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Love That Fabric: Riley Blake Designs & Andover Fabrics

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One perks you up, one calms you down. Ahh, fabric… our drug of choice. Today's two pretty picks are both new collections perfect for warmer weather, and available right now. Hipster by Holli Zollinger and Shannon Lamden for Riley Blake Designs came out this month. It's an energizing set of prints that range from bold retro graphics to funky Cross Stitch and Scallop Knit prints. These two concepts (the bold retro graphics with the cross stitch and scallop) seem at odds, and yet they work together fantastically – I want it on pillows and a "hipster" summer dress. Linen Closet by Renee Nanneman of Need'l Love for Andover Fabrics is the epitome of fresh, crisp fabric. Envision a pretty set of bed pillows and a softly colored quilt; add an open window with a morning breeze blowing through... a silver tray with coffee, scones and strawberry jam... a kitty at the foot of the bed and nothing pressing to do. I want to go there.

Hipster: Riley Blake Designs

This lively collection comes in three cheery colorways and is available in retail shops this month, May 2013. Look for it, or ask about it at your fave fabric shop in-store or online. To see the more about the collection, go here.

We found Hipster at Fat Quarter Shop where it's available as both yardage and fat quarter bundles. 

Linen Closet: Andover Fabrics

Linen Closet by Renee Nanneman for Andover Fabrics came out in March of this year and are available in taupe and wheat colorways. To see more detail about the collection, go here. We found a nice supply at Fat Quarter Shop, including a fat quarter bundle. Some of these newer fabrics may still be arriving where you shop.

Finding Fabric

If you see a particular fabric online that you like, you can check your favorite fabric source to find out if they have it in stock or can get it for you. You can also try Googling the fabric name along with the designer's name or the design house, for example: "Hipster" and "Riley Blake." Prints from older collections can sometimes be found on Etsy or eBay. If you love a fabric, get it while you can. Because like fashionable apparel, popular fabrics come and go; at some point even the most amazing fabrics are no longer in stores or online.


Comments (3)

lara said:
lara's picture

All the fabrics are wonderful. while i would really like to have them all.

Sandy A in St. Louis said:
Sandy A in St. Louis's picture

Love both of these! Thanks for sharing. I have aproject that the Linen Closet fabrics would be perfect for. Am going to have to hunt those down! :)