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Love That Fabric: December

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I got my first peek at Amy Butler's newest collection, Soul Blossoms, in early May and have been drumming my fingers waiting for the day when I could get my hands on it. I've been dreaming of exotic billowy curtains for the master bedroom, an eclectic patchwork quilt for the bed where my two little kitties could snooze against a pile of throw pillows blooming in colorways of Bliss, Joy and Passion. Amy says she was influenced by her travels to India. "It's impossible to spend time in such a soulful place and not be inspired by the culture, rich colors, amazing textiles, and ornate architecture. I was instantly consumed by the heartbeat of everyday life and smitten with the beautiful way people expressed themselves. This collection is my interpretation of an enchanted, modern passage through the floral delights of India. Dreamy jewel toned prints in multi-hued flowers and designs - uplifting and passionate - weave together my ethnic inspired story."

Soul Blossoms

Soul Blossoms by Amy Butler for Westminster Fibers landed on fabric shop shelves this month. Get it while you can! It's no wonder Amy's fabric collections are so popular. I had the pleasure of listening to Amy speak at the The Creative Connection last September in Minneapolis (inspiring), and chatting with her during a book signing for Amy Butler's Style Stitches. She is gracious, amazingly observant and very thoughtful. These traits come out in her designs. Soul Blossoms is such a large and significant collection, it's my only pick for December. Not that there are not other wonderful new collections on the shelves, but I'll just have to play catch up.

Inspiration from Amy

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Soul Blossoms is available in quilting weight (44" wide) and home decor weight (54" wide) 100% cotton fabric. Also available in laminated (57" wide).

View the collection here.

Download the PDF file for the Soul Blossoms brochure showing large versions of every print.

Finding Fabric

If you see a particular fabric online that you like, you can check your favorite fabric source to find out if they have it in stock or can get it for you. You can also try Googling the fabric name along with the designer's name or the design house, for example: "Soul Blossoms" and "Amy Butler" or "Westminster Fibers." Prints from older collections can sometimes be found on Etsy or eBay. If you love a fabric, get it while you can. Because like fashionable apparel, popular fabrics come and go; at some point even the most amazing fabrics are no longer in stores or online.


Comments (5)

Haley said:
Haley's picture
Sigh. I am tempted to have this be my background for my computer smilies/wink.gif LOVE her stuff!
CatherineM said:
CatherineM's picture
I just picked up Peacock Feather in bright pear last night. It is GORGEOUS. I plan on making an apron out of it...and I'll probably have to go back for more for some gorgeous pillows.
alicia.thommas said:
This is one of my all-time favorite collections. There is something timelessly enchanting about the collective mix. Ahh... to have a room covered in Soul Blossoms.