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Artistic Edge Digital Cutter: Cuts Fabric, Vinyl, Paper & More With Industrial Precision – Enter to Win One!

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When we've talked about cutting tools here on Sew4Home, we've mentioned things like scissors, shears, snips, and rotary cutters. All of these are essential to your sewing tool kit. But there's another kind of cutting tool we haven't talked about. One that's so advanced you might think we borrowed it from the Jetsons. It's called a digital cutter, and the one we're talking about specifically is the Edge Digital Cutter from Artistic. It's no exaggeration to say this device will open up whole new areas for you in sewing, quilting, paper crafts, stenciling, and more. When you learn what it can do, your own creative ideas are going to explode. So read on, then tell us what you'd make with an Edge Digital Cutter, and you could win one!


Don't get the wrong idea when we call it advanced. Yes, the technology is advanced with things like laser guided alignment and a comprehensive software package. But it's easy to use. If you have enough common sense to use a pair of scissors, you can use the Artistic Edge. (And that includes not running with the digital cutter.)

How it works

The Digital Cutter

It's roughly the size and shape of a desktop inkjet printer and works on a similar principle. A printer moves the print head (with the ink in it) back and forth while it feeds the paper through. Controlled by your computer, the printer's motion is so precise you can print off pictures that look like they were done at the local Photomat.

The Edge also moves a head side to side while your material (fabric, vinyl, magnetic sheet, paper, etc.) is fed through. But instead of applying little dots of ink, it uses tiny industrial blades to cut out your desired shape with amazing accuracy, even when operating at its maximum cutting speed of 600mm/second!

To hold your material in place during cutting, your fabric, paper or plastic is gently adhered to one of the special cutting mats. There's a stickier high tack mat for thicker material and a low tack mat for delicate material. The mat, and its adhered material, is then moved under the cutting blades.

The blade head on the Edge can cut all the way across the bed in about half a second. And it can cut out the tiniest of details with impressive accuracy. Yep, it cut out the delicate butterfly wings shown below. You'll want to visit the Artistic Edge YouTube channel to see more demonstrations of the intricate detail achieved. 

The SimpleCut Software

The Edge connects to your PC via a USB cable. To create your design layouts and control the cutter, you use the included SimpleCut software (a $399 retail value that is free with the purchase of the Edge). 

Again, we're going to use the word "advanced" because what this software allows you to do is amazing. But we want to stress again how easy it is to use. In fact, SimpleCut is the first Artistic software that puts all this creative potential in the hands of people without any experience with embroidery programs. 

If you just want to create and then cut out a big letter A for your Scarlet Letter costume, it's about as easy as creating a big A in your word processing program and printing it out.

But if you want to do something more sophisticated, such as creating a lettered appliqué, you have a whole set of powerful tools that automate much of the work. For type styles, SimpleCut allows you to use all the fonts on your PC. If you don't have the exact one you want, you can download thousands more for little or no cost from online font sites. 

Once you have your letters arranged on your computer screen, you can choose from 200 satin stitches to use for your appliquéing. With your selection made, you then have all kinds of options for size, density, and orientation. Preview it all on screen as you try different looks and colors.

When you've finished your design plan, the software will create an embroidery file for your embroidery machine and then tell the Edge to cut out your letters. You need only an entry level embroidery machine to stitch out the design, and the SimpleCut Software saves in all the most popular embroidery file formats.

But remember, you don't have to own an embroidery machine! There are so many things you can do with the Edge Digital Cutter and SimpleCut Software on their own. 

A huge number of choices 

SimpleCut comes loaded with 3,500 built-in designs. But it's easy to import just about any graphic file (e.g. JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.) and convert it to a vector file that can be enlarged without losing resolution. So you can take a little flower and turn it into a big appliqué.

One of the cool things the software allows you to do is to select just one item in an image. For example, you import a photo of a herd of horses but only want to appliqué a single horse. You use the the outline tool to trace around the horse you want. And you don't have to trace it perfectly; you can go back and make fine adjustments on your initial rough outline. The software creates a file made of just that outline shape. Then you output your embroidery file for your sewing machine and have the Edge cut out your appliqué.

What can you make with it? How about what can't you make?!

The appliqué feature alone makes this a tool you'll want for all kinds of décor and accessory sewing. Any project you make can go from nice to "where did you get that!?" when you embellish it with custom appliqués. Have a friend who loves Paris? How much would he/she appreciate a simple throw pillow with the Eiffel Tower on it? The possibilities for gifts are endless.

Quilters are already crazy about the Edge. The cutting mats are big enough to do appliqués the size of a large quilt square. They also love the fact that it not only cuts out ornate shapes, but also gives their embroidery machine the exact stitches to apply it. All of this with the kind of precision you just can't get with hand cutting.

