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Love That Fabric: July

Wednesday, 28 July 2010 9:00

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With our focus on kids and birthdays this week, I found myself dwelling on fabric designed for children. Kids have an amazing, and often vivid memory for details of clothing, bedding, curtains, books and wallpaper. Ever try to skip a page when reading a book to a child? I can still visualize the circus wallpaper in my room that my mother tells me was gone by the time I was three. The light aqua background and colorful tents and animals left its mark, and I'm still partial to the mix of pale aqua with brights. It makes me realize that choosing fabrics your child likes may create a life-long happy memory.


What To Look For In A Quilting Thread

Tuesday, 08 June 2010 9:00

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If you ask traditional quilters about quilt finishing or quilting (finishing is the fancy term for creating stitches all over the quilt top to keep the layers together), they will most likely tell you the threads used for finishing should match the fibers used in the quilt itself. So, if your quilt is made of cotton fabric, all of the thread used to hold it together should also be cotton. This is good advice if you're planning to make a quilt that can stand up to a large amount of wear and tear. There are, however, a wide range of really fun textures and colors of thread available, and part of the fun of sewing is trying new things!

How To Work With And Select Outdoor-Safe Fabrics

Thursday, 03 June 2010 9:00

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When I was first introduced to outdoor sewing, I have to admit I wasn't very enthusiastic about it. (And, no, I didn't think it meant taking my sewing machine outside.) Why would I want to put all the time and effort into sewing home décor items and then leave them outside in the weather? I'd seen what happens to cloth items that get left out on the deck overnight. I was missing an important piece of information. There is a whole array of great looking fabric designed to be left outside. They're called... wait for it... outdoor fabrics. If we can put a man on the moon, we can make great looking fabric that doesn't mind being outside.

Beyond the Basics: Specialty Rulers To Make Your Sewing Faster & More Accurate

Wednesday, 28 April 2010 9:00

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How many sewing rulers should you own? If you had asked me that when I first started sewing, I might have answered, "I dunno... maybe three." After you get a yardstick, a basic metal ruler and a tape measure, what else do you need? I have a sewing friend who probably owns more than 20 sewing rulers. I say "probably" because I lost count, and I don't think she really knows how many she has. Before you conclude she's either obsessive-compulsive or a shoplifter, you should know her projects turn out beautifully. The rulers are the reason.

Love That Fabric: April

Thursday, 22 April 2010 9:00

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This month, we're devoting the entire Love That Fabric! column to Rural Jardin. It's a grand fabric collection from French General for Moda. If you want to add the tranquil elegance of French farmhouse-inspired textiles to your home, look seriously at this collection. The selection is vast, with muted shades of blue, red and aqua; plus toweling and 54" cotton/linen yardage that is perfect for upholstery or slipcovers. It's an ideal choice for home décor with lots of well-imagined variety. If I think about it much longer, I'm going to have to redo my house in this fabric.


Products We Love: Cruz Label & All Things Labels

Thursday, 15 April 2010 10:00

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More and more people are evolving their passion for sewing into a business. Craft and market fairs have popped up in even the smallest communities, including upcoming seasonal Farmer's Markets, many of which are expanding to include handmade products along with their famous fruits, vegetables and flowers. Online creative storefronts, like etsy.com, artsefest.com and silkfair.com have exploded in popularity. If you're thinking of selling your creations, you should label them. A professional label adds the touch that says, 'I mean business!' We recently discovered two great online label options: Cruz Label and All Things Labels - sister companies from Los Angeles. We gave them a test run with a set of three Sew4Home labels, and were very happy with our results.

Jelly Rolls to Layer Cakes: A Lesson in Fabric Pre-Cuts from Jocelyn Lai of Fat Quarter Shop

Tuesday, 13 April 2010 9:00

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Scanning the list of materials for your next project tutorial, you suddenly come across a term or two that causes you to stop and scratch your head: Fat Quarters, Charm Packs, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Honey Buns. Have you accidentally clicked from a sewing site to a recipe site? All these items sound just delicious, but what the heck do they have to do with sewing? They're the names for various types of fabric pre-cuts. And though not edible, they are great time and money savers.

All About Fabric Weaves: A Tutorial

Wednesday, 07 April 2010 10:00

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If you're anything like us, the fabric store is your personal wonderland. The colors and textures of the fabric just scream for new projects to be made. Which got us thinking... if we love fabric so much, shouldn't we know more about it; like how it's made, and what is what? An educated shopper is the best kind, so we set out to understand the differences between weaves of fabrics, and we're sharing our results.

Love That Fabric: March

Tuesday, 30 March 2010 9:00

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This month, Sew4Home kicks off a new monthly feature: Love That Fabric! Finding the perfect fabric for a project is immensely satisfying and often the difference between so-so and so-fabulous results. We look at a lot of fabric when planning S4H projects, and reluctantly have to bypass gorgeous collections because we just can't use them all. Each month we'll post a few new fabrics that really caught our attention and had our project wheels turning. They are all 'stash-worthy' – fabrics worth owning for their future possibilities. If you love them, get them while you can. Because like fashionable apparel, popular fabrics come and go; at some point even the most amazing fabrics are no longer in stores or online.


Fascinating Fasteners

Thursday, 18 March 2010 10:00

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Fasteners are generally not the most glamorous notions on your list, but they are very hard workers and necessary to many projects. Sometimes you just need a functional closure; other times you want a cool way to attach one thing to another, like a fancy buckle on a pillow front, or an innovative tie-back for your curtains. We've compiled a list of commonly found fasteners to introduce you to the potential of these all-around accents.