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Aurifil Thread at Fat Quarter Shop: Huge Selection + Exclusive Sets & Clubs

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We all love fabric. The eye-catching color and amazing designs are what suck us in and keep our shelves sagging under the weight of our stash. That’s all well and good, but the unsung hero of your sewing projects is: the thread! Once you finally cut into some of that gorgeous fabric to create your next project, it’s the thread that will be holding all the beauty together. Isn’t that nice of it?! In honor of Aurifil Thread’s 10th anniversary in the USA, Fat Quarter Shop took us on a tour of their huge selection, which is truly one of the very best anywhere. Read on to find out more, and join our eNewsletter list to enter to win a Ten-Spool 10th Anniversary Aurifil Thread Bundle, courtesy of Fat Quarter Shop and Sew4Home. The spools are even packed in an awesome Fat Quarter Shop collectible storage tin


Aurifil’s Italian roots go back to 1957 where they have a foundation in thread for precision machine embroidery. Fast forward to the present day and second generation visionaries, Elena Gregotti and Alex Veronelli. They began to look beyond the company's established base in embroidery to the world of home sewing in general and quilting in particular. Their research showed quilters knew quality when they saw it and were actively looking for products that could increase both the beauty and the strength of their work. In 2007, Aurifil USA debuted with new packaging, new spool sizes, and a new dedication to appeal to the personal quilting and sewing markets. In 2017, they’re celebrating their 10th Anniversary in the USA as well as a continuing expansion of designer thread collections and new innovations, such as their super-fine 80wt thread.

Fat Quarter Shop carries the full range of Aurifil individual spools as well as a host of thread collections, from simple four-spool bundles all the way up to 45-spool designer thread cases. The FQS team found it all so inspiring, they even built an Aurifil Wall of Color in their video studio to showcase the beauty.

Aurifil offers hundreds of different threads in varying weights and colors. 12wt is the thickest and best for both hand and machine quilting. 40wt is best for machine quilting and all-purpose sewing. 50wt is the most popular weight and is ideal for quilters and piecers. Aurifloss is used for finer hand work, such as hand embroidery and cross stitch. And their 80wt is amazing for hand or machine appliqué; but we’ve even used it for construction and machine embroidery. Check out our Lion’s Head Mini Tote as just one example of how well it performed on a very detailed, custom embroidery design.

Fat Quarter Shop has a paricularly fun, and very exclusive, new Aurifil Thread set: the Limited Edition Aurifil Thread Train Case! This super cute case holds 24 large spools (that's 1,422 yards each) of their most popular 50wt thread in 24 top selling colors. The spools fit into the Train Case on two removeable plastic trays. Simply lift them out to use any of the gorgeous 24 colors, then pop the trays back in and zip closed for storage. The round case has a definite retro feel, and we love how the top zips fully open for easy access. You are allowed to take the case in your car... in case you're fresh out of vintage trains in your neck of the woods. 

You’ll also want to check out the FQS Exclusive Aurifil Appliqué Sets, featuring the 80wt thread. Each bundle contains six spools (300 yards each!) of this fine cotton thread in a variety of color groupings. And there are the four-spool Color Packs of the popular 50wt.

Fat Quarter Shop is always coming out with new exclusive collections that make your thread selection easier and more colorful.

Want a fast way to start building your own rainbow wall of thread? Sign up for the FQS Aurifil Thread Club or their Appliqué Thread Club. You’ll receive four new colors every month.

To start you on your way with “Aurifil experimentation,” we love this little quilting tip from Fat Quarter Shop. The Aurifil 12wt is most often targeted for hand quilting, but FQS let us in on a little secret to create the look of hand-quilting with your machine. Put 12wt thread in the top and 40wt thread in the bobbin, loosen the tension, and lengthen the stitch setting. Beautiful!

How to Enter to Win a Ten-Spool Aurifil Thread Box


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NOTE: This Giveaway is open to our US visitors as well as our International visitors.


Comments (44)

Patricia Howe said:
Patricia Howe's picture

Thank you so much. The tin with 10 beautiful spools of thread came this weekend. What a wonderful surprise. I Love them. Thanks again.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Patricia - You're welcome - congrats on being a winner.

Diane Dierksmeier said:
Diane Dierksmeier's picture

This is my go to thread for quilting. I just love these threads.

Emily C said:
Emily C's picture

Some how I am not allowed to subscribe. I used to get the newsletter, but have not seen one in awhile. I tried unsubbing, to resub, but this did not fix the error. ebbtide45 at yahoo dot com

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Emily - we responded to you directly via email.

Paula Somers said:
Paula Somers's picture

Aurifil Thread is the best, use them with all of my projects.  Would love to get this group of threads.

GranChris said:
GranChris's picture

Love the box, didn't know to use 12 on top and 40 on bottom. Thanks for the sdvice.

Sandy Dallas said:
Sandy Dallas's picture

This thread is my favorite.  Where I live , I don't have a close place to buy it.  When I go to a quilt retread, I usually buy several spools.

Kathleen Ann said:
Kathleen Ann's picture

Great giveaway. I've always wanted to try their embroidery floss. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Toni Anne Potter said:
Toni Anne Potter's picture

I've used 50 wt. Aurifil thread, I haven't tried other weights or types of Aurifil thread. It's great for piecing I get very little lint in my bobbin case. 

Dianna Loftis said:
Dianna Loftis's picture

i am just now learning about thread and wanting to sample good thread. Hope i win!

jenuin_rticl said:
jenuin_rticl's picture

I lost all of my thread and a lot of my sewing supplies in Harvey. I saved my sewing machine, but I haven't had a chance to find out if the pedal was damaged by the water. Looking forward to getting my life together and being in a house with my sewing machine running ☺️

Louise_B said:
Louise_B's picture

What beautiful colors these are! I'd use them to sew for my two grand-daughters, that is certain!

Bev R said:
Bev R's picture

wow! what a nice collection,LOVE the tin too. I would LOVE to try out these threads.

Momo said:
Momo's picture

What a PERFECT way for me to take my thread when I go RVing next year!  (Doesn't everyone take a sewing maching camping?) Great thread, great tin, and great fun from Sew4Home.  Nothing better!  Thank you!

Susanna Hogan said:
Susanna Hogan's picture

Love the Harvest colors.  Those are the colors I enjoy working with.

Anne Shelbaer said:
Anne Shelbaer's picture

I love your 50wt thread.  Use it for piecing, quilting and embroidery.  What a useful thread and such fantastic colours.  Love them, thank you.

Jerri Wedam said:
Jerri Wedam's picture

Which tension do you loosed when using the 12 wt top and 40 wt on the bottom?  

Great tip, going to try as soon as I hear if it's the thread or bobbin tension.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Jerri - The top tension is what you adjust. As always, test on scraps of your intended fabric to get the look that's right for you. 

Brenda Melahn said:
Brenda Melahn's picture

OH goodness ... like boxes of chocolate in living color!!  Fingers crossed!!