And it's great for repetitive cutting. The Edge cut multiples of one fabric shape to make the pretty flower pillows below.

Stenciling is another thing you can do on the Edge. And we mean complex, professional looking stencils! The industrial blade system is strong enough to cut through the sheets of plastic used for making stencil patterns. 

Again, the software makes it easy to import graphics and add lettering to create your design. And the Edge just cuts it all out. We love how it cut filigree designs from vinyl to turn a set of inexpensive candle holders into a high end centerpiece. 

You can fill in your stencil with fabric paint, fabric marking pens, even a Sharpie. The possibilities go beyond sewn projects because you can stencil anything that will hold paint: furniture, floor cloths, metal storage bins, the sidewalk, etc., etc.

Add bling to any project with crystals and rhinestones. Artistic has a whole system for applying them to fabric with an iron-on process. The crystals are easy to place and stay put even through the laundry.

The software and the cutter do the detail work of creating a design with dozens to hundreds of crystals, cutting out the template for accurately placing each one. You then simply brush them into place and affix with a hot iron. 

And finally, the craft digital cutters were originally invented for paper crafts like scrapbooking. Of course, the Edge does this very well, cutting every weight of paper from tissue to thick card stock. It will even do foam core for extra dimension. With the SimpleCut software and the precision of the Edge cutter, you can do lettering and graphics with effects nearly impossible to get with scissors.

The Edge Digital Cutter: the ultimate addition to your creative workspace 

Whether you want to knock-off an expensive décor item from a catalog or just see your own designs come to life, the Artistic Edge brings it all within reach. It's precise, easy to use, and can cut virtually any crafting medium from the finest fabrics to stencil plastic. Your creative options are endless. 

The Artistic Edge is available from authorized Artistic retailers in either a 15" or 12" cutting width. The 15" cutting width also allows wireless connection to your PC.

Visit the Artistic Edge Website as well as their YouTube Channel for additional information, demos, and to find a dealer in your area. The 12" Edge retails for $799, but make sure to visit your authorized Artistic dealer now for debut promotional pricing as low as $399.


How to enter to win an Artistic Edge Digital Cutter


1) Leave a qualifying comment that meets the criteria of the giveaway.

See the full description below under the heading "Qualifying Comments." 

2) Tell us how to contact you should you win.

While you can leave your email address with your comment, we highly recommend you register with us and login (top of the page) before you comment; your email address is then hidden from view. You are also free to simply make a comment and choose not to be entered.

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Qualifying Comments

After reviewing the information above, take a quick tour through the Artistic Edge website as well as their inspiring YouTube channel. Then, come back to Sew4Home and leave a short comment below, telling us what you'd like to make with your very own Artistic Edge Digital Cutter.

More details

We will draw one person at random from everyone who posted a qualifying comment on this article as of midnight PT January 16, 2015.

No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited.

We will contact our winner by email to coordinate delivery. 

NOTE: Due to complex contest legal restrictions and customs requirements that differ from country to country, for this giveaway, we are currently only able to accept entries from and send prizes to a USA postal address (cannot be a P.O. Box). We know this is a disappointment to some of our loyal visitors outside of the USA, and we appreciate your understanding. Our true focus is on providing the best sewing tutorials, tips and inspiration we can to everyone.

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Comments (647)

Karen.s said:
Karen.s's picture

I have been looking at decorating ideas for my home and i love the thought of being able to create my own artwork to hang on my walls and to make comfortable large decoragtive pillows for my couch and bed that are really usable.  I would love to create an owl and butterfly scene in a wonderful woods setting to hang on my wall!  To be able to use an EDGE DIGITAL CUTTER  shows me that that is possible and the only limitations is my imagination!

Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home said:
Liz Johnson.Editor.Sew4Home's picture

@Karen - It is a fabulous tool. You'll have to post some pix on Instagram or Facebook if you design to do your owl/butterfly scape!

Sandra Tull said:
Sandra Tull's picture

I think I've only ever seen vinyl on walls... but on pillows??? I could a "For Him" and "For Her" pillows, disney pillows, and then keep going from there. I'm so excited about all the possibilities for decorating with vinyl!

Sonia Pal said:
Sonia Pal's picture

A very great tool. There so many creation can be done only with one tool. 

