white monogram. Maybe a fancier monogram using 2 letters in script. Elegant, doncha know! The tote could be plain white with red accents as a match and lined with the Whimsy Doozy.

Mary Groth said:
Mary Groth's picture

I would like to know how to sew a lined zippered pouch/bag without any loose seams.  And also learn more about sewing with knits... esp. with older machine.

asimplehomestd said:
asimplehomestd's picture

I would love to see clothes for little girls - maybe some fleece items for winter

6silverZ said:
6silverZ's picture

How about making a few 3-D fabric bowls.  Some interesting pin cushions with wrist bands that fit all sizes.  Resuable bowl covers and sandwich safe bags.  Fabric books!!  Showcasing all those wonderful feet we all have but never use!  Embroidering on our window screens.  Baskets made from the clothes line covered in luscious fabrics.  I would like to see more projects using the home decor fabrics under $8 per yard.  Chenill fabric and Velveteen would also be nice.  Email is best for contact.

gstarck said:
gstarck's picture

Being a mom of two kids, I notice I carry two different bags with me - my personal bag and their diaper bag. I have looked for a diaper bag and purse conversion and looking through your bag tutorials, I did see a cute diaper bag but it would be nice to have a diaper bag for the kid's stuff and then a way to attach my personal bag/purse to the bag without having to unload my purse into the diaper bag each time I take them out or drop them off at daycare. To have the two bags flow together but easy to remove the 'mommy bag' would be great. The fabric should be quite durable and easy to wash as it would be in and out of the house with a lot of use!

Julie Spear said:
Julie Spear's picture

I would LOVE, Love, love it if you would show a few projects working with knits! They could be simple ones, so that those of us (I assume there are others, like me ) who are scared to spend our $$ on knits could learn how to sew with these AWESOME apparel fabrics!! Maybe a Maxi Skirt? PLEASE?!


psycho_pixie said:
psycho_pixie's picture

I would like to see some fun fashions for 18" dolls. My granddaughters are in love with their dolls but I am not in love with the price of additional clothing. Plus storage ideas for the dolls and clothing would be welcome as well!

Wrighax said:
Wrighax's picture

This is also my favorite site for fresh gift ideas. I'd love to see more decorative table linens. Tablecloths with a drop  that fit a 48 by 72 inch table but that start with regular width fabrics. 

J brown said:
J brown's picture

I have recently discovered you through Pinterest and love scrolling through all the differnent projects. As a Fashion Design instructor, I enjoy sewing and sharing how tos with my students. This is a great resource. I like the projects that take a seemingly scary item - such as a zipper or gathers - and make it relatable and easy to understand. Your step by step visuals are wonderful. I would like to see a project using vinyls as it's such a popular medium this season in apparel and is always a fun thing to use in home sewing. Thank you So much! 

Raidil47 said:
Raidil47's picture

Yay!! a giveaway open outside the U.S

Love S4H love that the projects make great gifts . Just bought fabric to make curtains , would love to see a few ideas . Storage solutions , one can never have too many. Have a hard time sewing vinyl , so would love tips on how and have never tried sewing with faux leather . Faux leather gift ideas for men would be great.
llovessewing said:
llovessewing's picture

I love the quick-to-make, yet, really impressive items that make great gifts.  I like unique, but not too complicated or overly difficult, quilts and tote bags.  Your site is the first one I search if I'm looking for a new project idea, or a great gift I could make!

Delo said:
Delo's picture

I would like to have more "sewing with knits" and "sewing with leather/suede/faux leather" projects. Both can be tricky and unforgiving when irrepairable holes are mafr

Jsandas1 said:
Jsandas1's picture

I like using organic cottons in projects; canvas, twill, flannel, both heavy and light weight knits as well as light weight cottons.  I love contemporary style with clean modern lines and a sophisticated look.  I would like to see more projects for the boys in my life, from preschooler to adult.  Tutorials for roman shades and complete bedding sets for king size bed would be great.  Any projects that don't need a synthetic fabric stabilizer or interfacing, as I prefer to use natural fibers like cotton flannel, batting or muslin.  Also, sewn Christmas crafts and decorations in a classy less cutesy style.  A crossbody tote with an adjustable strap, a zipper closure and separating compartments inside to better organize your things.  Love all your projects to date, great ideas and very professional looking.

