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Products We Love: Dritz Home Fashion Grommets

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A hole is simply a circle with depth. Cover the edges with a ring, and it becomes... a grommet! Here are Sew4Home, we are grommet fans, or as we prefer to be called: "grommeteers." Grommets look great, adding texture and dimension. But they're also quite functional, providing a stable opening for a rod or a channel for cording. We've all seen metal ones, and they certainly have their place, but today, we're talkin' fashion grommets from Dritz® Home. These easy plastic grommets have been around for a few years, and we've used them on a number of our projects, but the color selection was pretty basic. Recently, Dritz® amped up the options to include dozens of cool colors, designs, sizes, and added an octagon shape as well as the standard circle. Trace, cut, insert and snap together. It's as easy as that! There are no special tools required, just a pen and scissors. Let's make some holes! And, if you are a S4H Newsletter Subscriber, you could win your own package to try. We'll draw three winners!

The majority of the fashion grommets are available in two sizes: Large, which has an inner diameter of 1-9/16" and medium, which has an inner diameter of 1". The outer dimensions vary, depending on the size and style.

They come eight to a pack and include a stencil to use to make an appropriately-sized hole. They are machine washable, but cannot be ironed, tumble-dried or dry-cleaned. 

Now before you gasp at the inflexibility of these laundering guidelines, hang on... it is very easy to remove the grommets to clean your project, then snap them back into place. Simply find a small flathead screwdriver or even a letter opener. Slide the tool into the tiny slot on the side of the grommet. Twist slightly, and the grommet will snap apart. 


There are lots of great colors, from rich red to jet black to fun fuchsia and more, as well as the classic gold and silver.

These are splendid when you want a pop of color. Make the grommets a focal point of your project.

We love the new matte stripes in the octagon shape; when inserted, it has a square look to it.

Very elegant against velveteens, satins or other luxe fabrics.

And the new "natural" tones are beautiful. These have a lot of potential for non-traditional uses, such as bags or pillows. The collage below shows a few of our favorites: Redwood, Copper, Rustic Brown, Metallic Camouflage and Bronze. 

You need to zoom in on these to see the detail. 

As we mentioned above, the steps to putting these in are super simple and the package directions are actually quite good. But, we also have on our own How To Use tutorial you can review.

In addition, check out these projects we've done featuring the Dritz® Home Grommets. And, we have a new project coming up next week as part of our Weekend Wonders Returns series with Fabric.com

Shower curtain

Curtain Panels with Tie Backs

Placemat Tote

French Market Tote

Car Caddy

Door Caddy

Nursery Tissue Box Cover

Designer Pillow

Are you ready to make some holes?!

Dritz® Home Grommets are widely available in store and online, including at Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores®, Fabric.com and Amazon.

How to enter to win a package of Dritz® Home Grommets


Our thanks to our friends at Dritz® for letting us play with all these grommets. But we are going to share, and will be giving away eight-packs of grommets to three lucky Sew4Home visitors. 

Simply sign up for our Sew4Home newsletter. If you already receive our emails, your work here is done. To sign up, enter your email address into the Subscribe to Our Newsletter box near the top right corner of every website page. It looks like this example:

We will draw three people at random from everyone who is a Sew4Home Newsletter Subscriber as of midnight PT Sept 23, 2013. No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

We will contact our random winners by email to coordinate shipping.

NOTE: Due to complex contest legal restrictions and customs requirements that differ from country to country, we are currently only able to accept entries from and send prizes to a USA postal address (cannot be a P.O. Box). We know this is a disappointment to some of our loyal visitors outside of the USA, and we appreciate your understanding. Our true focus is on providing the best free sewing tutorials, tips and inspiration we can to everyone.

Where is that newsletter link again? At the top right hand corner on each page under the bold, red heading: "Subscribe to Our Newsletter"!

Having trouble? Contact us and we'll try to help. Our support email is info@sew4home.com.


Comments (30)

Victoria Sturdevant said:
Victoria Sturdevant's picture

I've used gromments in the past.  I love the new colors & shapes. 

