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The Janome Presser Foot Workbook Series: Use the Right Foot for the Job

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If you’re a Sew4Home regular, you know we are an exclusive Janome studio, which means we are lucky enough to use their amazing machines for all our projects. We’ve been Janome fans for YEARS (decades really) and have never found another line with better precision, power, innovation, and flexibility – from the top of the line all the way through to the introductory models. We’ve done a number of articles over the years on some of our favorite Janome presser feet, because using the right foot for the job is extremely important to the finished look of your project. Many people rarely change out their presser foot, often because they’re just not sure what to do with that bag o’ extra feet that came with their machine! Is that you?! Janome has tackled this “excuse” with a new Presser Foot Workbook series that gives you a working knowledge of their most popular feet – both standard and specialty and even the feet for the Cover Pro serger. Take a look at our overview, then visit your local Janome dealer for more information on how to build your own set. 

We say “build” your own set because one of the things we love most about how this series was developed is the fact that the basic binder covers the nine feet that are most commonly included as standard feet with the majority of models. You can then choose to add up to four additional supplements based on the type of sewing in which you’re most interested.

How many additional sections to add it totally up to you. Pick one favorite or add all four. As mentioned above, using the right foot for each task makes all the difference to the end result. This is true whether you’re just starting out on your sewing adventure or are a seasoned professional. The Janome Presser Foot Workbook series is the ultimate reference guide to turn to when you want to discover new information or refresh your knowledge base.

The heavy duty binder protects the pages and allows those pages to lay completely flat on your sewing surface. It’s large enough to accommodate all four of the optional supplements. 

Remember that each kind of presser foot is likely to have more than one version, each designed for a specific type of machine. To purchase the presser feet designed specifically for your Janome model, visit your authorized dealer.

The Basic Binder includes the actual notebook as well as all the pages in the initial set. The MSRP is $29.99. The addendum sections are just the pages themselves and each has a MSRP of $29.99. Check with your Janome Dealer about special offers he/she may be featuring. And, keep in mind that the Workbooks and Addendum Supplements have already been very popular, but if your dealer is out-of-stock, special orders are quick and easy to fulfill.

The Basic Binder

This set covers the feet that are most likely to have come in the above-mentioned “bag o’ extra feet” you’ve been avoiding opening. These nine hardworking feet tackle some of the most common tasks you encounter in your everyday sewing projects: Blind Hem Foot G, Button Sewing Foot T, Automatic Buttonhole Foot R, Even Feed Foot, Overedge Foot M, Rolled Hem Foot 2mm D, Satin Stitch Foot F, Zig Zag Foot A, and Zipper Foot E.

Each foot is presented with complete, full-color instructions on how to attach it to the machine, recommended machine settings, exercises and lessons for practicing the technique(s) the foot performs, as well as helpful tips and notes that give you the “inside scoop” on special usage options and troubleshooting suggestions, such as the fact that when sewing buttonholes on knits, you should set the Presser Foot Adjustment Dial to 2 to reduce fabric stretching.

The information is thorough and detailed, and it covers all the alternative ways to use each foot. For example, the section on the Automatic Buttonhole Foot R spans 12 pages and includes each type of buttonhole you can make.

The Specialty Feet Addendum

This is the heftiest of the add-on sets with a total of 74 pages covering 19 specialty presser feet, including some of our favorites, like the Circular Sewing Attachment, Ultra Glide Foot and Plate, and the Ruffler Attachment.

These specialty feet really make a difference in both the ease with which your project goes together as well as the professionalism of the finish. We are dedicated to choosing the right foot for the job, and it’s one of the main reasons our Sew4Home samples turn out looking so great… even in those close-up photos!

Like the Basic Binder pages, this Addendum information includes set-up and settings, instructions and exercises, and those all-important notes and tips. For example, did you know the Roller Foot is an excellent option for sewing vinyl?

We really feel this Addendum is a must-have for any type of sewing. From heirloom to appliqué to garments and more – these are the feet that make the difference.

The Binders & Guides Addendum

One of the questions we get quite a bit here at Sew4Home is how we’re able to get such perfectly straight seams on bindings, edgestitching, topstitching, and more. Of course, there’s a certain amount of “practice makes perfect” going on, but having the right presser feet is the real secret.

This Addendum covers the nine different Binders and Feet with Guides that can help keep your sewing on the straight and narrow.

A binder foot is designed to fold a strip of fabric on both the top and bottom so the binding can be attached in one step. It utilizes a funnel shape guide that holds the binding strip securely under the needle as well as around the edge so the binding can be applied with a straight stitch, zig zag stitch or even a decorative stitch.

The Janome feet that include guides are wide and varied. One of our favorites, that you see used again and again on our popular Sew4Home bag projects, is the Edge Guide Foot. The Addendum covers seven different applications for this versatile foot, including not only the classic Narrow Edgestitch but also Waffle Tucks and Ribbon Application.

The Free Motion Presser Foot Addendum

Janome would never forget all its quilting enthusiasts! This helpful supplement covers the popular free motion techniques that are made easier and smoother with specialty Janome feet and accessories.

If you’re a lover of free motion, this Workbook section needs to be on your sewing bookshelf. As you know, free motion means the machine’s feed dogs are lowered and the fabric is moved by hand to create the stitches. It’s a technique that takes practice and patience to master, and this Addendum is chockfull of special notes from the Janome sewing and quilting experts on how to do that.

We were excited to see there are full sections covering how to work with the Ruler Foot for free hand quilting, using ¼” quilt rulers of various shapes and sizes, as well as the Ruler Work Foot QR that is designed specifically for the Janome Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000 and interfaces with the settings in Sewing Applications. Don’t forget to also ask your Janome Dealer about the set of rulers Janome developed in partnership with Quilt Artist, Leonie West for successful Ruler Work in general and this 15000 foot in particular.

Now Available — Addendum #4: Cover Pro Accessories

The unique feet available for the Janome Cover Pro allow you to tackle a wide variety of projects. This section is “hot off the press” as they say, so we didn’t get an opportunity to review it in detail as we did with the other sections. But, the format is the same, which means the information is excellent for getting the most for your Cover Pro.



Comments (6)

juliainnorway said:
juliainnorway's picture

Janome should make this available as a downloadable PDF file. I live in Norway and do not have a local Janome dealer who could order this in English. Grateful if you could pass that along to Janome as feedback? It's a great book that should be easy to access digitally & globally. Not to mention saving a few thousand trees. Thanks!

norskie3 said:
norskie3's picture

How do I get the presser foot handbook and the rest of the same in a series?

Do I order from Janome?  It all seems beneficial to my sewing adventures.

Norskie 3   (Andrea)

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Andrea - As mentioned above, it is available from your local Janome dealer. If they don't have it in stock at their store, it is easy for the dealer to special order a copy for you. It's a great set!

cohenma said:
cohenma's picture

Why can't I copy this book of feet???  I own a Janome and this would be very helpful????

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

It’s an additional tool to add to your sewing toolbox. Very comprehensive and worthwhile.