southerncomfort said:
southerncomfort's picture

I would like to see about how to make a duvet cover. What special tricks there are to working with such large fabric pieces. I am afraid to tackle on decorator fabrics due to cost. I am concerned on having a 'twist' in the fabric. Also I would want to know how to put in a zipper or hidden buttons. Would you do it before completeing the 'pillowcase' or do you take the "flap and work on it seperately. I'd actually like to know if you could use a textured (velvet) side for winter and a light decorator fabric(mid-weight cotton) for the other side. Compiling lists of fabrics that can go together or can't would be helpful, since only one method of cleaning is required, so sometimes it is hard to know if one can wash everything in hot water first for ultimate shrinkage.

Wendy M said:
Wendy M's picture

Great site!!  I would love to see some easy sewing projects for Christmas crafts.  Love the look you     get using burlap.

dstitchgal said:
dstitchgal's picture

Ideas to add different seasonal decor to dining chair backs.  Also love quick easy ideas for kids things.

accebynnel said:
accebynnel's picture

I recently found this site and have been browsing all the ideas. I'm absolutely in love.   I like working with minky and cotton fabrics; mainly as gifts for babies and kids.  Im hesitant to do projects with zippers however the tutorials I've found on here sre building my confidence to tackle the task.  I'd like to see an apron pattern that could be adapted to fit women of different builds and weight.   Also, maybe some project ideas on how to up-cycle items common items to be used as gifts and or decorations for the home would be great.  

lindsay j said:
lindsay j's picture

I love your site. I would love to see some modern quilts. And unique bags and totes. 

asrflys said:
asrflys's picture

I love Bag projects. I would love to see some more faux leather bags as well as other ideas highlighting other fabrics. I made the laminated bag on your site and would love to see more with that fabric. 

Sewnknit said:
Sewnknit's picture

I really would love to see more quilts that I could made for my teen son and items to sew to decorate his room. Love your site!

ChristineMisch said:
ChristineMisch's picture

I love this site! You have some awesome ideas! While this isn't really for the home, I think it would be awesome to see some cute and  trendy 18 inch doll clothes and accessories. Everything you see online is old fashioned, formal, or just blah. My daughter always asks why we can't find clothes to match her Justice clothes and other brands. Maybe mixing tulle, cute tween friendly patterns, and unique embelishments for 'must have' outfits; and using some sturdier trendy  fabrics to make shoes, boots, and sandals.

Thank You!

Joanly said:
Joanly's picture

I would love to see some stylish insulated lunch totes and bags in various sizes and with different closures including zippers). Maybe the traditional square that zips around, and even one that looks like a handbag!

Jill C said:
Jill C's picture

I would love to see more ideas for adding embroidery and other embellishments to your featured fabrics, so as to personalize the fabrics more.  Projects for tableware and wall art would suit this application, as well as trendy garments.  It is always a blessing to be given hints and ideas from other talented sewists!  Thanks for the great give aways and inspirations.

Tippycat said:
Tippycat's picture

I like the monogramed weekend bag. I need something new and this looks like it will take care of my needs. I like it also because I can customize it like I want. Nobody will have a bag like mine. I think I would also make a pencil case in a similar or matching fabric to go with it. I also like the draft dodger pillows. Never can keep the 'chill' out and this would be good to make. I think making several in different holiday or seasonal  fabrics would be good too. 

I just like to find easy, somewhat quick projects to do. 

adonnya said:
adonnya's picture

I would like to see more faux leather projects. Totes, clutches, etc. Zipper application would be helpful.

Michal Shina said:
Michal Shina's picture

I love the wallets, clutches and the zippered pencil cases, and would be happy to see more designs. I love mixing prints, and interesting combinations of colours. Thank to S4H I got familiar with the huge variety fabric.com offers

mishrn said:
mishrn's picture

Love, love, love your site and thank you to fabric.com for leading me here.  A friend and I made the weekender tote this weekend and absolutely love it!!!  I plan on making a few more as gifts. :)

I'd love to see some more projects focused on what you can do with jelly rolls.  

