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Love That Fabric: Curio by BasicGrey for Moda

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I've been wating to get my hands on Curio since I first saw a sneak peak. It's like opening an old trunk and finding the mother lode of amazing fabric. With thirty-six prints in four remarkably mixable colorways, Curio can go easily from fabric bolt to pretty pillows, dreamy quilts, boho bags, chic apparel and more with ideas to spare.

The antique mall awaits with a plethora of pleasures to be discovered, all in Curio. A mixing of soft petal pink, cameo blue, and antique mahogany becomes a study of timeless treasures found. From classic lace doilies to fine bone china, the collection of shabby chic vintage collectables is chock-full of quaint, estate-quality design and fine, traditional detail.

If you're a scrapbooker, you may be familar with BasicGrey. They are one of the biggest resources for scrapbooking products: fabulous papers, stamps, notions and kits. Starting in 2008, they have also designed ten popular fabric collections for Moda. Curio is their latest and just coming out now in stores and online. In addition to yardage, Curio is available in pre-cuts: fat quarter bundles, fat eighth bundles, jelly rolls, charm packs, and layer cakes. (Ok, now I want a piece of cake and a warm jelly roll). There are also four coordinating 'almost solids' in Curio's grunge print. I love it when a collection includes solids.

View the Curio collection at Moda.

Visit BasicGray.

Where to Buy

Curio is just out this month, so be on the lookout as it begins to show up in more places. We found it already at:

Finding Fabric

If you see a particular fabric online you like, you can check your favorite fabric source to find out if they have it in stock or can get it for you. Be sure to look at our Shopping Directory for our fave sources. You can also try Googling the fabric name along with the designer's name or the design house, for example: "Curio BasicGrey" and Moda. Prints from older collections can sometimes be found on Etsy or eBay. If you love a fabric, get it while you can. Because, like fashionable apparel, popular fabrics come and go; at some point, even the most amazing fabrics are no longer in stores or online.


Comments (13)

acraftyone22 said:
acraftyone22's picture
I've loved Basic Grey scrapbook paper for years! Now, I get to enjoy their beautiful style in fabrics, too!! I love that they're doing that...smart!
Just found your site, by the way, because of someone on www.pinterest.com and am enjoying looking around. Love the felt ornaments, among other things!!
Judy Blinkenberg said:
Judy Blinkenberg's picture
I love this fabric too! I have a layer cake and one of Allison Harris' bundles from Fat Quarter shop to make her Seville quilt, well someday after my current projects! Thank you for showing this wonderful fabric.
Brenda Hamm said:
Brenda Hamm's picture
And visions of little girls nightgowns and twirly skirts danced in my headsmilies/cheesy.gif Love this fabric
Alexis S. said:
Alexis S.'s picture
What a gorgeous collection! Your arrangement of the swatches would make a pretty patchwork pattern. I imagine I'm going to have to buy at least a fat quarter bundle. Once I get it in my head, the ideas begin.
BizzyMom said:
BizzyMom's picture
Amazing fabrics.. I've always thought "I wish I had fabric designed like my scrapbook papers smilies/smiley.gif"
RainyDayBlogger said:
RainyDayBlogger's picture
Thank you!! I've been planning to make your pj pants for the whole family for our Christmas card this year. This is the fabric I'm going to use!!!! Im so excited to get my yardage figured and ordered so I can begin sewing. I'm using the lacy one (bottom right) plus the dark brown with black damask for mine. There are wonderful options for everyone. smilies/smiley.gif
Kellyinhouston said:
Kellyinhouston's picture
Now I'm shopping for Lil Rascals AND Curio. I guess I could have worse addictions. smilies/tongue.gif
Stacy Rictor said:
Stacy Rictor's picture
Beautiful. I've come back twice to look and now to comment (I never comment). I am so inspired by this line. I'm measuring windows in our master bedroom to make valances (your little rascal pattern), plus I'm going to make a lightweight patchwork coverlet for the bed and five various pillows ( thanks for all the pillow patterns!). Anyway, thanks for pointing me to the fabric line that "does it" for me!!!
gmitchel said:
gmitchel's picture
Wow - what an array! smilies/tongue.gifsmilies/tongue.gif I am impressed. It's on my "gotta have" list. I know, I'm hopelessly fabriholic!! smilies/shocked.gif