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Elves Are Keeping Me Up – or, Why I Secretly Love the Last Minute Fever of Christmas Eve

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Before it’s Christmas Eve, it’s Christmas Eve Day…. arguably the busiest day of year for many people, me included. Taking procrastination to the highest of heights, there is most likely: 1) a bulging bag of presents to wrap, 2) numerous sweet treats to finish but for which more butter is required (there is never, ever enough butter), 3) calls to make and emails to send to atone for the lack of, yet again, a clever Christmas card full of chatty news from 2018, and of course, 4) presents to buy since the other stuff already ordered will not arrive on time (is it just me, or does the Amazon Prime delivery window seem to be a moving target?). It’s busy, crazy, and nerve-racking… but, I actually kind of love it.

Christmas Eve Day is full of hope and possibility. There’s still a full 24-hours to plan and prep and pull things together. There’s a true optimism that all those ideas in your head could become reality… and not just real-world reality, but possibly Pinterest-worthy reality!

Too much anticipation you say? A preoccupation with creating the perfect Christmas Day? Maybe. But maybe it’s simply pure enthusiasm; albeit enthusiasm borne of waiting until the last minute. And yet, I believe there’s a bit of fairy godmother (or godfather) in all of us. Because who wouldn’t want to wave a wand and make everything around them better, safer, and much, much more sparkly?!

So, once again, I’ll put on my elf hat, buy yet another pound of butter, and enjoy the merry madness that is Christmas Eve Day.


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helen-sews said:
helen-sews's picture

I really enjoyed and connected with today's post.  It's wonderful to know we all share so many of the same thoughts, hopes, plans, and wishes.  I'm a great-grandmother now and I am very grateful that my family still want to come to my house for the big day!  Thanks Sew4Home for all the lessons, ideas, and beautiful photography!  Looking forward to all you will present in 2019!

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Helen - Thank you for such a lovely message. We're lucky to have you as a loyal follower. Merry Christmas!