Sandra 04 said:
Sandra 04's picture

This is an awesome machine.  I do crafts/decorations/set-ups for weddings and birthday parties, and this machine and come of the projects that I've seen would be a great addition to the machines that I have now.  At present I'm limited to what I can do for decorations, but this would really kick it up a notch or two.  Good luck all, but I hope I win.

ehnitoyou said:
ehnitoyou's picture

Wow, the technology has only gotten better.  The possibilities are endless, truly.  But I'd love to give it try and see how much I could make with it.  Thx.

mdheil said:
mdheil's picture

I love flowers, butterflies, and hummingbirds so the very first thing I would do would be to play around with a window box quilt and applique my favorite things in the window.  I do wonder if this machine could also be used to cut a precision strip of fabric to use for quilting - in other words, can I cut a 2 1/2" strip and can you only cut one layer of fabric at a time?

at any rate, it would be awesome to own one of these.  I don't currently make cards, but I sure would give it a try with this tool.

Saroja said:
Saroja's picture

Wow!  Where to start?  Make a few stencils for decorating cookies!  Then I'd start playing with making pop up cards, appliqués, and see if I can use it with wafer paper!  What a world of possibilities...

sewkaren said:
sewkaren's picture

I actually read about the Janome Artistic Edge digital cutter before my Janome dealer heard of it.  I would love this machine for use in quilting projects and Christmas crafting and so many other craft projects. 

ddbydeb said:
ddbydeb's picture

I would use ot for so many things I do machine embroidery and papercrafting as well as stenciling and decorative painting . This machine would do it all! You can reach me at ddbydeb@aol.com!!

sewkaren said:
sewkaren's picture

I would use this machine for quilting and other sewing crafts and to make stencils and on and on.

sewkaren said:
sewkaren's picture

I would use this machine for quilting , Christmas crafts such as placemats and table cloth , stencils for glasses and whatever my mind can imagine.

gabkass said:
gabkass's picture

If had this machine, I would love to use it create T-shirt designs, appliques, decorations for my home, and  cards.

QuiltShopGal said:
QuiltShopGal's picture

I'm extremely impressed with the capabilities and value of the Artistic Edge.  Truly the possibilities are endless.  I love the idea of creating inspirational vinyl words to decorate my home, as well as to decorate gifts. But I'm particularly interested in cutting fabrics and digitizing machine embroidery designs, for machine applique in quilts and clothing.  I've not worked much with metal, but love the idea that the Edge can also embellish metals and I think that feature, as well as detail cuts on cardstock would help me with my love of making greeting cards and scrapbooking.



QuiltShopGal (registered as QuiltShopGal) said:
QuiltShopGal (registered as QuiltShopGal)'s picture

BTW - I'm registered, but I'm not sure it connected when I left the above comment.  But you can contact me via my website, if I'm not tagged (and assuming I'm lucky enough to win).

Faye Nettles said:
Faye Nettles's picture

Not trying to duplicate but do not see my comment. This is a fabulous tool! I would love to make an applique quilt. I can make my own paper projects without having to pay someone else to make them for me. My mind is racing thinking of all the things I cold do with this cutter.

Faye Nettles said:
Faye Nettles's picture

Gosh, what a wonderful cutter! I would have to make a quilt with this resource! I would love to make decorations myself and not have to pay someone else to make things for me. My mind is racing, thinking of all the ways I could use this wonderful tool.

Judith Raley said:
Judith Raley's picture

Recently retired I now have time to do the crafts I used to do.  What a dream machine.  Winning this wonderful machine would be so exciting for me.  Will check out local dealerrs also but being retired makes mone a huge factor.  A win would be terrific.

Jeannie Nutter said:
Jeannie Nutter's picture

I've been studying digital cutters for quite some time now and I really think the Artistic Edge would be the
"Cat's Meow!"

Cheryl W said:
Cheryl W's picture

I can see many items made with the Artistic cutting machine. From quilts. Pillows, purses, photo frames and so on. My project would be an artistic purse.

sewkaren said:
sewkaren's picture

I'm wanting to do some piece quilting and this would be a great machine to have for that plus for making stencils to decorate with . 

LittleSis said:
LittleSis's picture

Wow.  Redecoratng 8 year old granddaughter bedroom and what an unbelievable help the Edge would be to make a one of a kind, just for me room!

Erika Farkas said:
Erika Farkas's picture

I would love to have this machine to create my own design on T-shirts, pillows and greeting cards! I fell in love with this product on CHA 2015 conference.I hope to have this promising machine on my desk as soon as possible!:)

kamea313@gmail.com said:
kamea313@gmail.com's picture

I am attempting to restore a quilt my mother made where the pieces are tore and worn - I would use the cutter to help me cut out the fabric pieces for the blocks - I would also have to make some space for the cutter - by re-organizing my sewing room :)  Which would be a great New Year project.

Thanks Sew4Home for all the great projects and sewing tips. Happy New Year!

ejaneemerson said:
ejaneemerson's picture

This machine is beyond any expectations and can't imagine any limitations.  WOWZER!  The first item I'd love to make are those poinsettia pillows, then second, adding some bling to a bag or two with the crystals, then make some snowman applique pieces for a table runner for the sofa table, and that reminds me, Valentine's Day is just around the corner so making some out of paper/cloth/metal for some jewelry creations may be perfect too to round out the month of January.