I've tried to sign up for the newsletter but I don't think it worked, anyway to tell?

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

Victoria Sturdevant - If you contact us with your email, we can check the list. You should have received a confirmation email. Perhaps it landed in your spam folder.

Jan Milton said:
Jan Milton's picture

I haven't used the grommets as yet but with the new great colors, I will have to make a purse or tote.  Dritz has such great things.  These new colors are great!!

G-Nana said:
G-Nana's picture

I made the curtains in the nursery project with Michael Millers Groovy Guitars and used the grommets and just love the way they turned out.  Already got the stuff to make a tote with them, but I had not seen on these awesome colors can't wait to find some and get another project started.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Lydia Dixon - they are available through many outlets both in store and online. We listed three links above... just above the contest entry information. 

Susan Winnie said:
Susan Winnie's picture

Never seen the great colors? thanks DrItz. Pick me it's my birthday this week!

SheRog said:
SheRog's picture

I used these grommets in black to make my daughter  "closet curtains" because she didn't want doors (teenagers...).  They were SO easy to use, and looked beautiful when the project was complete.  I have a great idea for a scarf hanger, and those new grommet shapes and colors would be perfect!

Dawna said:
Dawna's picture

These are way cool. In 38 years of sewing I have never put in a grommet. I must be missing something! These are so colorful I see new curtains in my house!

Marianne L said:
Marianne L's picture

Wow! How cool are these? Good thing I'm a subscriber!

Carol Barringer said:
Carol Barringer's picture

Love the stripes!

Question on the laundry instructions -- Won't the raw edges of the hole ravel inwashing/drying, so that re-attaching the grommets will not cover the enlarged hole?

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@ Carol Barringer - take a look at some of the tutorials linked above. The instructions recommend finishing the edge of the cut hole with a zig zag stitch to prevent just that problem. 

Anonymous said:
Anonymous's picture

Have some totes I'd love to use some of these colorful grommets on! Who knew? So clever! Just when you think you've seen everything.

Remember the movie, "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?" John Candy was a traveling shower curtain ring salesman. When he and Steve Martin were stuck with no $ for transportation, he took to selling the rings to everyone for alternative uses e.g., earrings, etc. For some reason, these grommets remind me of that scene. 

Cynthy said:
Cynthy's picture

I really, really like these. Will have to do some shopping. Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn Gibeaut said:
Carolyn Gibeaut's picture

These look like such fun to use!  I would love to try them.

NickiSlater said:
NickiSlater's picture

I have a fun tote bag pattern that calls for large grommets as a decorative element. How fun these color and shapes are! I can't wait to incorporate them into my work!

songbirdfeeder said:
songbirdfeeder's picture

Have never used grommets, but you make it look so easy!!  Thanks for the giveaways!!

Gayle Mitchel said:
Gayle Mitchel's picture

 Wow!  I had no idea grommets were anything but boring metal.  These would be perfect for the tote I'm planning from fusible fleece and remnants!  Thanks so much for the opportunity to win.

jh85dh said:
jh85dh's picture

Wow!  That 's good stuff.  It is worth to have this.  Finger Crossed! Good Luck!

Juanita R said:
Juanita R's picture

Boy do I need these! I have four granddaughters that each want your Shoulder Sling Beach Bag. I love the different styles.

Brenda Melahn said:
Brenda Melahn's picture

So exciting -- been wanting to try grommets -- curtains, purses, clothing oh my!!  Fingers crossed X

valerie studer said:
valerie studer's picture

So excited to see the new shapes and colors.  Would love to win them. A new purse would be perfect!

Christina in Cleveland said:
Christina in Cleveland's picture

Very cool designs and colors!  What a treat to find this post in my inbox this morning!! SOOO many ideas and possibilities. Thank you!!!

KellyV said:
KellyV's picture

These look like a lot of fun! Love the different styles.

Debby Dobie said:
Debby Dobie's picture

I was searching for grommets just last night.   Funny that   I clicked on your email and there they are!

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