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Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Cards: Exclusively at Fat Quarter Shop

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That is one delicious sounding title, isn’t it? But before you start searching in your baking cabinet for ingredients, this recipe is all about a fast and easy way to create perfect half square triangles to mix and match into a variety of gorgeous blocks. You may have heard about the Cake Mix Recipe Cards and Cupcake Mix Recipe Cards from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Co. for Moda Fabrics, which are designed to perfectly fit the popular 10” x 10” layer cake squares as well as the 5” x 5” charm pack squares. It’s triangle paper taken to a new level! This newest set of recipe cards has been created for the exclusive Fat Quarter Shop 5” x 10” Jolly Bar pre-cuts. These unique pattern overlays allow you to stitch directly through the pre-marked paper, using their guidelines for precise stitching and cutting. Tear away the paper when you’re done to reveal your perfect finished squares. 

Each Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Card set contains 44 pages, and each page will make TWO 3” finished half square triangles and EIGHT 1½” finished half square triangles. Use them to create your own unique blocks or follow one of the six block designs shown on the cover of the recipe set. Don’t forget, each Jolly Bar bundle also comes with a free quilt pattern!

Brand new Jolly Bar Bella Solids

As mentioned, this brand new Cake Mix Recipe Card set is exclusive to Fat Quarter Shop because the 5” x 10” Jolly Bar pre-cut is a FQS exclusive. And, here’s even more exciting news: Fat Quarter Shop is bringing out Jolly Bar Bella Solids! Now you can pair a classic solid with the already amazing selection of Jolly Bar prints. The initial release includes three of the most popular Bella Solids colors: White, Bleached PFD White, and Porcelain. These three colors can blend effortlessly with almost any collection. 

Let’s give it a try

The steps below show our little experiment with the Jolly Bar Cake Mix Recipe Cards. Fat Quarter Shop has some great videos that do a great job of explaining the original Cake Mix Recipes for Layer Cakes. Check out all four videos, and be watching for new tutorials coming soon for the Jolly Bars and more. 

You will use two Jolly Bars with each recipe card to yield the two 3” finished half square triangles and eight 1½” finished half square triangles. For the most distinct look, select one Print Jolly Bar and one Solid Jolly Bar. For our sample, we’ve pulled a print from Sundrops by Corey Yoder for Moda along with a Bleached White solid

With the lighter rectangle on top (the solid), layer the Jolly Bars right sides together. 

Tear out one of the sheets (yep… they’re padded, so there’s no worry about loose sheets falling out all over the place). Place it over the layered fabric, aligning the edge of the paper with the outside points of the pinked edges of the fabric. 

Pin through all the layers. You want to use enough pins to make sure the layers don’t shift as you are stitching and turning the paper.

The guidelines are set up for a scant ¼” seam for block assembly, which means your squares will be approximately ½” larger than their finished size.

A shortened stitch length is suggested: 1.2 - 1.5, depending on your personal preference. 

Just start stitching. We’re using a black thread so you can see our stitches. 

There’s a beginning point marked with a star. Then, simply follow the dashed line and the directional arrows. There are also numbers along the way to make sure you are following the proper route to create a continuous line of stitching. 

Stitch the entire sheet. It’s important to keep your stitching directly on top of the guideline. 

When the stitching is complete, use the solid guidelines to cut apart your pieces. Again, be precise and make sure you cut right on top of the solid line. 

You’ll end up with the two 3” finished half square triangles (which means they are 3½” squares now) and eight 1½” finished half square triangles (which means they are 2” now).

Cut away the excess corner points.

With the paper still in place, press each half triangle square. It is recommended you leave the paper on because it adds stability when pressing, reducing the chance of stretching. Unfold so the paper is behind the lighter triangle (the solid), and press toward the darker triangle. 

After pressing, tear away the paper. The paper came away along the seam line in two pieces very easily. 

You’re ready to assemble your beautiful pieces into a block. 

More great ideas from Fat Quarter Shop: The Sew Sampler Box

April was the one-year anniversary of the fabulous Sew Sampler program: Fat Quarter Shop’s monthly subscription quilting box that automatically delivers amazing goodies to your door every month. The contents include a unique combination of fabric, notions, patterns, thread, and more. All these wonderful items are bundled together with another one of our favorite things: surprises! You never know until you break the tissue paper seal what lovelies wait inside.

Here’s a look inside the May Hello Spring Sampler Box. We want to try that Tiger Tape right away!

The program is just 99 to join and $24.95 + shipping per month. Each month, the Fat Quarter Shop quilting experts will collect a generous selection of exciting products. The retail value of your items will always be more than your monthly cost!  

In addition to the monthly products, they’ll be special discounts, exclusive deals, and extra perks tucked inside. And, each box contains a quilting block pattern in three size options: 8”, 12” and 16”. Collect all twelve of the quilting block recipe cards each year, and you’ll get a bonus card with instructions for putting them all together into an adorable quilt! 

You can find all the details online, including FAQs on exactly how the subscription works, billing and shipping specifics, and contact information. 


Comments (4)

hooptdo58 said:
hooptdo58's picture

Many years ago I learned this lesson from Eleanor Burns.  It is truly a lifesaver when it comes to the bias and stretching problem.  I thank her every day for her lesson.

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@hooptdo58 - Excellent - you'll like how perfectly sized these are for Jolly Bars - as well as the ones for Layer Cakes and Charm Squares.

DebS said:
DebS's picture

Okay, this is something even I can do. Why did I never know about these? Thanks, Sew4Home for the wonderful experiment!

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@DebS - They are fun to work with and the finished squares are perfect.