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Love That Fabric: Retro Hip Kokka

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I've long been attracted to the fabric collections from Japanese manufacturer Kokka, and have learned not to wait when I see a Kokka print I love. Several times I've had my eye on something, come back the next day to buy, only to learn it had sold out while I was thinking about it.

The other day, while exploring Fabric.com for linen to whip up few holiday gifts, I came across some of the very prints I had missed out on from Kokka and knew I had to stash it. This fabric is what I'd describe as retro hip. With large prints and repeats, many of which are cotton-linen and cotton canvas, they are ideal for simple pillow covers, aprons, totes, bags and more. The prints themselves are so unique and eye-catching, they quickly become conversation starters. Take a look at some of the cool prints I found.

The swatches shown in the image above are what I came away with. Not an easy decision. The "still-on-my-wishlist" are shown below. I know, this means I'm risking losing my opportunity to stash this fabric because you all will buy it out from under me! Go ahead... here's a link.

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Above: These prints are all from the Echino Nico collection in medium weight cotton/linen. The large prints and repeats are wonderful for both small and large projects. A small project allows you to focus in and fussy cut a cool motif, like the bicycles. On larger projects, the big repeat makes an bold, interesting statement.

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Above: From the Kokka Trefle collection, fabulous fruit in happy colors that remind me of my grandma's kitchen. Lightweight oxford cotton canvas is perfect for kitchen projects and fun little zippered bags and clutches.

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Above: The Echino Fall 2010 is hard to find, so snap it up while you can. The birds, deer and woodland flowers in muted tones tones are on medium weight cotton-linen canvas. Wouldn't these be inviting turned into a mix of random-sized pillows on a plain sofa! What an unique way to upscale the room.

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Above: Swatches are from the Ruby Star Rising collection by Melody Miller in a cotton-linen lightweight canvas. Fancy cameo ladies, funky transistor radios, and View-Master reels... now those are a blast from my kid past. A reminder of hours spent lounging on the sofa, transported inside the little clicky device by the amazing 3-D coolness of the images. I love all the new tech, but my old View-Master was magical.

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Above: Cute tiny critters from Kokka Trefle in oxford cotton canvas. I'm a sucker for tiny animal prints like the itty bitty owls and regal froglets, and cannot resist the tiny black cats mingled with equally tiny crowns. After all, kitties do like to rule the home.

These are just a few of the cool  Kokka prints I drooled over at Fabric.com. If you're looking for some simple projects that will work nicely with any of these options, here's a short list:

Baker's Style Apron

Simple Pillow

Slouchy Bag/Tote

Nesting Fabric Baskets

iPad Sleeve

Yoga Mat Tote

Easy Napkins


Comments (6)

SLL1972 said:
I came across these in a quilt shop lately. Defintlly fell into the category of things I didn't know I needed! I think I'll let them grace the shelves of my fabric studio until the perfect project presents itself!
Pammieandthps.blogspot.com said:
Pammieandthps.blogspot.com's picture
I do love those fabrics -I've made up all my machine covers (including the serger) in these fabrics!!
crescentcity1 said:
crescentcity1's picture
I have a 16 and a 10yr old who would love to have hair accessories, messenger bags and a quilt with that "ole skool"fabric. I love it and on to the list to start sewing!..Thankssmilies/wink.gif