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Love That Fabric: The Spa Collection from Michael Miller Fabrics

Thursday, 20 October 2011 9:00

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The new Spa Collection from Michael Miller Fabrics is so tranquil and soothing, it will take your stress away. Why is that? Blue, especially when infused with a little green to create water hues, is the most popular color in the world for both men and women. When toned down, as in this collection, to create a "softer" color, it becomes increasingly pleasing to the eye; complex, subtle yet sophisticated. Add cool, calming earth colors for the quintessential relaxation combo. Studies have shown that sleeping in a room in these colors can actually lower your blood pressure. Since nearly everyone reacts positively to these colors, they are ideal choices when sewing gifts. See our ideas for using the Spa Collection to make gifts anyone would love to receive.

Love That Fabric: Curio by BasicGrey for Moda

Tuesday, 27 September 2011 9:00

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I've been wating to get my hands on Curio since I first saw a sneak peak. It's like opening an old trunk and finding the mother lode of amazing fabric. With thirty-six prints in four remarkably mixable colorways, Curio can go easily from fabric bolt to pretty pillows, dreamy quilts, boho bags, chic apparel and more with ideas to spare.

Love That Fabric: August

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 9:00

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Two new collections with colors as uplifting as an August morning: Children at Play by Sara Jane for Michael Miller Fabrics, and Taza by Dena Designs for Free Spirit. In addition to charming feature prints, both collections include several basic prints: polka dots, shirting stripes and gingham in Children at Play; simple stripes in Taza. It's easy to bypass basic prints in favor of feature prints, but the basics are what help set off the feature prints and add a savvy elegance to your creations.

Sewing 101: Top Five Cutting Tools For Sewing

Tuesday, 02 August 2011 9:00

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You've all heard the famous advice: "Measure twice, Cut once!" I think it should be expanded to: "Measure twice, Cut once... but only with a really good pair of scissors or rotary cutter!" The most expensive ingredient in most home décor projects is your fabric, and you'll end up wasting it if you don't have good quality cutting tools. Don't skimp on these important members of your sewing basket. It really is worth it to buy the very best you can afford. Here are the Five Essential Cutting Tools that will help you get the best results.

Love That Fabric: June

Tuesday, 31 May 2011 9:00

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Spring Quilt Market wrapped up a couple weeks ago and now a deluge of beautiful fabric collections, having made their debut at Market, begin showing up in stores like a fresh crop of peaches – lush, beautiful and snapped up quickly by the appreciative. This is the perfect time to shop for your next project and add too-pretty-to-pass-up prints to your stash.

Love That Fabric: May 2011

Thursday, 12 May 2011 9:00

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Pinks and gray, or pink and chocolate compliment each other in a soft, gentle way that looks both luxe and sophisticated. Rather than reviewing full collections this month, we chose to focus on random prints within our color theme. Pick one and make a pretty pillow, or pick a bunch and make an eclectic patchwork quilt. So many creative options!

Love That Fabric: April 2011

Tuesday, 19 April 2011 9:00

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As weather warms, vintage and retro fabrics are at their most appealing. This month we feature two collections with very different styles, yet both with a nostalgic feel. Cherry Fizz is a charming 50's soda shop collection, while Flower Market is collection of sun-drenched watercolor roses, peonies and fresh cut daisies, market ready and oh-so irresistible.

Accessories We Love: Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 9:00

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Here is your word for the day: plethora. As in, "a whole bunch." As in, "With such a plethora of ribbon options on the market today, why would I want even more?" Because you can. The Janome Ribbon Sewing Guide allows you to stitch directly on ribbon up to 1" wide, so you can personalize the color and design of your ribbon accents and create exactly the look you need.