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Love That Fabric: February

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Last month we showed all girlie fabrics in shades of Honeysuckle Pink, the Pantone Color of the Year. This month we found something for everyone: a retro cool collection from Birch Organic Fabrics, extreme prints for boys from Michael Miller Fabrics, a striking new collection from Ty Pennington, and cotton linen gorgeousness from Valori Wells.

Beach Mod Circa 60

Shown: first column

By Monaluna for Birch Organic Fabrics, Beach Mod Circa 60 is a collection I've been excitedly awaiting. Monaluna has beautifully captured the style of the early 60's... VW bugs and campers, sleeping under a canvas tent in a flannel sleeping bag, and Beach Boys surf tunes... cowabunga! The colors are deliciously appealing in tones of mineral, rust and sunset. All that and organic too. Make some curtains). Beach Mod Circa 60 is in stores now, so snap up your fave prints while you can.

View the full collection here.

Extreme Team

Shown: second column

Michael Miller Fabrics just came out with one of those rare collections that appeals to tween and teen boys. Six Extreme Team prints that have the energy and trendy black/gray and cool aqua color scheme to actually make a boy smile. Wheels, skateboards, paint drops, and a my fave: a jigsaw camo print, make up this easy-to-mix collection. Is there a tween or teen boy in your life? If so, look no further.

View the full collection here.


Shown: third column

Most of us know Ty Pennington as the hunky and witty carpenter on Trading Spaces, and now notable as the host of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. He was also a model and a set designer. Now, he has a trendy new fabric collection with sateens, cottons, laminated and fleece fabrics. He certainly has the style creds! Is there anything he can't he do?!

Westminster Fibers, Inc. introduces Ty Pennington Fabrics to their line of Life Style Fabrics. Impressions, his first collection, is brilliant. Bold and full of energy with an organic, hand-carved stamp appeal. This is a large collection and we only show four of the plentiful prints and fabric options. Impressions is available now. Go look!

View the full collections here.

Jenaveve Linen

Shown: last column

New from Free Spirit Fabric, Valori Well's Jenavive Linen; her first collection of Cotton Linen. Cotton Linen is more durable than quilting weight fabric and is perfect for home décor projects. It also adds a bit more structure to bags and apparel projects. From subtle to bold – simple to saturated,Valori Wells brings you graphic prints mingled with graceful florals in hues of purple, gray, and green.

Jenaveve Linens would be perfect in a dress for you, or a pillow for your home. There are 15 prints in this collection that includes hand-sketched birds and floral motifs. Fabrics are 54″-55″ wide and 45% cotton 55% linen. In stores now.

View the full collection  here.

Finding Fabric

If you see a particular fabric online that you like, you can check your favorite fabric source to find out if they have it in stock or can get it for you. You can also try Googling the fabric name along with the designer's name or the design house, for example: Ty Pennington Impressions. Prints from older collections can sometimes be found on Etsy or eBay. If you love a fabric, get it while you can. Because, like fashionable apparel, popular fabrics come and go; at some point even the most amazing fabrics are no longer in stores or online.


Comments (6)

Sally G said:
Sally G's picture
I LOVE Michael Miller fabrics, I always try and buy their stuff when it comes up on sale. Their fabrics are so vibrant and fun. Monaluna seems to have some really cute fabrics as well, will so look them up next time I am fabric shopping.
alicia.thommas said:
Hi Luz: Here are a few sources:
Mod Beach Circa 60 at fatquartershop.com
Extreme Team at fatquartershop.com and hawthornethreads.com
Impressions at fabric.com, fatquartershop.com, hawthornethreads.com, hancocks-paducah.com, quilthome.com
Jenaveve Linen at fabric.com and quilthome.com
There are many other options as well if you do a Google search.
luz said:
luz's picture
i try to buy some of this fabrics but I can buy them ? or where I can buy them? help!!!
Debbie O in Idaho said:
Debbie O in Idaho's picture
What great fabric for a sun room or a beach house. I love all the retro things coming out now. I wish I had saved all my stuff lol. I think it makes good conversation with our younger generation. We have something in common lol
wordygirl said:
wordygirl's picture
Oh dear. I was born in Southern California in the 60's, and the Beach Mod collection really strikes a familiar chord. My childhood is now retro? I feel so old!