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Great Gifts: Baby & Toddler Week

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From me to you! The best gifts are the ones with an extra helping of handmade love. This top-five list was the hardest to put together because there are so many great ways to show how much you care for the little ones in your life. Use our choices from today, as well as the rest of the week, to create the ultimate "shower power" gift packages. They're as much fun to make as they are to give!

Baby Knit Hats & Receiving Blankets

It's a classic combo that will delight a new mama and daddy. Let's face it, when it comes to cute hats... they're really designed for adults to ohhh and ahhh over!

Go to the full hats and blankets tutorial. 

Binky Leash & Bag

Lookin' for easy? Try this perfect baby gift bundle of two binkys on their own little leashes with a matching drawstring carry bag. 

Go to the full binky leash and bag tutorial.

Monogrammed Bound Blanket

There's nothing like a thick, snuggly blanket to make everything better. Turn a simple rectangle of fleece into a personalized gift for a new baby.

Go to the full blanket tutorial.

Kids Round Storage Bins

Empty or filled, these colorful fabric bins will be much appreciated as a way to help make picking up and putting away much more fun.  

Go to the full storage bins tutorial.

Baby's Sleeping Doorhanger

A quick and easy gift idea. If baby's asleep, gently shut the nursery door, then slip this sweet door hanger over the knob to warn that it's time to tip-toe. 

Go to the full doorhanger tutorial.


Comments (3)

Harrison Deep said:
Harrison Deep's picture

Now I very much interested in getting attractive baby gift to present my sisters baby. This post helps me to get right one.

Jane Coombs said:
Jane Coombs's picture

I regularly sew doorhangars that consist of a padded rectangle and elastic loops on each end to fit over the door knobs. Essentially it is a door muffler that quiets the sound of a closed door just as baby gets to sleep.It is a scrappy boutique item bought by light sleepers as well.