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Love That Fabric: For Big Guys & Little Guys

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We've heard it again and again… it's tough to find appropriate fabric for guys; big guys AND little guys. So, this month we decided to go on a mission for guy fabric. As we looked around and tried to choose fabric, we realized that it totally depends on what you are sewing. If you're making pajama pants, the contemporary floral that would be acceptable on the curtains or even a duvet, is all wrong on guys. So, we looked for fabric that would work for guys' pajama pants. When you look at it that way… it actually is difficult to find fabric for guys. The majority of fabric is marketed to women; for women, girls, babies and home décor. In the end, we found a decent assortment of fabric by cherry picking collections for the more masculine or boyish prints. Take a look at some of our faves.

Big Guys

All Star 2

Shown: first column top

The Stripe and Mini Dot motifs from All Star 2 by My Mind's Eye for Riley Blake Designs are perfect for guys; classic. Depending on your guy, this collection has quite a few options that work for guys of any age. Again, it depends on what you're making. But in addition to our "pajama pant qualification" these prints would be fun on a duvet or bedroom curtains. All Star 2 also comes in flannel, which really works with pajama pants, but would also make a cozy rag quilt.

See the collection here.

Creepy Crawly BUGS

Shown: first column bottom

We almost bypassed this one because of the name -- think: Halloween. However, this is where cherry picking paid off. Creepy Crawly BUGS by Maria Kalinowski for Timeless Treasures has some really fun prints that we believe any big guy (and probably little guy) would like. Our faves were the green dots and the Maze in both Citron and Green. If tastes run a bit wilder, the Fun Multi Stripe is, in fact, FUN!

See the collection here.

Maison de Garance

Shown: second column top

Within the Maison de Garance by French General for Moda, you'll find a wonderful selection of plaids and stripes within the Silky Cottons group. The name translates: House of Garance which was an 18th century French dye house known for its chocolate browns and deep reds. While it's easy to become enthralled with the florals and birds in this collection, focus in on the Silky Cottons group. Terrific guy fabric!

See the collection here (scroll to find the Silky Cotton plaids and stripes).

Easier to see here in the fat quarter bundle at Fat Quarter Shop.


Shown: second column bottom

Java by Deb Strain for Moda will be in stores in November. It offers a number of nice guy options; our favorites being the two shown – Java Circles and the Java Cafe Stripe – in the Aqua/Espresso colorways. They also will be available in Green, Orange and Brown/Red. In addition, there are other fun guy prints including Java Bunch of Beans and Dots De Jour, plus a subtle diamond pattern that a good go-with.

See the collection here.

Little Guys

Hooty Hoot

Shown: third column

Hooty Hoot by Doohikey for Riley Blake Designs is a delightful collections for little guys. Available in both cotton and flannel, there are plenty of print options in blues, greens and browns. Fascination with owls is not a requirement, but the variety of owl expressions is really a hoot!

See the collection here.


Shown: forth column top

Available in November, Toyland by Bored Etc. for Robert Kaufman is a cute group of prints for kids. We think the dinosaur and frog prints are perfect for little guys. Learn your Stegosaurus Rex from your Tyrannosaurus Rex!

See the collection here.

Urban Circus

Shown: forth column bottom

The Earth colorway within Urban Circus is bright and bright and peppy for little guys. Mix the stripe with the giraffes or pachyderms for a winning combo. Urban Circus is by Laurie Wisbrun for Robert Kaufman.

See the collection here.

Finding Fabric

If you see a particular fabric online that you like, you can check your favorite fabric source to find out if they have it in stock or can get it for you. You can also try Googling the fabric name along with the designer's name or the design house, for example: "Urban Circus" and "Robert Kaufman." Prints from older collections can sometimes be found on Etsy or eBay. If you love a fabric, get it while you can. Because like fashionable apparel, popular fabrics come and go; at some point even the most amazing fabrics are no longer in stores or online.


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Liz @ livingmysweetlife said:
Liz @ livingmysweetlife's picture
How funny! i was just in my local quilt and I was asking if they could carry some boy fabric, they never have any!