Melissa L. said:
Melissa L.'s picture

Would like to see a project using Cloud 9 - Geometric patterns. Made the weekender tote - turned out great! Thanks for the projects!

christaj3 said:
christaj3's picture

I would love to see some simple-to-sew and/or quick gift ideas for the upcoming holidays! Projects that are easy to produce quickly and easily modified so that a single project idea can be personalized and given to different people (without it appearing that the same gift was given to everybody!) Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway, I am a HUGE fan of Fabric.com!!

WordNerd said:
WordNerd's picture

A long-time customer of fabric.com! Love the Weekend Wonder series! Especially like the Ripstop Grocery totes, more attractive and easy to store than the bulky pre-made shopping bags.

Mama Lusco said:

Your site always has great projects!  I always love bag tutorials using home decor fabrics and/or interfacings with fun features like zippers and lots of pockets.  Some kitchen accessories like aprons, dish towels & appliance covers featuring hand embroidery would be great, too.  These would make great gifts wtih the holidays ahead.  Thank you!

Joan D said:
Joan D's picture

I would like to see some projects to do for charity.  Love this site.  Has so many great projects.  Wish I had time and money to do them all.  Also would love to see doll clothes projects.

Savitar said:
Savitar's picture

I always like apron patterns - maybe some more retro/50s types.  And, unrelated to aprons, I'd like tutorials on difficult to handle fabrics and the different types of stitches, needles, etc., such as silk chiffons, slinky knits, etc.

sewitinstead said:
sewitinstead's picture

This is a great site.  I am glad I found it.  I just started teaching myself to sew.  I wish they supported that when I was a kid.  I need to sew covers for various appliances because my house gets very dusty.  I am also trying to decide on a fabric theme for the kitchen.   

ks430 said:
ks430's picture

I would love to see either a series of quick, giftable projects in flannels or fleece or a series of designer-inspired projects for babies and kids (think Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod "looks") using a colorful collection of quilting fabrics from Kaffe Fasset or Amy Butler.   Fabric.com has such a wonderful selection and I've been happy with everything I've ordered from them!  

MSRK said:
MSRK's picture

I have made so many projects from this site and each one is better than the other.  Would like to see more that incorporate machine embroidery and simple in the hoop projects.

anniemac said:
anniemac's picture

I would love to see a project out of the new fabri quilt sports fabrics, like maybe some throw pillows for a boys room or a fabric covered buletin board.

Nancy Stokaluk said:
Nancy Stokaluk's picture

I seen a daisy shaped pillow in a bedroom and would love to see it made. I would love to make it for my outdoor patio.HGTV fabric collection would be great to feature with this project

Kim Santre said:
Kim Santre's picture

I would love to see a blanket using the Dreamcatcher Turquoise group and Dreamcatcher blanket material for a southwestern quilt, I have all pastel southwest in my home and it is always so hard to find pastels in a quilt I have turquoise, teal, adobe, peach  light lavender and rusty peach. Also I would love to reupholster my chairs in kitchen with Southwest material and have matching curtains and even a roller shade for windows using material and making them room darkening. that would be so awesome Also the Southwestern Blanket Fleece turquoise for a fall jacket

shaena167 said:
shaena167's picture

I would really like to see a featured project using their wonderful selection of faux leather and a home decor or twill fabric sewn together as a bag, tote, or purse.  It would be really fun to see one of the fun colors of the faux leather combined with either a home decor or premier prints fabric or even combined with one of the slub fabrics.  Thanks so much!

Jerilyn Roebling said:
Jerilyn Roebling's picture

Your website has been so inspiring and when I want to complete one of your projects, you make it so simple my clicking on the link to fabric.com to purchase the supplies.  I love their fabric and service.  I would like you to create a project, preferably a child's garment or accessory, out of their minky bonded cuddle. 


I justn love the quality of fabrics from Fabric.com and so much choice. With me my Kitchen is my Home and I would really love to see more patterns/fabrics of things I can use/display in my kitchen.

smillard said:
smillard's picture

I would love to see something on table linens, such as how to make table cloths large enough for big dining room tables, finishing cloth napkins easily, changing table linens for a seasonal look, using coated fabrics for water proof table covers, etc.