Thanks so much for the chance.  

Great you tube  tutorials done too for that metter and I really like how you so freely shared how to export from other web sights into this awesome machine (DA fonts).  

maribo said:
maribo's picture

What a wonderful adventure this will be. I see sea otters on beach bags and poinsettia petals on pillows just to start. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Mary Jane Waggoner said:

Th Artistic Edge appears to  be a wonderful tool for cutting speciality pieces for quilts.  I have just started quilting and I believe th Artistic Edge is a must.

Mrs. T said:
Mrs. T's picture

Wow, what an amazing tool!  I would be most likely to begin with a paper crafting project.

Prarierose8 said:
Prarierose8's picture

I would love to use the Artistic Edge Digital Cutter to make a Mola vest. I made a paper pattern awhile back but haven't gotten to the actual fabric yet. This would make all of the reverse applique more accurate.  Also I'd love to make a large quilt with a sort of jungle design with many plants and animals.

Alison Boyette said:
Alison Boyette's picture

What would I NOT make would probably be a better question!  This is amazing and I would love to win this!

DeeDee said:
DeeDee 's picture

Endless possibilities and a great cross over machine from sewing,quilting,vinyl word art ect. I love to applique and the

Artistic Digital Edge Cutter would sure make cutting faster and presise !

athomas0200 said:
athomas0200's picture

This is anazing and. I'd love to make an apron, a tablecloth, wall quilt. Few pillows maybe a curtain or two, some placements, and so much more. 

roxannedm said:
roxannedm's picture

I have so many ideas! I think the first thing I would make is an applique quilt with Hawaiian style flowers for my sister. But a close second project would be some special shaped mattes for some oval frames I've been trying to figure out how to cut for awhile. What a great product and giveaway!!!

J Lee said:
J Lee's picture

I would use the edge to cut out detailed patterns for baby quilts, blankets and bibs. I'd also use it to cut out vinyl for wall quotes, and signs for gifts. I could also use it for my work in marketing to design and cut out trade show hand outs. You can contact me at jlee@carbonates.com.  Thanks!

Laura Mae said:
Laura Mae's picture

This would be perfect for making paper and fabric flowers in bulk!  And the stencil possibilities are very exciting . . . so many creative possibilities!

sewkaren said:
sewkaren's picture

The edge looks like it would be so handy to have for a variety of crafts and would be a great accessory to have. 

cori said:
cori's picture

Wow, I would love to make napkins, placemats, then pillows, then a tablecloth or 2, then dish towels then curtains ,hmmm shower curtain.. how about a doll quilt, wall hanging then maybe.. scrapbooking..picture frames..........no limit on what my imagation will think of. What a great tool. Thank you for a chance.

plhooyer said:
plhooyer's picture

This looks like so much fun and inspiration. I would continue to refine my applique quilting techniques. I have three grandbabies that I have been having fun making them quilts and car seat blankets. This would just be a wonderful item to have.

gramyone said:
gramyone's picture

Wow, the creativity this machine can do for myself and for my family. Gifts galore, creativity for the grand kids to learn and have fun with. So many things that can be made for everyone.  The ideas are endless.

Trudy Richardson said:
Trudy Richardson's picture

Wow, the creativity this machine could do for myself and my family. Gifts galore, creativity for the grand kids to learn and have fun with it. So many things that can be made for everyone. The ideas are endless.

luvdafroggy said:
luvdafroggy's picture

My mind is swirling right now with ideas!  There are SO many things I'd love to use the Artistic Edge Digital Cutter for!  My first thought is for some amazing applique projects I've been wanting to do for a long time but have let the complicated cutting hold me back.  I'm thinking specifically of a tree of life motif.  Perfect job for the AEDC!

TerryP said:
TerryP's picture

I recently started doing applique and would definitely use it for that so I could create more pillows, table runners, quilts etc with it as well as use it for card making.  Thanks for the sweet giveaway  

Northanne said:
Northanne's picture

This looks great! I have begun making small appliqued scenes and buttons, and it would be great to be able to have accurately cut shapes to use in the designs. I'm sure I would find a lot of uses for it with cutting paper shapes and designs also.

Joan Shapiro said:
Joan Shapiro's picture

   This is sooo inspiring! It even makes an embroidery file. My mind is full of ideas!!!

JanicePS said:
JanicePS's picture

To own this machine would be out of this world. The posibilities are endless and I would love to work endlessly using this machine. WOW!!

grettawilhite@gmail.com said:
grettawilhite@gmail.com's picture

I could make so many things, but I think I would use this for applique above any other use.